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    20B Advice

    Drawn with three buddies for 20B and am looking for a good spot to park a 23' travel trailer. My trailer is only suited to graded gravel roads so nothing way back in. We don't mind being with another group, especially if they are CWT members, and would appreciate suggestions on where to set up. Not looking to encroach on anyone. We don't run quads, run a generator at night (if at all) or stay up late with loud music. Just a group of four middle aged guys that don't take Javalina too seriously, but appreciate spending time in the desert and having a drink around the campfire after a day's hunt. Thanks in advance
  2. Whitesheep

    20B Advice

    Thank you all. Wasn't thinking about coming in from the East off 17, but that sounds good. Scouting planned to happen in a couple of weeks.
  3. Whitesheep

    Favorite Find

    Nice stuff everyone has found. Thank you for sharing. Once a friend and I found the proverbial Prince Albert tin in a 3' high rock cairn with a barely readable mining claim inside. This was in unit 23 and we left it there glad for the experience. Clearly others in the past had done the same and hopefully everyone else has as well. Sorry no pics has this was before cell phones and I wasn't carrying a camera.
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    Well I now feel better about not getting out to hunt Quail.
  5. Whitesheep

    I must have this

    Yeah, that is a hunter cave special if I have ever seen one.
  6. Thanks everyone. A friend and I are trying our hand a predator calling and haven't had much luck close to Payson where he lives. Sounds like Rim Country is worth the drive. Any other tips would be appreciated, other than burying a wolf collar
  7. Whitesheep

    Cummins tuner or chip

    Check out the Turbo Diesel Register here: http://www.turbodieselregister.com/forum.php There are separate forums for the different generations and a wealth of knowledge on each.
  8. Whitesheep

    99 24 valve cummins

    Turbo Diesel Register is a great resource as well. Information on their forums has saved me money and helped me solve problems on my Cummins Ram. There are separate forums for all generations. Find them here: http://www.turbodieselregister.com/forum.php
  9. Whitesheep

    Attention....New Long Rangers...

    Sectional density is the ratio of your wast size to your inseam and is directly related to your historical life quality. The bigger the ratio the more beer you have drunk and therefore the greater your quality of life has been in the past. A greater SD also allows you to drink more beer in the future so that as it grows so does your quality of life. However, there is a limit to this function as you may die if it gets too high. Each person has their own SD function, but it is hard to determine. However when it is smaller the second derivative of the function is positive while at a certain level the second derivative turns negative and the SD asymptoticly approaches a limit that is unique to each person. Doppler beerdar is helpful in this endeavor (sort of like what Hornady used for their new LR XLD bullet), but it is still mostly art rather than science. Cheers!
  10. Whitesheep

    Lighting up the Sky tomorrow

    Didn't see it live, but saw the contrail this morning. Figured it was a rocket and then saw this thread. Thanks for helping keep us safe.
  11. Whitesheep

    Water Purification

    Good thread. Another trick is iodine suspect water then run through a charcoal filter to take out the taste. Generally I have enough water for a day hunt, but do carry a Bota Bottle with filter for emergencies. It has been used to supply three hunters with water from a contaminated stream and while some work, did the job. The Sawyer inline filter works great as a main filter as it can filter while you do something else. Beats the heck out of a pump filter. However if it clogs up during a trip, you may be screwed. Good to have at least one pump in the group for backup, especially one that is field serviceable like the MSR I use.
  12. Whitesheep

    My new RIDE.

    White is a great choice for the desert. As everyone else said it needs some AZ pinstripes. You also should add an Elk Society sticker along with a AZ Wildlife conservation license plate. Then you will be ready for the Elk mountains. A Cousewhitetail.com headliner sticker could be cool too, but I like looking at mountains out my windshield not the backside of Amanda's sticker. In fact my '84 F-150 doesn't have an inside rear view mirror for that unobstructed view.
  13. Whitesheep

    Where to Practice Long Range

    For those who routinely practice shooting at long ranges where to you find ranges beyond 500m?
  14. Whitesheep

    Where to Practice Long Range

    Thanks Lance. My son and I used to paint ball there, but I forgot they have a 1000 yard range. $35 for a day isn't bad at all. I'll give them a call and see how you arrange time. Mulepack, The desert is always a good option, but mine is pain to get around in. My 500 yard range requires backpacking the target and gong over two drainages, but it can be done. Another area I know of provides about 700 yards of range, but it requires an overnight trip from Phoenix to be practical. I certainly would not expect you to give up your range location as I wouldn't mine.
  15. Whitesheep

    Questions about "locked" gate near private land

    The dummy lock is used by ranchers and others quite a bit. I learned long ago to verify the padlock was actually locked. On an Elk hunt a couple of years back my group found ourselves on the NF side of a locked gate in my friend's truck. Had a heck of a time finding a way out because access to the NF was locked even though there was public land on both sides of the gate. One side NF the other a public street. We were on public land the entire time. Had we been in my truck I would have cut the chain as I always carry a master key, my friend doesn't. It is understandable why people lock these gates. If you had to put up with the trash and bad behavior near your property you would probably do the same if not worse. As usual, the few ruin it for the many.
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    This is the one I have also. It appears to be made for much larger men then me, especially in the nut department, but it works.
  17. Whitesheep

    Wanting to get Good at Glassing

    Great thread. One thing not mentioned that helps me slow down when glassing is to silently name objects in the grid I am currently looking at. For example when holding on a grid section I scan that section with my eyes holding the optic still and internally identify each rock, plant type, bird species, bug, etc. This requires that I stop to think and this slows me down. Once everything in that grid is named I move to the next grid. It can take a long time to cover a hillside this way and I often do it several times. When I finally silently say "pig," "deer," "bear," it really wakes me up. Before I start this slow grid approach, usually with a spotting scope, I grid scan the entire hillside or clearing I can see with binoculars so I don't miss something obvious right off. Even with this method I can go days or entire hunts not seeing any game, or if I do it is of the wrong type. So, as they say just keep at it. The best hunters are the ones who hunt longest.
  18. Whitesheep

    What is the Ultimate Hunt?

    8 points for a AZDBHS hunt. You're killing me. I remember reading about an 11 year old who killed a record book Bull Elk and Desert Big Horn Sheep his first year hunting. So what is he dreaming about at night?
  19. No problems here. Used the portal and will be hunting Javalina in 20B this coming February. Sorry you guys are having problems, but the old paper method was worse and way to expensive. Give G&F feedback and I am sure they will do their best to fix the online draw system. They are about the only Government Agency that really does work for us.
  20. Whitesheep

    Which pants are you wearing?

    Anyone tried Filson's pants? They are really pricey, but not so much so compared to the really high end stuff from Sitka..
  21. Whitesheep

    What is the Ultimate Hunt?

    Right now for me it would be a Desert Big Horn Sheep right here in AZ. Sure I would like to do AK and even Africa, but that just costs money and not so much that an average guy couldn't afford it if they gave up some things. An AZ Big Horn Sheep, however, is wait for the draw. Unless you have $300k to spend on a hunt, which I certainly don't. I probably started collecting points too late to ever have a chance, but that is my ultimate hunt.
  22. Whitesheep

    What is the Ultimate Hunt?

    How's the mount holding up? Hope you had a good taxidermist who would keep their mouth shut. Shouldn't post stuff like this the NSA is reading it all.
  23. Whitesheep

    Looking to Buy Binoculars Under 500 dollars. Reccomendations

    No one is laughing wildwoody. It is just that some of us have been there and spent hundreds before we spent thousands. If you count the optics I bought and replaced over the years my "serious glass" cost about double what I paid for it. We are just trying to help you avoid the same situation. No one is bragging. I wish someone had clued me in earlier as I could have another nice rifle on what I wasted. Good luck. Education is not cheap.
  24. Whitesheep

    Looking to Buy Binoculars Under 500 dollars. Reccomendations

    And then wait a little longer so you can acquire the last pair you will every buy. Trust me, you will save money in the long run unless your looking way over the hill and don't have many hunts left. Even then, make the last hunts count. High quality glass is also really nice on old eyes. Your kids are just going to spend your money anyway when you're gone.
  25. Whitesheep

    turd furgeson at work

    Bummer situation Ultra. I was going to suggest a long talk with Mr. Turd, but it seems you tried that and it didn't work. Sounds like there may be some back story you don't know about that protects this guy. That being said I would stick it out, but keep looking. However, sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you find. I switched jobs after 12 years in a place I didn't really fit in to move to what I thought at the time would be a better job. It was frying pan to fire for me, which was a lesson in the illusion of greener grass on the other side of the fence. That being said the fire experience led be to my current job which is the best I have ever had and will be my last. Life is strange. It really is too bad that hard work and dedication don't get you to the top, but having dirt on someone or a brown nose does. If everyone within a company would look at their business card every day and see they work for the same organization; recall how payroll is made and finally remember that a bigger pie makes everyone's slice bigger, we would all get along better.