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  1. weatherby1

    Africa Hunt

    Hello all I have a good friend from South Africa coming in the first of March. If anyone is interested in a good hunt down there let me know. He also has some very good packages put together for Zim.
  2. weatherby1

    rifle for a 11 year old girl

    In my opinion a .243 is not a good elk gun. For deer and smaller game it is a super cartridge. With that being said can you hunt an elk with a 243 absolutely. Last summer I took my 7 year old son to Africa and with his .243 using 85 grain Barnes triple shock bullets he took a kudu, Blue wildebeest, and quite a few other animals and every one of them went no further than 100 yards and died. I was not sure if I wanted him using a .243 for some of the larger animals, but the ph had no problems with it. After he assessed my sons shooting skills. (which he got from his mother by the way) So I would tell you go get a 243 have your daughter shoot it regularly and then make your own call if she needs it for elk hunting. If you do use it make sure that you use a good quality bullet and do not exceed her comfort level distance. Also when practicing I find it best to only let my son shoot 5 or 6 rounds and then quit on a good one. If we went more than that he would start to jerk the trigger or lift his head to see where he hit as he was pulling the trigger. Anyway you go you will be a winner because of the memories you are making with her.
  3. weatherby1

    Couple of pigs

    Congrats on the pigs!! Your story brings back old memories from when I was a kid. My father and my Uncles shot a pig and it did the same thing. However they did not come up with an invention as you did. As the youngest there they said it was my job to go get it. So at the ripe old age of 10 they sent me in with a rope to tie on the pig. They did not make me go unarmed though, they gave me an arrow to defend myself. After we got home and my mother found out what had happened I think they saw the error of their ways. I think that mom has forgave them now, but we still do not mention it just to be on the safe side.
  4. weatherby1

    2 nice bucks down

    Here are the deer that my father and I shot this year. There is no real good story to a long with it. It was one of those once in a lifetime hunts where everything actually happens the way you plan it. I found these bucks about two months ago. I was not able to check on them for about a month after my accident, but as soon as I was able I went out to find them. It was as if I had only been gone a not a month. They were in the exact same spot that I had left them. Then do to work constraint with my me and my Dad we only had 1 afternoon to hunt togather. He wanted me to go and get one without him, but I decided I would rather wait until he could be there. On opening day I took my wife's cousin out on his first hunt to another spot that had a real cool forkie in it. We got out there and after about a hour of looking we found him and he sealed the deal with a nice 220 yard shot. Then I was done until Tuesday afternoon. My Dad picked up my nephew and met me then after a short wait we were abe to locate these two bucks again. They had moved about 150 yards but that was it. Dad got set up picked the one he wanted and shot his deer dropped at the shot and the other one just stood there looking around. So I got set up and dropped him both deer were shot at 310 yards and dropped in their tracks. My nephew was was very excited. It was the first deer hunt that he had ever been on. My wife's cousin's first deer with my brother-in-law and my two boys.This deer was 21" wide and had 4" bases not bad for a forkie!! Dads buck My buck
  5. weatherby1

    Take the time

    Hello all. This is just a reminder to everybody. About a month ago I was in a nasty accident on the farm where I work. I was crushed between a tractor and ripper. I was pinned there for over an hour before we could gather up a cutting torch and cut me out. I am fine now just have some burns,cuts,bruise,ect.. It could have turned out very different however the margin of death or never walking again was a mere inch. While I was pinned there I got started thinking about my family and what they would be left with I was gone. It finally hit me that the only thing that we can truly leave with those that are left behind is memories. So I would say to everyone be sure to take your kids,wife,mom,dad, whoever is important in your life hunting with you. I know that the country a lot of us hunt in is very rugged and remote and sometimes hard for little or old legs to follow in, but if that is the case find a spot that is eaiser for them. The deer are not going anywhere, you or they might be. I can assure you that they will rember the time spent with you a lot longer than the hike in or size of animal taken. If you loved ones have no intrest in hunting than spend time doing what interests them. It is all about the time spent and memories made that counts. It was a very eye opening expirance for me and while I have always tried to include my family in my hunts I find myself trying harder now.
  6. weatherby1

    Sunday smoke fest....

    Man that sounds great!! Wish I was closer. Have you ever tried putting some Johnsonville brats or their brown sugar and honey finger sausages on the smoker? They turn out great and make and good snack while tending the smoker. The brats take about 3 hrs and the finger sausages about 1.5 hrs on my smoker. They also freeze great and make a quick breakfast you pull them out frozen put them in the mico and a minute later you have an excellant breakfast sandwhich.
  7. weatherby1

    Jaycie's First Big Game Hunt.

    Way to Phi and Jaycie!!! That is awsome. Congrats all the way around.
  8. weatherby1

    which gun and why

    I have two loads for it 1 is 108grains of 50BMG and a 200 grain bullet the other is 121.5 grain 50BMG and a 180 grain bullet. The 200 grain bullet I used in Africa and loaded it down so that I could handle shooting it without the brake. The 180 grain bullet is what I use for pretty much everything else. I have shot that load without the brake and I hope that I never do anything that foolish again. With the brake on it is nice to shoot although it does make a lot of noise.
  9. weatherby1

    which gun and why

    I have had a 300 win mag. 300 weatherby 338-378 weatherby and 30-378 weatherby. Of all of them I liked the 30-378 best it was and still is my go to gun, but now that my boys are getting old enough to hunt with I have fell back on a 7mm mag. It gets the job done with about the same recoil but is a lot less noisy and with the young ears around and I think that is very important. I have shot a friends 300wsm and I did not care for the recoil. For some reason it seems like the wsm recoi is a little more jerky to me. That is probably not true but that is my opinion. If I was a young man though I would buy a 30-378 and never look back. It might cost bit more to shoot but I love the gun and cartridge. I have used the gun for everything from a Duiker to a Moose and so long as I did my part it did its. Whatever you get the key to a good long range gun is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Good luck in the hunt for your new gun.
  10. weatherby1

    unit 15 NM

    No elk in that unit. So being the nice guy that I am I will take the tag off your hands. I won't even charge you for it.
  11. weatherby1

    Jaguarundi in AZ

    Yes there are Jaguarundis in Az. I saw a pair four years ago when I was hunting. I even had pictures, but unfortunatly a week afer I got the pictures I had my truck stolen and the camera was in it, and as usual I had not downloaded the photos yet. They are a very interesting animals to see. I was not sure what they were when I saw them I had to go home and do some research to figure out what they were. I got a chance to sit there and watch them for an hour or so.
  12. weatherby1

    Walk-In Cooler

    I have been considering useing a small cargo trailer from Home Depot and insulating it. That way I could take it to camp with me. I have not worked out all the details yet. If I ever get it sorted out I will let you know how it turns out. Good luck with your project.
  13. weatherby1

    Music - Songs for the drive

    I like to put it on a left wing talk show. After a few minutes I am ready to shoot.
  14. weatherby1

    My boys got it done in Africa

    I would but I could not pry it out of my sons hands and unfortunatly a 7 year old being a 7 year old he promptly lost it.
  15. weatherby1

    My boys got it done in Africa

    Nyala was high on my list as well but when it came to crunch time it was to good of an oppertunity so I put my gun away and Riley got his. I loaded with 41 grains of IMR 4350 and a 85 grain Barnes Triple Shock bullet. That combo worked very well for everything. On the Blue Wildebeast it was a frontal shot, I was a bit hesitant about it but the PH had no reservations he told my son where to hit and he missed the spot by about half an inch later we found the bullet under the skin in the right flank so it penetrated about 3' of wildebeast.