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  1. 26 minutes ago, NOTAGS said:

    This is under elk hunting, dude! Title, muzzleloader information for beginners…. No one  was talking about a 7mm or 300 mag, dude! Pay attention.

    No one asked about shootin bulls at 500 yards either but you chimed in about nothing he asked about dude! Get a life life dude! So why don't you pay attn dude!

  2. I have had a tc for years and it has been great. This year i bought the cva paramount htr in 40 cal. I really like it alot. Groups well and is fast and accurate. I have shot it out to 500 yards. It is proven to shoot further but my max is 500 even with my rifles. I use triple 7 and pyrodex ellets both in my tc and This one i only use blackhorn and very happy with it. 

  3. Kona has actually some of the best fishing. They also have great marlin fishing. Usually june july are best for marlin. Ono and mahi are good fishing there. We went with firehatt and it is a husband and wife team. He will let you keep what you want in the catch. They have a great reputation. You have full access to the whole biat even up in captains area. Alot of the boats will not let you up with captain.

  4. 1 hour ago, SunDevil said:

    Will probably be 33 muzzy tags left over for a few more years

    I don't know about that at this point. The left overs went in 2 days. That didn't use to be the case. Also i know alot more people putting that in for 5th choice just to grab a tag. I hope there will be as i just got one. I may put that as my 4th or 5th choice at this point as well. In the past i was getting these as left overs but i'm afraid that it's probably gonna be the end of it.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Crazymonkey said:

    Its already expensive enough and then they made the container smaller😭 .My muzzleloader eats that stuff up like nobody's business at 112 gr by weight.That sucks!!!

    Yep i agree and like you said smaller. Had my wife get me 2 more. And because 2 limit and so expensive. A total of 332 bucks for a total of 2 pounds if powder. Had to pay the hazmat 2 times.