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    Boyds wood stock .270 wsm

    For sale BOYDS NUTMEG LAMINATE FINSHED - Winchester model 70 - short mag - 1 piece floor plate. Asking for $70 ... Originally bought for $99 threw boyds website. Never been used ... as I bought the wrong stock. TUCSON AREA
  2. 200"mulie

    2016 Rut Activity

    36c 12/9 spike checking but not pushing doe and a small fork chasing a hot doe. 12/10 & 12/11 no bucks just doe doe d'oh
  3. 200"mulie

    Lucky Me 36C

    My buddy and I got drawn for Dec. 36c on the same app. I never hunted the unit bit have helped on a previous Dec tag my buddy had couple years ago. We only seen couple trucks on the hunt never did see any other hunters. We heard shots and we saw plenty of bucks but unfortunately bad weather couple days limiting glassing and never found the big boys. I think we were hunting around king anvil. But just like the rest of the 36 units deer are plentiful. Glass glass and glass
  4. 200"mulie

    440 bull

  5. 200"mulie

    Boyds wood stock .270 wsm

    This item is still for sale.
  6. 200"mulie

    new pics/Stolen SD Cards

    yea i've seen goats int he pines in unit 1 as well always worth a double take .... thanks for sharing!
  7. 200"mulie

    Results are Up!!!

    32 mulie ... alright been awhile since a mule deer hunt
  8. 200"mulie

    New member, my 2015 Archery buck

    Welcome to the site, thanks for sharing
  9. 200"mulie

    Wireless Trail Camera

    Looked into this a few months back and only t mobile and at&t were the only ones that could provide service for these types of camera. Now i don't know about at&t coverage but t mobile is crap ... i don't even get reception in Oracle, AZ. Now if Verzion could do these i would jump all over it. But if it is for a security device for your house it will work if you have coverage in your area. Check before you you spend all your money on it. Good luck.
  10. 200"mulie

    my deer and elk spot had some unusual visitors

    yea unit 1 i have seen em in the pines never set a camera up tho.... and they are very spooky in the pines
  11. 200"mulie

    snow bobcat

    so cool
  12. 200"mulie

    .270 WSM

    bump still available
  13. 200"mulie

    .270 WSM

    Winchester .270 WSM model 70 , boyd's wood stock, truglow scope, and case. asking $800.
  14. 200"mulie

    .270 WSM

    I've had the guns for years .. only taking it on hunts and sighting in. Probably 200-300 rounds. The only kill was in 2013 the buck in my profile pic
  15. 200"mulie

    dog down

    nice !
  16. 200"mulie

    Boyds wood stock .270 wsm

    "super short magnum" so yeah no
  17. 200"mulie

    Boyds wood stock .270 wsm

    No don't think so without modifying it
  18. 200"mulie

    value of guns?

    ha nice It's been a long time since I've read/seen a post from you Lark ... and very good advice too!
  19. I've got a winchester 12 guage pump shotgun and a winchester .270 WSM W/boyds stock and truglow scope. Looking to sell them ... but don't know the value of them. Where do i look to see what they are worth? I've owned them about 10 years ... my parents bought them for me for somewhere to start hunting. I will post another thread when i finally get everything set for sale
  20. 200"mulie

    value of guns?

    no i don't have any sorry
  21. 200"mulie

    value of guns?

    yeah i hear you on that one ... very hard choice but i have to make ends meet
  22. 200"mulie

    Unit 33 scouting on Veteran's Day

    yeah normal during hunting season ... limited access and lots of tags .. everyone camps on top of eachother
  23. 200"mulie

    Action question

    thanks for the replies fellas ... i was just trying to build a new .270 WSM (Winchester short mag) I'll keep the pawn shops in mind.
  24. i bought a .270 model 70 short action 1 pc Boyd's stock that it ... I'm hoping to buy a Bartlein barrel to put on it soon. Now what kind of action and where to start looking for one. Trying to build .270 WSM .. long story short I bought the wrong stock last year (needed the slip in stock not the one piece) But now looking to build a gun. Thanks in advance, Andrew aka 200"mulie
  25. 200"mulie

    34a Camera

    to bad im not hunting 34a this year .. would like a cold beer right about now