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  1. Hi everyone, well im really excited to hit the lake this weekend ill be heading up to Roosevelt lake for 5 days, and with the bass spawn going on right now i hope to land some whoopers. Since ill be up there nearly a week im going to barrow my Friends FoxPro E-caller to see if i would like to purchase one. I would really appreciate any advice that anyone could offer or if you could point me in a good direction to hunt and do some calling. Thanks AJ
  2. AjqAzhunter

    Caging Bobcats

    Wow Awesome Pics Bro!
  3. AjqAzhunter

    Oct Elk hunt

    Way to go Nice Bulls!. . . What area of 6A were did you guys find them in, I got a hunt in that area during thanksgiving ?
  4. AjqAzhunter

    Late season Elk hunt in 6A

    Hi Guys just wondering if any one could help with any information for a Late Nov. Bull hunt in 6A and what would be the best way to hunt a nice bull up there at that time and if it dies snow will they drop in to lower elevation? ? just heading out to do some scouting today so any info or pointers would help Thx AJ
  5. AjqAzhunter


    When sighting in ill use cheaper ammo once im on paper Ill shoot hornady big differnece it shoots super fast and straight in my ruger m77 .270 WIN
  6. AjqAzhunter

    Dove Hunting Spots

    @ slopoke a lil far from me but great to know! And @ Bonecollector I know exactly wat ur talking bout i hate lead in my coffee and I was alsothinking bout sitting this season out and actually go bowhunt for a huge mulley I saw in 6a lol. .@ Bstpeterdon don't know about camp verde area haven't done any bird hunting up there but if u find out I would be interested I have a elk tag in 6a and will be doing scouting trips! Appreciate the feedback guys thx
  7. AjqAzhunter

    Dove Hunting Spots

    Hi everyone just wondering if anyone know's of any good Dove hunting spots i used to hunt out in Queencreek ever since i have been a kid, but with all the homes being built out there u cant even through a rock now with out hitting something let alone hunt . If anyone knows of any cool spots for Dove, quail please fill me in thanks ?
  8. AjqAzhunter

    6a bull tag!!!

    I got a late 6A bull tag at the end of november. . .I haven't hunted this area in a while and any more tips or areas to start my scouting for the late hunt would be awesome I would very much apreciated THX:. . .and one more thing I have heard mixed debate about the scouting when would u guys recommend scouting for a late nov 6a hunt??
  9. AjqAzhunter

    **Draw Results**