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  1. I'll be bringing my Interarms Mark X mauser, chambered in 30-06. Old Redfield Accu-Range 3x9x40 scope 2nd loading of winchester brass, full length resized, wlr primers, 55 grains reloader 22, Sierra 2150 180 grain sp.
  2. CalebFortner

    Vintage Redfield 3x9 Accu-Range 4 Plex scope

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, the Accu-Tracks generally go for about $100 or more cheaper than the Accu-Ranges, correct?
  3. Hello I am wondering if anyone can tell me anything about this scope. I purchased an old nice Mark X Mauser made in Manchester England, the other day and it had an old Redfield 3x9 Accu-Range 4 Plex scope on it. Doing a little research I found out that during the Vietnam war, the USMC Snipers used the m40 (rem 700) along with the Redfield 3x9 Accu-Range scopes. Now, if this is the same scope, I know there is a collector out there looking for one. And if it's the real deal, they are worth a lot of money. If it is one made a little later (early 70s) they are a little less. Checking on ebay, the scopes made in the early 70s are going for as high as $650. Let me know what you think. And if you're interested in purchasing, shoot me a PM and we can discus. Thanks Caleb
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    Star Model A 9mm Largo Semi Automatic Pistol with Ammo

    Bump cause i need to sell
  5. For Sale is a Star Model A Semi Auto Pistol in 9mm Largo. Included is: - 300 rounds of Factory Ammo - Comes with one Magazine - Factory wooden grips that have the "Star" logo on them $500 Please e-mail, call or text with question 480-241-6735 Thank you Caleb
  6. Sold to me as a Great Western, but the gun does not have any markings. It is in great condition, with a beautiful deep blue finish. Also has a recessed cylinder. When pulling the hammer you get the classic C O L T click. Great for cowboy action shooting. 3 sets of grips include: faux stag grips, mother of pearl grips, and rosewood grips. Triple K holster included. $600 Please text or call me with any questions 480-241-6735 Thank you Caleb
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    Remington 700 Bdl 270 win

    Still for sale?
  8. CalebFortner

    WTS .30-06 Remington 700 BDL Rifle (Price Drop!)

    Still for sale?
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    .257 WBY MAG Mark V **SPF**

    Still for sale ?
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    Few guns and misc items for sale

    Trying to clean out a few things in the home before we move. --- $220, 1860 Colt Army .44 cal Revolver. This is an awesome revolver. Has very cool engravings on the cylinder of warships, etc. Italian made replica (Pietta) --- $220, 1858 Remington Army .44 Cal revolver in good condition. Has an octagon barrel. This is a very cool revolver at a great price. --- $350 Marlin Glenfield model 30 in 30-30 Winchester, lever action. This is one accurate lever action rifle. This was a rifle that had a little surface rust/ pitting. This was cleaned and re-blued. But the inside of the barrel is excellent, as well as the inside of the action. --- $375 Canon Rebel EOS T3 Digital SLR Camera in excellent condition. I have only had this camera for around 5 months, but it has barely been used. I am only selling it because my family is moving and we can use all of the money we can get right now. I am including the Digital SLR Camera, lens cap, Camera Case with strap and extra pockets ($30 at purchase), 8GB SD card, and the wall plug in to charge the battery. Let me know if you are interested in any of them. Call, text or e-mail me: 480-241-6735, calebmfortner@gmail.com
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    Lever action

    Not a 44 mag or 357 mag, but I have a 30-30 if sale . If interested PM me
  12. CalebFortner

    any idea what it is worth?

    Sorry I cannot be of help with pricing it all together, but if you decide you would like to sell it separately in the future I would be interested in purchasing the following: IMR 4350 WLR Primers CCI Primers Redfield Scope (Maybe, I would have to find out more about it) All .270 bullets All .30 cal bullets. Good luck with the sale! Caleb
  13. I have an XBox 360 4GB for sale. Includes black XBOX 360 Console, 1 wireless black Controller, XBOX 360 Composite AV Cable, Power Cord, Kinect connector chord, and THE KINECT (Along with Just Dance 3 for Kinect and Kinect Adventures.) The XBOX 360 was purchased in January 2012 and played a total of 3 times. I just don't have much time for it anymore. It's in very good condition. Feel free to text, call or e-mail me with questions 480-241-6735 or calebmfortner@gmail.com Caleb $250 OBO
  14. CalebFortner

    Smith & Wesson 629-6 44 Mag SS Great Condition!!

    Really Need to sell this bad boy. Price lowered to $650
  15. For Sale is a Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum, Model 629-6. The revolver is stainless steel, in great condition and very accurate. Like new condition. The inside of the barrel looks great. The barrel is 6" in length. Comes with the extended rubber grips, S&W original case, owners manual, NRA pamphlet, and Gun Lock with Key. Please feel free to call or text me at 480-241-6735, or by e-mail at calebmfortner@gmail.com. $750 $700 $650 or will entertain serious offers only, OBO. Thank you Caleb
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    Unit 22 Mule Deer help

    So this will be my first year hunting alone, as I usually have my buddy who is an experienced hunter come along with me. He has taught me a lot, and I feel pretty confident in the hunt, but I got drawn for a unit I have not experienced yet. My father in law, who hasn't put in since they began requiring SSN in the app, put in with me. We looked over all the specs, and decided that unit 22 would be a good on. Welp, it turns out he thought I knew it and I thought he knew it. Long story short, if anyone has any information that would be helpful on the unit, it would be greatly appreciated. I have read what can be said about it on AZGFD's website, and that is a good starting point I guess. But any advice or places you think would have less traffic etc. would be nice. I am not looking for your favorite spots or anything, just any good general information of the area. Also, if you could direct me to where I find a good topo map of the unit I'd appreciate it. I will be going scouting as soon as bear season starts all the way until early Nov. Thanks guys.
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    25-06 Mark X Interarms

    Man . Would've loved thIIs gun
  18. For sale is a Red Yamaha RBX 200 Bass. This bass is still in good condition. Was purchased around 2000, but mostly sat around collecting dust. Need money now for rent so we are selling it. I will include the Hardcase for the bass as well as the Gorilla amp. Bass is missing one string. Please feel free to call or text me at 480-241-6735 as well. Asking $115 or best offer OBO. Thanks SOLD Caleb
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    Need moving boxes...

    Hey Everyone My wife and I are needing to move to a new place within the next month and a half and we are in need of a lot of boxes for moving. If you live in the east valley and have any extra boxes, or know of where I can obtain them for free please let me know. If you want to text me, feel free to 480-241-6735. Thanks guys, take care.
  20. CalebFortner

    Elk Tag Transfer

    So I know this will most likely be a super longshot, but... My brother got drawn for late October Cow Elk in 22n. He now finds out he may need to travel to Uganda for his adoption process during this time. Would there be anyway he could transfer the tag over to me or anyone else? Thanks for the help.
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    Looking for...

    If you need more, print some. The Federal Reserve does it.
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    For Sale - Non-hunting Items

    Has the freezer sold?
  23. CalebFortner

    Unit 22 Mule Deer help

    Great advice has been sent over. thanks guys!!!