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  1. couespatrol

    Big lion called in

  2. couespatrol

    2016 archery buck

    Great buck. Congrats.
  3. couespatrol

    Daughter's first hunt 10 years old

    Congrats to all. Great video. Enjoy it while it last. She will grow up faster than you know.
  4. couespatrol

    What was your first hunting rifle?

    Remington 788/243 Win. Collected cans for several weeks until I made 200 dollars back in 1984. That rifle was used by me and my younger brothers. It had seven mule deer kills and nine whitetail kills before I stopped using it. Five years ago I put a new trigger and a new Vortex scope on it and gave it to my youngest son. He has taken four whitetail and one mule deer buck with it. What a great little rifle!
  5. couespatrol

    Hunting for a Giant.

    Congrats to all involved. Thanks for sharing.
  6. couespatrol

    Christmas Coues

    Congrats on a great buck. Thank you for your service.
  7. couespatrol

    My fall of coues thus far (long and lots of photos)

    Great write up. Congrats.
  8. couespatrol

    Late season archery success

    Congrats on two great bulls.
  9. couespatrol

    Jr. Deer Hunt Sucess

    Great job! Way to be persistent. Congrats to you both.
  10. couespatrol

    Cousin's Muley

    Great buck especially with only one day to get it done!
  11. couespatrol

    N.Az Halloween buck

    Sweet buck! Congrats.
  12. Awesome! Congrats to all.
  13. couespatrol

    Finally - Open Day Buck 36B

    Congrats on a great buck!
  14. couespatrol

    2015 Hunt of a Lifetime

    Great bull! Congrats.
  15. couespatrol

    37 B Success !!!

    Great job on a great buck. Congrats!
  16. couespatrol

    Daughters first hunt and successful one at that!

    Congrats on a great memory with many more to come.
  17. couespatrol

    It finally happened

    That's a brute, congrats!
  18. couespatrol

    Girl power!!!

    Great buck, congrats!
  19. couespatrol

    Giant 5x5 bull hit dirt

    That's an awesome bull! Congrats.
  20. couespatrol

    2015 Off to a good start!!!!

    Congrats on two sweet bulls. Awesome!!!
  21. couespatrol

    Another great hunt with family and friends.

    Congrats to the both of you, those are two great bucks. Loved the video.
  22. couespatrol

    Daughters first finds

    Congrats, looks like you have a life long hunting partner.
  23. Beautiful buck, congrats.
  24. couespatrol

    New Years Day Buck

    Congrats on a sweet buck!
  25. couespatrol

    Rollercoaster Coues Hunt

    Great looking buck, congrats.