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  1. Whitesheep

    O/U chokes for doves

    +1 on Evan T. I do exactly the same for the same reasons in my O/U in 20ga.
  2. Whitesheep

    Hits Started

    Don't give up yet. I have waited several days after hearing guys on here celebrating then I get hit. For those of you who know what unit you were drawn for, how do you know? I am "pending" on the AZGFD site, but did git hit for four deer tags for our four man group.
  3. Whitesheep

    Trail camera rule changes!

    Fun replies guys. But really, what do you really think about this issue and what did you send to the G&F? I know not everyone agrees with my opinion, and that is OK. I would just like to know the arguments for banning non-networked cameras.
  4. Whitesheep

    All firearms must be Registered

    I think my guns are already registered. I have been buying hunting licenses and tags for over 30 years.
  5. Whitesheep

    Trail camera rule changes!

    Here is what I sent AZGFD. Dear AZGFD, First of all, thank you for all you do. In AZ we have a great Game and Fish Department and I appreciate all of you very much. I am not sure what problem you are trying to solve by banning or restricting cameras. If hunters and guides are not checking cameras, they are actually likely to visit a specific water hole or travel corridor even more often. I don't think "checking cameras disturbs game" is a valid argument against trail cameras. Hunting public land today is big money guides vs. the self guided. I can't compete on an Elk hunt with someone who will send $XX,XXX on a guide to plant YY cameras and hire a team to cruise the entire unit for months preseason to find that perfect animal. If you take away hunting cameras, the big money will compensate with more boots on the ground. I can't do that. My couple of cameras out for a few of weeks before the season let me know where game is and isn't; making me much more effective than I would be otherwise. If you take away my low budget self guided hunter's ability to use cameras, I think I will be hurt much more than the big money guides. if you are trying to equal the field, I think banning cameras does the opposite. Big money always finds a way. If people are getting cameras stolen, that is an ethics issue that a new law will not solve. If cameras have to be 1/4 from a tank or restricted to a season limit, who polices that? If not identified to the owner do AZGF officers just cut them down and sell them on ebay? If registered, where do the resources (time and money) come from to track down and fine the camera violator? In my opinion, the destruction caused by quads, side by sides and other "off hi-way" vehicles along with access to locked in public property is a much bigger issue than cameras in the woods.
  6. Whitesheep

    Proper skinning of a Javelina.

    You are both correct. I did mean the tenderloin. I'll try this if I get one this year. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Whitesheep

    Ticks and javelina

    Wow, I've never seen a tick on a Javelina either come to think of it. Buckshot and cactus spines, yes. I think they make great green chili and sausage. Not so found of them as roasts or steaks, but its OK. I've had elk that was worse. We have fed Javelina green chili to people who loved it until they found out what it was. How can naming a thing change its taste? I boiled a head for days (still have it). My wife was not impressed, but the pot (and head) came out fine. While sun bleaching in the back yard my dog buried it in our sand playground. Took me a year to find it, but it was really clean by then. In the future I would let the dog ants and beetles do the work instead and then finish on the roof to bleach. A dog would do too much damage if not boiled first. Live and learn.
  8. Whitesheep

    Proper skinning of a Javelina.

    Same here on the gutless "Alaska" method. I pack a large trash bag to lay out to keep things clean during the butchering and deboning process. You end up with a few gallon bags of easily packable meat. I leave the head and hide as my wife has shared that I have enough of them already. My only problem is that I am leaving the back straps. What do you gutless guys do to about the back straps? Mr. September, please share the Jalapeno Polish Sausage recipe.
  9. Whitesheep

    5B South

    My group is in 5B for rifle. This has been our best Elk unit over the years. In my opinion the roads are not as bad as in 6A. Of course it depends on your definition of "road." We have had our best luck in the PJs around Deep Well NE of Chavez Mountain. This year we are staying at the Happy Jack Lodge so we can better control our scent. Ha Ha Ha. If you want a thrill, take the road off 87 that goes by Dick Hart tank and then on the East side of East Sunset right beside Clear Creek. I don't know the FR number and haven't been there in years for a reason. Scared all of us pretty bad.
  10. They are all over my yard in North Phoenix, but in 25 years of Dove hunting I have never bagged one.
  11. Yeah Couesnut. I have had the same problem on and off over the 25 years of hunting (sometimes just trying) to hunt doves around Phoenix. I lost count of the spots I have lost over the years. For the past 3 years I have had on and off luck on Happy Valley road West of the 60. It is about 6 miles out and just past where the pavement ends. I did well there last year, but scouting around 10:00 am on 8/13/20 saw one bird. No promises. There can be more than enough birds or none at all. As they say, it's hunting not finding.
  12. What are the prospects for the Phoenix area Dove season this year? I am not seeing much out in the desert being that is dryer than ever, but they are all over my neighborhood as usual.
  13. Whitesheep

    Sleeping in bed of truck, insulation

    EZ Up + Cot + sub zero bag + Pad = no problem
  14. Whitesheep

    Browning Glacer Extreme 6 Person Tent

    Sorry prdatr - been away for awhile. Three army cots work, not so with BIG man cots we all use now. I was skinnier once honest when a 24" bed was OK. Not so much now.
  15. Whitesheep

    Browning Glacer Extreme 6 Person Tent

    +1 on the Cabelas Alaskan guide. I have the 6 man version and it fit 3 army cots back in the day when camping with my kids. It does just fine with two man sized cots with space for a footlocker each and room to stand up and dress. Mine is about 10 years old and has the aluminum poles which I recommend if you can still get. They don't break. This tent has been through wind, snow and rain and doesn't flap at all. Takes a while to set up, but I can do it by myself and it is easy with two. Lots of poles prevent that old "flap, flap, flap, flap" of wall tents in a storm. Never leaked, always dried before being put away. Great investment for a good nights sleep in bad weather.