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  1. amada12

    6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX

    Are they sold
  2. amada12

    6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX

    Send you a pm
  3. amada12


    What phone does it wk for
  4. amada12

    FS Outdoorsman pistol grip

    Whats your location ??
  5. I am looking for a used Outdoorsmans Tripod preferably medium, with or without tripod head.
  6. amada12

    Swarovski BTX in!

  7. amada12

    Got it done in Mexico

    28 nosler I love it
  8. amada12

    36C HAM hunt

    My son has his 36c in February it will be his first-::
  9. amada12

    2017 Double

    Good job
  10. amada12

    36c javelina

    Will do thx
  11. amada12

    36c javelina

    Need some help for my son ,he has a tag for 36c in feb im trying to get him his first javlina thx
  12. amada12

    36c javelina

    Ok will do will be out next couple of weekend to try to look for them thx .....
  13. amada12

    36c javelina

    Can you pm me
  14. amada12

    36c javelina

    Well do thx for the info ....
  15. amada12

    36B Youth Hunt

    My son has his hunt nov 18 in 36b