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  1. Supposed to start happening any time: http://tucson.com/news/local/toilet-to-tap-water-treatment-will-soon-be-legal-in/article_092a31c2-68a0-5c48-8140-c54dcba819a2.html Particularly in certain Phoenix suburbs. Hopefully it stays up there
  2. awatson

    Dead head after shedding or antlers sawed off?

    Coulda just found it dead and old and cut em off
  3. awatson

    Ice Fishing?

    Go slow coming from Alpine. I did that a couple years ago at this time of year. It's not plowed often, if at all. There were miles of clean road where I tend to drive faster, but we came up on some pretty big drifts at times right in the middle of the road...so deep they were almost blocking access.
  4. awatson

    Vacuum sealers

    Double wrap in butcher paper and never had freezer burn. About $25 worth does an elk.
  5. awatson

    Garmin Xero Bow Sight

    I hope they outlaw these. There's already people flinging arrows 100 yards. Dipshits will be taking 150 yard shots now.
  6. awatson

    Looking for a muzzleloader

    I don't know enough about this stuff, but as I educate myself...I think I've decided to spend a little more to get something new with the latest innovations and technology.
  7. awatson

    Looking for a muzzleloader

    Opening Pandora's Box...wanting to get into Muzzly. If anyone has anything they are interested in getting rid of, let me know. Preferably inline .50 cal or larger.
  8. awatson

    How bout them Devils!

    Colorado was unranked too...bottom of the barrel
  9. awatson

    Looking for a muzzleloader

    Price on the .50 cal?
  10. awatson

    2018 elk regs

    Anyone know when the hunt regs for next year elk/antelope will come out?
  11. awatson

    Stuck in traffic

    Somebody is stuck on I-10 with me on way to PHX from Tucson
  12. awatson

    3A/3C Cold Storage/Processor

    My wife and kids got some cow tags at end of October for 3A/3C. Are there any processors that set up cold storage in the area, like they do at Clints Well in 5A? I always process my own, but I think it's well worth the daily fee to hang it in a walk-in
  13. awatson

    3/17 CC Hits?

    I put my wife and kids in, all on separate apps for cow elk but I can't remember who I had licenses for and who needed licenses with the draw. I just got 2 hits for $135. What the heck is that? I put in for 3c antlerless; no weird hunts. Any ideas?
  14. awatson

    Alone II

    Supercoues actually created an account to come on here and whine about the lack of political correctness? It's tounge-in-cheek stuff. Let's not be so overly sensitive; there's too much of that going around. Get out of the women's bathroom and go back to your Hillary rally.
  15. awatson

    Too early for big lake??

    Got a 4 day weekend March 19-22 & thinking of heading to Big Lake. The AZGFD fishing report archives from past two years say lake is ice free at that time. Current report says its still ice covered. Anyone got current info? Is it worth planning it for that weekend? Its been pretty warm lately
  16. awatson

    Is The Draw Over?

    Are people still getting card hits, or do you think it's all done?
  17. awatson

    Is The Draw Over?

    OMG I was reading the post started at this time in 2015
  18. awatson

    Too early for big lake??

    The wind wasn't too bad until we left on Tuesday morning. That stretch of open road from Springeville back to Show Low was a treat with a 50mph+ crosswind towing a 27' travel trailer...25 mph and white knuckles
  19. awatson

    Too early for big lake??

    My kids knocked em out! Kept me hopping tying on new hooks. Easy access from Alpine on 249 rd, only saw 2-3 other people each day for 3 days.
  20. awatson

    Too early for big lake??

    I've never been up in the spring. Is it usually slow? Or does it have to warm up before they start biting?
  21. awatson

    Ruger M77 .270 - SOLD

  22. awatson

    Ruger M77 .270 - SOLD

    Practically new Ruger .270 for sale see backpage ad: http://tucson.backpage.com/sportsEquipForSale/375-deer-hunters-ruger-m77/29950643 Got multiples of the exact same gun and need the space in the safe. Lower end scope, but shoots great, and ready to hunt.If someone on here wants it, I'd go $350.
  23. awatson

    Hunter Ed Question

    This may have been covered on here, but I couldn't find anything when I searched.... My kids got the Jr Antlerless Kaibab tag this year. Figured a good way to introduce them to big game. I had them do the online class in July, and we have the field range day next Saturday. I haven't taken the class since I was 14 (30 years ago). I'm wondering what to expect these days, and how I could best prepare them for it. Is there anything I should have them focus on, as far as review material for this field day portion? My 11 year old is pretty nervous about it, and getting himself worked up wanting to study and re-study, and I can't really tell him what to expect.
  24. awatson

    Hunter Ed Question

    Thank you all! I've never heard of anyone failing the class, but it was a thought (with the trip already planned). We've been out the past couple weekends doing all the shooting positions with a .22, carry positions, etc... Should be fine. Thanks for the reassurance.
  25. awatson

    30-06 bolt action, scoped, w/sling, $225

    Sold. Sorry I couldn't respond to the PMs quicker. Thanks for the interest.