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    Watch where you're stepping..

    I'd start packing a 38spcl with snakeshot- and a second pair of shorts!
  2. Sycamore

    What to do after snake bite?

    Not sure it would for a snake bite. I keep some in the truck just in case I get tagged by a scorpion or stung by a bunch of bees. I think it depends on the type of venom / toxin. Maybe IA born can chime in on this as I'd like to know as well. I can't think of any reason to give Benadryl to a patient for envenomation. The antihistamine would have no effect since there's no allergic reaction and no way it could help develop any antibodies to the venom antigens. Giving benadryl for reactions to CroFab makes perfect sense, though. And, yes, reactions are much more rare now that antivenin is no longer made from horse serum. There is a published paper on a patient with a systemic reaction (anaphylaxis) to a crotalid bite, with no (reported) history of previous envenomation, he had previously killed, skinned, and eaten several rattlers. supposition was that he had enough exposure to the various proteins that he became sensitized.
  3. Sycamore

    Kaibab Forest Travel Management Plan

    Bill, I read this when it first came out, I think the actual rule was published in 2005 or 2006. It was based on executive orders from the 1970's. Sycamore
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    thoughts on new coconino road rules

    Cosnino, Thanks for making those files. One thing I did was to open the South Half of the map at http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5364171.pdf zoom it to 100%, get the view to the part I was interested in (Apache Maid) and then hit the print button. Then I got a choice to print only the "current view". That gave me as much of an area as I could ride (on rough roads) in a long day. (no hunting involved) I was trying all the open roads, not just passing through, so an area like that was fine. Longer trip, probably want the big map, or print several of the "current views" I just checked it again, to make sure it worked like I remembered. I zoomed to 125% and fit everything between I-17, Wet Beaver Creek and the 229 road onto a regular piece of printer paper. Sycamore
  5. Sycamore

    thoughts on new coconino road rules

    You got me curious now, where is this spot? I looked on the website, and I found the map http://www.redrockcountry.org/about-us/tmr/tmr-documents/tap-appendix-g.pdf that shows the distance to open roads, it says 80% is within half mile of open road, and another 16% is between half and one mile from open road. Sycamore
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    Coconino map for GPS

    I loaded it, and went for an atv ride yesterday, near Apache Maid. loaded it on a garmin 76cx. I wished I had a paper map to go along, the garmin map is good, right at an intersection, but when you zoom out to plan a trip (around apache maid), the roads go away. I wouldn't call it a replacement for the paper map, but a good supplement. also, better than nothing, since I didn't take a paper map with me. I loaded the map directly to my garmin, I had to go in and turnoff my "basemap" after I loaded it. Sycamore
  7. That is so weired ,I found the same thing in 6 b I HOPE you meant 6A! Sycamore