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    Havalon Hydra Hunting Knife

    Havalon Hydra Hunting Knife: The Havalon Hydra Hunting Knife is a double-bladed knife, which is a very unique tool in the field. It comes with a total of 17 replacement blades, in 7 different styles. The Hydra fits all of Havalon’s blades and is very convenient to have for all of your outdoor activities. At Santana Outdoors, we like the idea of having just one versatile knife to cover all our outdoors needs. Click here for more specific information! The post Havalon Hydra Hunting Knife appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Badlands Summit Hunting Pack

    Badlands Summit Hunting Pack The Badlands Summit Hunting Pack was originally designed to replace the 4500. It seems to be the “pack of choices” to many guides and western hunters. Not only is the quality of the Summit better than the 4500, it weighs less and has a few more quality features. The Summit has a total volume of 5400 cubic inches and weighs 6lbs 1 oz. The Badlands Summit features the following: 900 Denier Ripstop UL Fabric AirTrack Suspension Lightweight & Strong Polycarbonate Frame Bow & Rifle Compatible 7 Pockets From Top To Bottom The post Badlands Summit Hunting Pack appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Wolves by Payson AZ

    I was out scouting west of Payson and thought I had seen a deer move in the trees about 150 yards in a little bowl below me. Then when out came 2 young wolves. They were running back and forth working their way towards me. About half way towards me they disappeared which kind of concerned me. Never saw them again. Has anyone else seen them this close to Payson? From what I have heard about them, this is bad for us. Eric
  4. Havalon Piranta Edge Skinning Knife The Havalon Piranta Edge Skinning Knife is a very highly rated skinning knife for wild game. You can skin multiple large game prior to having to replace a single blade. You will throw out all your other knives once you’ve used the Piranta Edge in the field. It is a bright orange color so you don’t have to worry about losing it if you set it down. The Piranta Edge package comes with the knife itself, 12 replacement blades and a holster. It has a stain resistant ABS plastic handle & ambidextrous thumb studs. The knife has an open back for easy cleaning. The Piranta Edge also has the liner lock construction. Don’t wait til you’re in the field to consider purchasing your Havalon Piranta Edge. Click here to plan ahead and purchase now! The post Havalon Piranta Edge Skinning Knife appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Badlands 2200 Backpack

    Badlands 2200 Backpack The Badlands 2200 Backpack is the pack which put Badlands in the hunters market, 20 years ago. Badlands spent 3 years re-designing this pack as they wanted it to be the best hunting pack on the market. The Badlands 2200 Backpack is made of KXO-32 fabric and considered to be the strongest, quietest & most waterproof material in the world. Badlands states that since they tested 31 different fabrics and the KXO-32 fabric was superior quality to all the others. Don’t forget, Badlands guarantee’s their packs for life! The 2200 features the following: Volume of 2250 cubic inches Zippered Back Panel Access Meat Shelf T-6 Aircraft Aluminum Frame Hip-belt Pistol Holder Carry Compatible with Bow, Rifle & Pistol Pockets for Hydration, Spotting Scope & Tripod The post Badlands 2200 Backpack appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Indian Ruins

    Lets see your pics of the Indian ruins you have found or seen while hunting or scouting. These are in the Mazatzal Wilderness
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    Eberlestock Mainframe Backpack

    The Eberlestock Mainframe Backpack The Eberlestock Mainframe Backpack is a must have for those hunters with flexible needs. This pack is such a versatile pack, you can comfortably accommodate almost any need while in the field. This pack offers over 100 combinations with Eberlestock’s accessory’s. It features zippered attachment points which are compatible with Eberlestock’s dry bags, duffels, Transformer Backpack, scabbards, accessory pouches & more. It can simply be used as a day pack, meat hauler or carry large items. With it’s spectacular design, you will find it capable of almost any hunter’s carrying need & very comfortable at the same time. Click here to view more detailed information on the Eberlestock Mainframe Backpack! The post Eberlestock Mainframe Backpack appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Eberlestock X2 Backpack

    The Eberlestock X2 Backpack is a great day pack. We like many features of the X2 pack. The fact it is a day pack and capable of carrying an elk quarter puts it on a different level from a standard day pack. This pack is compatible with many of Eberlestock’s accessories. You have the option of attaching a Bow Bucket, Scabbard, Spike Camp Duffel and plenty of other accessories. You can’t go wrong with the Eberlestock X2 Backpack! Please contact us at customerservice@santanaoutdoors.com if you have any questions regarding this pack. Otherwise, click here to check out our website! The post Eberlestock X2 Backpack appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
  9. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boot The Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boot is a great boot for rugged terrain. The 10 inch boot is waterproof, breathable and 400 grams of Thinsulate. This amazing boot has great support with 2.8 mm top grain leather on top of stiff nylon mid soles with high traction K-Talon out soles. The post Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boot appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Hilleberg Akto Tent

    At Santana Outdoors, the Hilleberg Akto Tent is the most popular solo, all season tent. It is spacious, lightweight, and has been around for more than 15 years. The tent details are listed below: Made of Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric. Tent features fabric backed mesh doors. 9mm poles/fiberglass rods are used for setup. Bathtub floor There is plenty of room for one person & storage space. Outer & inner tent can be used separately. Very simple setup Optional footprint can be purchased. Again, the Hilleberg Akto Tent is a great solo, all season tent. You will not be disappointed. Please feel free to contact us at 928-978-6139 or customerservice@santanaoutdoors.com with any questions. Click here to view on our website! The post Hilleberg Akto Tent appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Sitka Gear Hudson Hat

    Sitka Gear Hudson Hat – The bird hunters hat, designed to keep your head warm & dry. The Sitka Gear Hudson Hat should be owned by every waterfowl hunter. With the official nickname of “The Fudd”, the Hudson Hat will keep your head and ears warm. The Hudson Hat is designed with a GORE-TEX Laminate which keeps the moisture out and allow for the perspiration to escape. The adjustable buckles allows for the right snug fit to help stay warm, especially when sitting in cooler temps. Click here to buy now! The post Sitka Gear Hudson Hat appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Sitka Gear Fanatic Bib

    Sitka Gear Fanatic Bib – Late season bib/pant, designed to help keep you warm during those cold & windy hunts. The Sitka Gear Fanatic Bib is your ideal heavyweight late season bib/pant for the cold & windy hunt. When Sitka Gear discontinued the 2014 Whitetail pattern, they re-designed some of the gear and did a spectacular job! The Sitka Gear Fanatic products were very well re-designed. It is made of 100% Polyester Stretch Woven and Wet Print Berber Fleece which helps you keep quiet in the field. It’s technology features the 100% WINDSTOPPER and Primaloft Silver insulation to keep the winds out and you warm at the same time. The Sitka Gear Fanatic Bib features the following: Two way front zip Adjustable waist band Full side zip – Allows for easy on/off, help cool down when you get too warm. Zippered hand pockets Safety harness pass through Dedicate ankle pocket to rest your traditional bow The Sitka Gear Fanatic Bib is a great choice for those hunts where you are either expecting very low temps or hanging out in the treestand. Click here to view this item on our website! The post Sitka Gear Fanatic Bib appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket

    Are you looking for some late season gear to keep you warm? The Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket may be the jacket you’re looking for. The Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket has been re-designed in the new Elevated II pattern. This year’s fanatic jacket is made of Berber Fleece which helps quiet the GORE WINDSTOPPER and durable water repellent finish. The core features a PrimaLoft Silver Insulation to keep the heat right where you need it and keep you warm. A great attribute to the Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket is the diagonal zipper which helps keep the elements out. The Fanatic Jacket features the following: Zipper front muff to keep your hands warm A magnetic closure rangefinder pocket Safety harness pass through port Internal gasketed cuffs The Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket won’t fail you when it comes to keeping your warm during the late season hunts. At Santana Outdoors, we highly recommend this jacket and feel Sitka Gear did an outstanding job with the re-design to an already amazing product. Click here to purchase the Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket now! If you have any questions, please contact us at 928.978.6139 or customerservice@santanaoutdoors.com. The post Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
  14. What’s new with the Eberlestock X1E Euro Backpack? The Eberlestock X1E Euro hunting pack is a great day pack for the rifle hunter! It now features a centerline rifle scabbard and is a great change made by Eberlestock! The pack was originally developed for the European market, where their customers are primarily gun hunters. The X1E pack has since been discovered to be a success here in the U.S. as well. The X1E is carefully made with premium components which were very thoughtfully laid out. It includes Eberlestock’s exclusive patented quickdraw backscabbard, and just enough pockets to organize your essentials. Major features of the Eberlestock X1E Euro Backpack include: NEW centerline rifle scabbard. Padlock webbing tie-points all over the pack, including on the larger “mainline” waistbelt. “Shooter’s harness” is vertically adjustable for varying torso lengths. It is both thinner for shooting, and more comfortable for heavier loads. Equipped with handles on 3 sides making it easy to pick the pack up, especially when retrieving it from your trunk. Hydration compatible pockets are on the inside back wall of the main compartment. The post Eberlestock’s NEW X1E Euro Backpack! appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Game Camera Batteries

    Hi Everyone, Game cameras are growing faster then ever for scouting. But Its a bummer when you go out there and your camera batteries are dead. So here is a little game camera battery info for you to chew on. Alkaline batteries are the least expensive but they discharge even when the camera is in sleep mode. The discharge rate normally depends upon how cold or hot it is out side. They also do not have the power to throw the flash or infrared as far as the manufacturer says. In Az where my camera has recorded over 120 degrees, they are no good. Lithium batteries are great, they do not discharge and last well. But are more expensive. Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries are the best. They do not discharge and good ones will last most of us a life time. They do not hold a memory, no need to discharge and can be charged anytime. Good ones can recharge up to 1000 times. Again, that is more than my in life time. But don't be fooled by any rechargeable batteries, look at the mAh (milliampere-hour) . In a nut shell mAh is basically how long the battery will last. Lets look at some differences of mAh and some costs. I tried to average, I know you can find them cheaper but this is what I have found on an average. C-cell Regular alkaline battery 1500mAh to 3000mAh $1.00 to $3.50 each Std Rechargeable batteries 2800mAh $4.00 High Grade Rechargeable 5000mAh $5.00 As you can see there is a big difference between the alkaline and good rechargeable batteries. Again, the other big difference is the power in a rechargeable battery compared to an alkaline is it can throw your infrared or flash further. Get two sets of rechargeable batteries, that way every time you go to your game camera you can change out the old ones and put in the new. Tenergy Rechargeable batteries are the ones I use. Moultrie also makes a "Solar Power Panel" that hooks up to any camera that accepts a 12V barrel connector. I currently use these on some my Stealth cameras. You still need to have batteries in the camera. I currently have one running in the wilderness and it has been going for a year. I have checked this panel on Moultrie, stealth and Wildview cameras and it works. But be careful to make sure the polarity is correct for your camera before hooking it up. Good luck and hope this helps. Eric
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    5 Days into the Archery elk season. Giant bulls on the ground...

    Shane you guys are awesome! Congrats to the hunters!
  17. Santana Outdoors

    World Record Muzzloader Pronghorn

    Beautiful buck Clay! Congrats to the hunter.
  18. Santana Outdoors

    Archery Bull

    Congratulations John, Sweet Bull.
  19. Looking for one of the best and easiest elk call on the market? Click here for the Steve Chappell M4 Matriarch Cow Calf Call Signature Series Steve Chappell is part of Cabelas Pro-Staff. One of the best Elk guides in Arizona and also a renowned elk caller. Watch the video below, you will understand why this call is the call elk bulls love to hear! This elk game call produces all cow/calf mews and nasally sweet estrus sounds. Can produce and imitate the estrus scream. Part of the Steve Chappell elk Matriarch Signature Series. Also look at the others. The estrus scream is what brings in the big bulls. The cow elk is saying, “I am ready and here I am.” I’ve done a lot of elk hunting and never have I had a call that is so easy. I listen to Steve blow this call and then duplicate, it’s simple. I personally cannot use a mouth reed call and this is the closest thing to it. Steve has other calls that are awesome as well and recommended to have in the field. The Steve Chappell 140 Who’s YRR Daddy Cow Elk Call and the Steve Chappell F1 Trophy Wife Cow Calf Call Signature Series , our number one is the Matriarch. Watch Steve use the Matriarch call. He is teaching how to use it and a bull starts bugling behind him and starts to come in. Watch him on youtube and all the success he has had and you will see why this call is number one. If you can find one better, please let me know. At the time of this article we have this priced at $25.95 with free shipping. We specialize in Premium Hunting Gear and this item is our number one Elk Call, Premium Hunting Gear. Visit us at Santana Outdoors.com See you in the field, Eric Santana The post Best Elk Call is the Steve Chappell Elk Matriarch appeared first on Santana Outdoors Blog. View the full article
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    Strange Hooves and Rack!!!

    I really thought I already posted this but couldn't find it, Amanda so if it's here somewhere please delete! Chris Conway's daughter took this buck last year. It had a strange rack, plus it's hooves on the right side were deformed. What's your thoughts?
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    Strange Hooves and Rack!!!

    Sorry didn't check the teeth
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    2014 Auction Tag Buck Video!!!

    Awesome guys, keep it up!
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    Indian Ruins

    I am probably wrong but here's one I don't think has been torn up yet! Whats your thought?
  24. Santana Outdoors

    Indian Ruins

    When were you there?
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    16 Year old girl, 113" Coues video

    Congratulations young lady! Very nice buck and video. It doesn't get any better that this. Eric