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  1. Deucebigalow

    2010 elk success

    Wow>>>>great bull. Congrats.
  2. Deucebigalow

    1st Archery Success

    Great bull congrats....awesome video. My heart was thumping watching it!!!!!
  3. Deucebigalow

    6x7 bull taken

    Nice bull. Congrats!!!
  4. Deucebigalow

    My "Do It Yourself" Bear Hunt.....

    Awesome job Jimmy. What an experience.
  5. Deucebigalow

    Big bull contests?

    Uh....can I enter with my bull
  6. Deucebigalow

    First Bull of 2010 Down For Team Mullins

    Hi everyone. I've been a long time reader on this site and wanted to register ( ; nice name) in order to give a shout out to the Mullins and their guides! All I can say is that it was a lot of hard work and sacrifice amongst family and friends in order to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. I'll let Jimmy tell the full story when we can organize all our thoughts. As you can imagine, we are coming down from an amazing high. Anyway, I went into this hunt looking for an experience, not just a kill. I truly wanted to respect the tag for what it was. I think Jim and Matt will vouch that we used the tag to its fullest. I got to experience every facet what these animals do during all seasons. As Jimmy said, I spent a total of 37 days in the field. In the end, the most memorable feeling I've taken away is that I know I have created ever lasting memories with what I consider good friends....AND that folks is what hunting is about (my favorite pic attached). The Mullins team has been top notch from Day 1 and I consider this bull just as much theirs as it is mine! Couldn't be prouder of everyone involved. Thanks again guys. I feel extremely blessed for the experience with everyone over the course of this last year. I already miss that addiction of having a tag of a lifetime in my pocket, however I'm looking forward to writing the next chapter together with you guys. PS. I have to give a quick thank you to Clark Guy for recommending the Mullins team. We have had many conversations about this tag and he has been extremely instrumental in our overall success. Thanks Clark!