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  1. Longrange shooter

    Elk or mule deer Hunt New Mexico private ranch

    Thanks I think I have someone to do my plowing with a tractor & disk have a good one Longrange shooter
  2. Longrange shooter

    Wanted Doctor optics/Trade Hunting

    I am looking for Doctors Optics and willing to Trade Hunting on my ranch in New Mexico. I have excellant Elk and mule deer Hunting. Elk are 290 to 325 Mule deer run 170s to well over 200 B&C Archery- Or Rifle Garanteed permits. thanks for looking Longrange shooter:)
  3. Longrange shooter

    good buck

    I am thinking about 94 inches he needs a few more years Longrange shooter
  4. Longrange shooter

    15X56 Swarovski SLC for Sale

    I would trade you for two cow elk Hunts or a MUle deer archery on my ranch in New Mexico I border the jiccarilla thanks Longerange shooter
  5. Longrange shooter

    Elk or mule deer Hunt New Mexico private ranch

    Well if you want to shoot a rag horn bull or a 300 inch trophy bull or a forkie mule deer or one of my trophy mule deer 25 to 30 plus my ranch borders the jiccarilla reservation it is $15,000.00 for the tag over the fence on the res. I need some ranch work done so I am open?
  6. Longrange shooter

    Elk or mule deer Hunt New Mexico private ranch

    I have a ranch in New Mexico will trade for Hunting or what ever you have to trade I also need some plowing and seeding work. it is located north of Albuequerque 125 miles. excelant Hunting for 290 to 320 bulls and mule deer up to 200 plus inches. Thanks for looking Long range shooter
  7. Longrange shooter

    San Carlos Unit A Jan 2012 Tag

    How hard was it to get the A tag any left over???? Thanks
  8. Longrange shooter


    Would you be interested in a trade maybe Archery Mule deer on my ranch in New Mexico? thanks Longrange shooter
  9. Longrange shooter

    2002 Hummer T-Rex

    is this street Legal ???? and can you send me pictures of the inside and under hood please Thanks Longrange shooter
  10. Longrange shooter

    giant coues deer

    my neighbor was the lucky Hunter who shot the buck he said it scored 130 1/2 and I held it and WOW what a nice heavy buck he had quite a story of the Hunt also. he has been hunting coues for 35 years and he deserves this buck. I think every one will be inpressed when you see it for sure Longrange shooter!
  11. Longrange shooter

    Reloading lapua Magnum

    I will try that three shot groups later this week thanks
  12. Longrange shooter

    Reloading lapua Magnum

    Yes I have been shooting two shot groups when the rain quits later this week I am going to the range to redial my right hand rifle then shoot it out to 700 or 800 yards to be ready to use on the first for coues deer.
  13. Longrange shooter

    Reloading lapua Magnum

    The Action is a Batt and the barrel is a bartilin 1/11 twist thumbhole wood laminated Stock Scope is a Schmit & Bender 6x24 x 56 with turetts lighted retical speed is 3375 with Barns tripple X boattail bullets 100 yards it will touch bullets in two shot groups I am still working on longer shots but shot it at 735 yards two inch group when conditions were right no wind temp was in the low 70s. so far it is a shooter
  14. Longrange shooter

    Reloading lapua Magnum

    I have several long range rifles I have built two have a 334 neck in the barrel so I size my brass to 333 so I only have one thousands of space my new rifles are 336 and I use the same brass at 333 so now I have three thousands clearance does any one know if either one is better so far the tighter one with only one thousand clearance seems to shoot better groups. the shell is a 338 Lapua necked down to 30 caliber shooting a barns tripple shock 180 grain with 100 grains of powder vitavori 24n44 thanks Longrange shooter
  15. Longrange shooter

    san carlos coues

    Howdy all, I have a tag on the san carlos indian reservation starting January 1st. I have never hunted D-west and need some help on best places in the unit. It looks like a good unit but could use some help thanks Longrange Shooter