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  1. fatfootdoc

    Cabelas alaknak 12x20

  2. fatfootdoc

    Cabelas alaknak 12x20

    Pm replied
  3. fatfootdoc

    Cabelas alaknak 12x20

    It has a floor liner already in it. Has all of the tent poles as well. It's essentially the same as the current 12x20 alaknak.
  4. fatfootdoc

    Cabelas alaknak 12x20

    No the wall tent is still old faithful, couldn't bear to not use it, Ive had it for years, which is why the alaknak has never been used.
  5. fatfootdoc

    Cabelas alaknak 12x20

    I ordered this in 2010 to replace a wall tent and it has never been out of the storage bags, poles are still in cardboard box. Its been in a storage unit the last 2 years. Brand new on Cabelas they are 1249.00 . I honestly cant tell you what I paid(CRS ) for it but am asking $900.00 OBO. I am in Silver City, NM but will be travelling to Eagar next weekend and Phoenix the first week in July. Open to trades of like value as well. Thanks!! AG
  6. fatfootdoc

    Remington R15 for sale

    You can shoot 223 out of 5.56 safely, but the pressures generated by 5.56 are not safe in a 223. Meaning you can shoot the 5.56 and you won't have an issue until you have an issue( if you know what I mean). Unless it's stamped 5.56 /223 on the barrel I wouldn't shoot 5.56 out of it.
  7. fatfootdoc

    Dallon’s First Bull

    WOW!! He is going to have a tough time topping this year!!!! Congratulations!!
  8. fatfootdoc

    Draw Results?

    The Draw Gods smiled!! So we are going to be busy this fall!! aug- unit 16 archery antelope, Oct- unit 23 muzzleloader bull elk unit 23 burro mtn muzzleloader coues deer Nov- my son has unit 17 bull elk muzzleloader, my daughter then has unit 24 ft. bayard deer hunt, Jan. - my son has 2 b archery mule deer Feb my son has off range oryx tag. Sometime in all of this I have to take my daughter on a private land rifle elk hunt as well!! A very happy fatfootdoc!!!!
  9. fatfootdoc

    Bad Boy Buggies for Coues whitetail

    They make some that are partially gas powered now I believe, look them up on the web site, they have some that are gas/electric. Look pretty cool, would like to see what kind of power and torque they have for climbing some of the crappy roads out here in NM. ag
  10. fatfootdoc

    Shame on you

    I grew up in Az and live in NM and I have cleaned up abandoned campsites in both states, I dont think you can responsibly condemn the state for some of the people in them. That is like saying that all women in Az are ugly because Janet Napolitano is, or that all women in NM are ugly because Bill Richardsons wife looked just like him(just Uglier) Basically there are just worthless dingleberries who dont get it. They are the ones that ruin it for the rest of us, unfortunately I think every state has its fair share of them. As far as the distance shooting, if I am comfortable shooting at long distances with a rifle then I should be able to do it. Part of hunting is knowing where they are and spotting the game, part of it is closing distance to your comfortable range and the last part is making the shot, REGARDLESS OF IF YOU RIFLE HUNT, MUZZLELOADER HUNT, OR TRADITIONAL ARCHERY HUNT!!! I am way more comfortable shooting 600 yards with my rifle than I am shooting my bow at 50 yards. I know that I would be way more apt to wound an animal at 50 yards with my bow than I would to wound it at 600 yards with my rifle. Point is, I wont shoot from a distance I am not comfortable with, you dont know if those guys were just flinging lead or taking legitimate shots. Unfortunately you were hunting public land and you have to share it good or bad. Good luck on your bow hunts next year!! ag
  11. fatfootdoc

    Hunters find 100k in Pot!

    When I first saw the topic I thought they found the end of the rainbow!!!! I opened the thread sigh... only to be disappointed. the smoking of that much pot would cause the eating of many a chocodile and cheeto!! It stinks that it is getting more and more dangerous in the woods. ag
  12. fatfootdoc

    December Coues Deer Success

    Hes a good guy, haven't seen him at the gym in awhile, now I know why! Tell him I said Hi and congrats on the buck. Adam
  13. fatfootdoc

    December Coues Deer Success

    Your Grandpas name wouldn't happen to be Art would it?? That mug looks very familiar!!! Congrats on the buck!!
  14. fatfootdoc

    fujinon 15x60 hb wiht tripod adaptor and case

    I actually have both the swarovskis and the fujinon. The fujinons I bought when I could not afford the swaros. Overall a decent binocular. I have trouble with the focus knob on mine, I always end up messing up my right eye focus and then have to refocus the whole thing. The swaro focus system is way better. I have set up the binos to compare them, there is a large difference between the two around the edge of the glass and early morning and late evening. The fujinons seem to be a little heavier as well. That being said I did not sell them when I got my swaros because the fujis is what my son and daughters will learn to glass with. For the price it is a good deal for a good pair of long distance binos. Oh and I bought the swaros because on a whitetail hunt I got to thinking, if I see this many more deer with these optics how many will I see with the top of the line ones?? consequently the next year I got my Swaros. Overall good binos, good price, but be warned you may end up buying the swaros sooner than you planned my .02 worth., AG
  15. fatfootdoc


    My son and I were hunting in the Chiricauhas a few years ago and we came up to a camp that had an abandoned campfire that was still going strong, even better they had left a jerry can full of gas about 4 yards from the fire and it had a hole in it and was leaking everywhere very slowly. How nice would it have been had the leaking gas made it to the fire? We spent about an hour cleaning their campsite up and then poured the gas into the fire and brought home the jerry can so we could throw it away. Was a good lesson for him on putting out your fire and cleaning up your camp. ag