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  1. TexAz

    White tail

    he is asking about British Columbia whitetails.
  2. TexAz

    FYI --New Log-In For AGFD Portal

    Like everyone else, my user name changed. i reset my password using my old password and experienced no problem.
  3. TexAz

    Help me find my Gun Dog's family.

    We recently acquired a puppy from our granddaughter. It is a mutt and we were curious what dog breeds were involved. My wife purchased a DNA testing kit from PetsMart and the results were returned pretty quick. The results listed all the dog breeds involved as well as the percentages of each breed. i believe there was some information about the individual dogs involved and for an additional charge they would provide detailed lineage information on the ancestors.
  4. TexAz

    6BN Archery Antelope

    i understand there is a group around Rogers Lake but i have never seen them. There are antelope around Fry Park. i have seen them in the park but more often in the pines north of the park and on the west side of the park. They are not necessarily close to the park, sometimes a mile or more into the trees. There is a park west of Fry Park (long and not too wide) that runs east and west - have seen them in there as well.
  5. TexAz

    Kiabab road question

    i had the late hunt a few years ago. It was wet when we arrived and then snowed the first night. The main roads, including the road over the Buckskins were all OK. There were some mud puddles but nothing to cause a problem. The side roads on top were a slight challenge in the low lying areas where the water collected but we were never in danger of being stuck. The road over the Buckskins that starts just outside Fedonia was almost like a highway - no problems at all. You can pull a trailer on that road all the way to the base of the Buckskins with no problem.
  6. TexAz

    How much $$$ to find one?

    If they were limited to hunting one week they wouldn't be willing to part with the big bucks for the hunt. G&F views these tags as a significant source of revenue and they want all they can get. I have absolutely no problem with the way this process works.
  7. TexAz

    12A West help

    i was there on the youth hunt a few weeks ago. Saw a lot of deer - mostly does. I would hunt the ridges and canyons within a 5 mile radius of Burnt Corral. We saw deer everywhere we went so any area on top will hold deer.
  8. TexAz

    Field Care/Caping seminar

    Very educational and informative. Jim did a great job!
  9. i don't think 2 inches will cause the deer to change locations. I have been there when we received three to five inches and the deer didn't move lower. The snow will likely melt quickly.
  10. TexAz

    Keeping OHV Secure while hunting - How?

    Sometimes i hide the key and the rest of the time i actually leave the key in the ignition. Never had a problem over the past 12 years.
  11. TexAz

    Need help with a Pool Chlorinator

    Take the cell to a pool supply store and have it tested. Also have the water tested to be sure the salt content is correct.
  12. i don't believe it does any harm. I have field dressed deer near a stand and had more deer come in the same day.
  13. TexAz

    On Line Draw

    Is now available
  14. TexAz

    New Hunter seeking some javelina hunting fun.

    Hunt the area between Cottonwood and Sedona
  15. TexAz

    Federal Premium Availability?

    I have not purchased any for a couple months but the store had plenty in stock when i was there. Maybe the caliber you are shooting?