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    What feature would you like on your GPS.

    The Rhino's do all for me. Just think if the Granite Mountain Hotshots had Rhino's. The Forest Service claims the technology for remote location is still not available. Go figure as I purchased my first Rhino 110 years ago and they both still work. Up to a 520cx now and will not hesitate to go to a 650 if the 520 ever dies.
  2. Whitesheep

    Do you really need a truck to hunt...

    If you go 2 wheel drive add at least a limited slip in the rear diff. With that you can make it about 80% of the places a 4x4 will go except deep sand or wash travel. If you can get an electrically selectable locker so much the better. A true locker is the best for a dedicated rig, but a little much for a street vehicle in my experience, A locker you can turn on at off is a good compromise and available on some new 4x4's. Most 4x4's are really 2 wheel drive, one front and one rear. After you drive a true 4x4 that drives all four, you will always want one. As for the SUV's all weather gear storage, I agree. Better yet is a cap camper on a pickup truck so you can throw bloody, wet or otherwise really dirty stuff in the back and hose it out later. This still gives you all weather protection and some anti theft assistance as well. I've hunted with an open back pickup truck, pickup with cap camper and SUV and I would say the cap is ideal, but the others have their advantages.
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    Do you really need a truck to hunt...

    Good campfire topic. I believe your suggested solution is just fine. My '98 Jeep ZJ has been a hunting vehicle and it works great even without a trailer. Not big enough for Elk, but fine for Javalina, turkey, etc. It is for sale now because personally I like having a dedicated 4x4 pickup for hunting and am lucky enough to have one. It is over 30 years old and I certainly have less invested than some of the rigs I see pulling side by sides or quads. No it is not a daily driver and I wouldn't want it as one. The one disadvantage I see to your idea of SUV and trailer with quad, or in fact anything that involves leaving a vehicle behind, is well... leaving a vehicle behind. I can carry a whole camp for 2 in my short bed single cab '84 F-150 and search out remote places to setup a base. Yes 4x4 is usually required to get to these places and good tires are a must. I can then hunt from camp if I like or day trip pretty much wherever I want. Sometimes the only vehicles I see driving past my truck camp are quads. I understand the advantages of the method you suggest, but it is not for me. I get the toy hauler quad, side by side, diesel pickup thing as well, but that is way beyond my budget. I'll stick to my old Ford. I like what I have, and have what I like. I hope you do too.
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    Blew the motor in 1999 Yukon need advice

    Personally when I break one of my old trucks or cars I do my best to build it back better than it was. Radiators are upgraded as are shocks, brakes, electrics etc. I blew the engine in my '84 F-150 about exactly as you did, trying to get it off the freeway. A hole was poked in the block so we had to start fresh. Crates with a mild build are harder to find for 351's than 350's so my mechanic (Elliot's Electric) found a '73 block and we traded my heads for some '89's. With a full rebuild including balancing, flowing and blueprinting with the cam, upper end and intake I wanted I feel I got more out of a custom build for about the same money as a crate. My build is oriented for torque over HP and works well for my needs. Something to think about if you want to take advantage of a bad situation.
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    Kodiak Bear charge

    So, if the bear was finished with a rifle, how is this an archery hunt?
  6. Whitesheep

    Lady.....you're too dang close

    Bambi's mom getting revenge?
  7. Whitesheep

    Chevy Truck vs. Lamborghini

    Why are you so sexist? Trolling ain't ya?
  8. Whitesheep

    Game Carts?

    Hey trphyhntr, I want to see you lift that over a vehicle barrier. You the man!
  9. Whitesheep

    Chiricahuas visit tips?

    My 10 suggestions for a happy visit to the Chiricahuas: 1) Stay away from abandoned anything (backpacks, camps, dead bodies) 2) Don't remote camp. Stay in an improved CG or better yet a cabin. The Cave Creek Ranch is my favorite 3) Find a bigger gun. Impressive firearms, but obviously pistol caliber. Get something bigger. I hear AK-47's are the rage down there. I personally think a 1911 puts out the proper message for a side arm. Any semi-auto .308 is a good choice for a long gun. A .44 Mag might be appropriate for the appropriate reasons, like the many many bears. As a plus they are just cool. 4) Don't pick up hitchhikers 5 ) Don't be a hitchhiker 6) Stop when the BP wants to talk and check out your accent and attitude. It will happen, maybe more than once. 7) Don't have a bad attitude with the BP or anyone 8) Don't have a South of the Border accent. Fake a NYC one if you must 9) Don't go out at night. See number 2 10) Maintain situational awareness. There are a lot of eyes out down there and most are not friendly, human and otherwise Bonus 11) If your on a bicycle, watch out for the cattle guards. There may be more, but this came to mind. It is a beautiful place that is nominally part of AZ and therefore the USA, but don't pretend your in 17A.
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    Ever change steering bushings on your truck?

    Check out UTube. I am sure there is a video of how it is done. While I haven't worked on Toys, I have replaced bushings and other suspension components on Fords and Dodges and it is a pretty easy job.
  11. Excellent trail and hunting rig. Rare TSI option package with UpCountry Suspension (1" factory lift) and tow package. External engine modifications really upped power output (Jet Stage II, K&N Intake, Cat Back). My family has many fond memories of back country excursions in this ZJ and it has been mechanically very well cared for. The exterior shows signs of how it was used, but it is just cosmetic. I am asking $4000 because of the many modifications and care this ZJ has received. Don't call if you're looking for a commuter vehicle. PM me if you are interested in a well optioned and built ZJ TSI UpCountry for trail and hunting use. This vehicle located in North Phoenix. The Good: · One owner purchased new in 1998 · 125,000 miles · Leather seating in very good condition · Up Country Suspension · V8 · Tow package · Tinted windows · All maintenance and service records o Replaced/upgraded § Tracloc limited slip and ring gear replaced in rear diff@ 95k miles § Radiator @ 115k miles § Aux transmission cooler when new § SACCS shocks @ 100k miles (factory identical) § Full Husky floor liners including rear cargo area when new § Drilled and slotted brake disks w/ performance pads o Jet Stage II performance chip (passes emissions with no issues) o 180 degree thermostat o K&N Intake with Dry Charger o Cat back Magnaflow exhaust o Skid Row lower control arm armor o 9.5 X 29 X 15 BF Goodrich MT’s on stock rims w/ matching spare rim w/ BFG AT o Skid Row belly pan (not installed) o Hidden Hitch front receiver hitch (not installed) o Amsoil everywhere since ~45,000 miles o Bug/rick guard o 1000 watt fan cooled marine amplifier with JVC Head unit (stock location) & upgraded speakers o New battery The not so good · Cosmetic damage to rear passenger door. Door works as does the window and lock · Faded plastic paint and damage on plastic bumpers · AC doesn’t not cool. Compressor works, leaks coolant quickly · Sunroof is stuck in closed position (doesn’t leak) · Body Control Module will drain battery if disconnect switch under dash is not used
  12. Whitesheep

    Dead Heads, Sheds, Mounts

    You hit the core point carpcody, trophy's, sheds and pick ups really only mean something to the person who collected the goods. I believe this is why many hunting trophy's sell second hand at a large discount to the original cost. This is true as well of the plastic ones given to winners of stick and ball sports.
  13. Whitesheep

    So is it legal...

    Thanks trophyseeker. This is what I found and I don't see anywhere where I can sell my points to another person, only give a tag that I possess to a non-profit or surrender the tag in person at a G&F office. Sure you can join another's entry for a fee to up their odds, but after you surrender or donate your tag you have to earn and be drawn for that same species before you can use point guard again. Sales of "buddy points" was/is probably going on even without point guard. No one is going to get rich from this, even a non hunter would probably find this a waste of time, especially since they would only use point guard once. For those that are in their 20's and don't mind sitting out for 2 to 5 years by selling their points this might be OK, but I am well into my 50's and not wasting any time not hunting to make a few bucks. This is a great program and I spent the $5 when signing up for Big Horn sheep this year. If by some far stretch I am drawn, but can't go, this would save a lifetime hunt. Not so sure I would spend the $5 on a Javalina, Deer or Elk however.
  14. Whitesheep

    So is it legal...

    Please point me to the regulations behind this "tag turn in policy" you are all discussion. I find nothing on the AZG&F site or from a Google search. What am I missing?
  15. Whitesheep

    P&Y pending world record

    Hi DOhunting. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you and your clients.
  16. Whitesheep

    Topo Map Printing

    No problem registering for me. Be sure to check your e-mail and finish the process. Nice viewer for a really nice price (free).
  17. Whitesheep

    Be thankful we don't live in Utah..Unreal

    So does this make tags for regular folks free in UT now?
  18. Whitesheep

    Map obsessions.

    Nice to know I am not alone. DeLorme's Topo North America is my addiction and I spend hours snooping around to find camp, spot and stalk routes when drawn for a new unit. For those places I hunt frequently the waypoints for springs, seeps and fence crossing uploaded from my GPS and stored on the map are really handy when returning to the same area. Google Earth is good for making sure those trails on the old USGS Quads still exist. I too used to print and share 11x17 maps with buddies, but I am the only one who uses them so no more wasting paper and ink for them. Some people don't relate the 2D paper to the real world very well. Those of us that do are the map geeks. In place of and augmenting the paper map printed from Topo NA the iPhone app Topo USA http://topomapsapp.com/ is fantastic. It costs only $7.99 and covers the entire USA with USGS 7.5 quad topo maps you can download to your iPhone. With the new IOS it will now access the GPS chip when the phone is in airplane mode. This really saves on battery life. A full day of hunting uses less than 30% of the battery where before it would pretty will use it all up. With these three tools (DeLorme Topo, Google Earth, iPhone Topo NA ) along with my Garmin GPS and my trusty compass I feel like I am returning to places I have been before and know where I am going before I get there. Gotta love technology.
  19. Whitesheep

    Javi taxidermist

    Frank at AZ Seivers has done good work for me. He did my 1st big game animal, a Javalina, back in the early 90's and it still looks like it came from his shop. He has also mounted deer, elk and the Dall that is my avatar. Great work and a fantastic source of hunting stories. If you go see Frank, plan on staying a while. It is worth the time. http://www.azseiverstaxidermy.com/ Have fun
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    Crested Saguaro

    Here is one I found in 20B. Not truly "crested" but there was one very close by. You can see it in the background. This is the coolest non-typical saguaro I have ever seen.
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    Let's talk tires

    Tires require compromise. What is best off road rarely gets good mileage on road. On road tires can be down right dangerous off road when they self destruct miles from anywhere. This is especially bad when you ruin your spare and you only carry one. Ask me why both my trucks carry two spares. Whatever you do, don't put "P" tires on any truck that sees any 4x4 duty other than snow only. "P" is supposed to stand for "Passenger," but really is the first letter in POS when used off road. Even if the tread depth looks good, they can be so bruised from even moderate 4x4 work that a patch kit will not help. Ask me how I know. For a vehicle that sees mostly pavement and you desire more than 30,000 of tread life you really have to pick an AT over an MT. I have run both AT's and MT's on my '04 RAM 2500 diesel. When my son had it as a daily driver we ran AT's. They did OK off road, but in the end succumbed to the bruising as one finally burst a sidewall. Now that the RAM is back to occasional duty it runs GoodYear MT/R's as it did before. I'll only get 30,000 miles at best on these tires, but that is OK with me as this is probably more than three years of driving for this truck. By the way the MT/R's have fantastic grip in decomposed granite, mud and on rocks. With three ply sidewalls they also put up exceptionally well with aggressive low pressure 4x4 work. Good luck on your choice. It will require a compromise. Make the one that is best for your situation and buy 6 of what ever you choose so you can carry two spares. It is even better when they are easy to get to.
  22. Whitesheep

    saving Cecil

    Thank you Bill for the detail and clarification. Too bad your talking to the choir. For those here who really care about hunting I suggest you join Safari Club International. SCI is a premier supporter of hunting rights in the world including the USA. SCI is not just for international hunters. I joined a year ago at the suggestion of a international hunter I know (not Bill Quimby) and I am glad I did. While it is doubtful I will ever get the opportunity to hunt internationally, SCI is a great organization I am proud to be a part of.
  23. Whitesheep

    Recommend a Concealed Carry Class

    There are many good reasons to have an AZ CCW. These include simplifying firearms purchases and being able to carry in a bar/restaurant that serves alcohol if you are not drinking. The reciprocity with other states is valuable as well. I didn't take a formal CCW class as my Hunters Education served instead. However, I did take a basic one on one pistol training program that focused on fundamentals. I can read the AZ Statutes myself. A formal course is a good investment, but not necessary.
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    Time for some Binocs. So... 8x or 10x... and Why?

    azcoyote you should be happy with 8x and will be set with a good spotter and tripod to accompany them. Consider getting a combination binocular and range finder if your decision isn't already final. This reduces the gear you carry and is very handy. Personally I like 10x binoculars for the detail and longer range and am not bothered by the narrower field of view. I also carry a spotter and spend most of my time behind it when really looking things over. I can see small birds and even insects and amazing distances with this tool. Sometimes I even see deer or javalina, usually the opposite of what I am looking for. The binos are best for quick peaks and initial scans of places that will get a close look with the spotter. Like what you have, have what you like.
  25. Whitesheep

    Paralegals/ Wills

    Good for you. Everyone should do this. My recommendation is Susan Sandys http://www.susansandys.com/. She set up my family trust and POA's for finances and medical. She is an attorney, but reasonably priced. More importantly she communicates in English and not jargon.