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    Draw Results

    Hey 25.06, You know, you are right. Counselling won't do it, neither will a cold beer, the only thing would be of benefit to my problem is any rifle hunt-permit tag for coues deer. If I don't get a tag, guess i'll just play golf. Life is still good. c-1
  2. Couesi1

    Draw Results

    Guys and gals, I just went to the azgfd.gov website and if you look with a magnifying glass right between the two barrel cacti on the roadless area picture , you can see an image of Mary, you know the one, Jesus' mom. Something is definitely happening!!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed. Yippee!!!! Maybe that call to the Governers' office did some good. Kudos to whoever made that happen! c-1
  3. Couesi1

    Draw Results

    Okay, For REALS!, This is no joke, I'm not smokin' anything nor drinking any kool-aid. I just burned the last two fun cards that I have with my high-level contacts over at the Game and Fish Department. However, in the interest of public safety and the sanity of all you guys who are going skitzo, it was well worth it. I was just talking to a $9.00/hour clerk over at the Az Game and Fish Department (I didn't yell at her or call her a @#$#$) She said that she spoke to her boss', boss', boss', boss', boss' boss, who was the second cousin, (also the husband) of the head adminstrator (some ugly girl) at the Tennessee company running the credit card show. I learned that after they run all of the credit card charges, they need to mail letters to all of the folks who drew to get a signature verifying that they authorize the charge. This is cause they had a hacker invade the draw about 15 minutes ago - and they are worried about identity theft - (especially if you are a veteran). After they receive back the letters, they'll need to post 'em and compare signatures to ensure they're from the correct folks. Then, they'll need to have a lunch break, then wash their hands and actually count their money. After that they will actually do a calculation and determine how much is 99% of the total take. That is what they will place into the secret Game and Fish Department account, so the gamies can buy all of their employees (including $9.00/hour secretaries) new 4X4 trucks. After that, they will post the information on the website. They anticipate that the system will last for about 10 minutes, till it crashes of course, then they will have to hire a computer consultant to fix the system, (that should be a week or two). After that, they will hand deliver all tags to all the lucky recipeints, ........ of course a signature will be required for delivery. Now, I feel much better about the progress of the situation, how 'bout you folks? Hope that takes the edge off. Peace. c-1
  4. Couesi1

    I JUST SPOKE TO AZDFG!!!!!!!!!

    Now that's a shock. Someone being rude to some poor state employee who is probably making about $9.00/hour? That lady is probably someone's mother and wife. Come on! Folks have died, and are still dying over seas to protect our freedoms,,,,,,, I guess these whiners must feel that they really need to get their money's worth out of those sacrifices. That's really pathetic! I guess it's really all about me anymore, isn't it? c-1
  5. Couesi1


    I'm one of the unfortunate !#$!$@#$$'s that waited till the last minute when the system shut down and had to do a paper application. The suspense is KILLING me. Cogratulations to you lucky dogs who got tags so far. c-1
  6. Couesi1

    Draw Results

    Good work guys, you just exposed the big secret!. I just learned that the photo of the large tape recording device is monitoring the banter on this website and anyone saying bad things about the gamies is being loaded into a "special" draw. The name of the special draw is the "what goes around, comes around" draw!. The 40 hour period is actually the time it takes to ensure that bad mouthers are eliminated from competing for the tags in the regular draw. I'm telling you, it's another gamie conspiracy! They're out to get you all!! c-1
  7. Couesi1

    You might be a Redneck if.........

    It could be a lot worse........I've seen a lot of $5000.00 quads to go with $2500.00 "homes"! Lots of those scenarios in Gila County communities! c-1
  8. Couesi1

    why we hunt with broadheads

    darryl, you got it right. Some kid with bow. We all had bb guns and bows when we were young - and did stupid crap. On the plus side, I bet that that critter can balance a whole lot better on the high wires now. c-1 p.s. that makes none of us look bad, I get a little tired of being apologists for what we do......hunt LAWFULLY! who gives a crap what PETA thinks! c-1
  9. Couesi1

    unit 23

    Hey Mr. Caccatiore, If those jokes went over your head, that's too bad. If you want to survive on this web site you might have to grow some skin that's a little thicker. There are a whole lotta jokesters and whiners on this web site. If you can get around that, it's a pretty cool place for information. Don't take it personal. c-1
  10. Couesi1

    unit 23

    I'll second that, the gamies might as well sell elephant hunting tags in unit 23! You probably have just a good a chance with that tag as a deer tag! c-1
  11. Couesi1

    antler point restrictions

    For breeding purposes, a buck is a buck is a buck, whether it is a 3pt, 2pt or a spike. Genetic makeup of a deer doesn't change as he gets older. Only his competitive advantage over little guys. This would effectively do nothing except shift a majority of the harvest to an older age-class animal. The first couple of years all of us braggers could talk about all of the bucks we observed and "passed" each day we went hunting. c-1
  12. Couesi1

    G & F article on reg changes

    I think it was a real feel good article. Apparently my chances of getting a whitetail tag are better......even if it is just a lowly October hunt. Also, all of you with apparently very short memories might recall that it wasn't too long ago that the Game Department had an unfavorable ruling that overturned the states' ability to cap non resident hunts on deer north of the river and also for cliff carp and I think bull elk. I just read in that feel good article that the 10% cap now applies to all deer hunts in addition to the others. That makes me feel good as a resident hunter. I guess those greedy dogs at the game department really aren't all about the money......otherwise they would want more non-residents drawing tags. Guess it all depends on how full or empty your glass is. Oops, I just spilled mine again......it sucks to have a full glass cause then you don't have to complain so much. Oh another thought,......I saw a comment about fish food for endangered fish. You know, endangered fish can't live in a subdivision. You can't hunt in a subdivision either. Make the connection - it's pretty easy to see if you think about it. Have a pleasant day. c1
  13. Couesi1

    2006 Dec. coues hunts

    All, Let the chips fall where they may. Kudos to Amanda and all of the others who have taken a POSITIVE approach to the issue, organized the troops and I'm sure will make a very respectful, compelling argument for their side to the commission tomorrow. The commissioners backed off of the proposed elk changes, so we all know that they do listen and receive the message. I'm sure they've already gotten the message regarding the opposition to the whitetail change proposals. Just remember, they own the decision and whatever they decide will be where we all have to go. The decision won't make everyone happy, but it will be for the greater good. We all are on the same team, despite our differences in opinion. I just really hope that the personal attacks stop. That serves no purpose. We have to stick together. There are much bigger issues to deal with (like the out of control urban sprawl and development and its impacts on our future hunting opportunities, for example) that this body can throw their political influence at. Amanda, good luck tomorrow..........I'm sure you'll shine. I'm out. c-1
  14. Couesi1

    2006 Dec. coues hunts

    Rembrandt, You make the best sense of all of the posts on this issue. You don't side with the overwhelming majority of conspiracy theorists who think that the game and fish is ONLY money driven. This issue has turned this once very enjoyable site into a "me" fest. Thank you for interpreting the game and fish efforts for what they obviously are, ........... an effort to provide a few more folks a chance to go hunt deer. You are certainly not afraid of stepping out there from the safety of the herd,....... there's not too many folks who have the nerve to do that. If the changes are approved, maybe us sportsmen who just want to hunt whitetail might actually draw a tag a little more often in central Arizona......maybe even the "me" generation conspiracy theorists will get to go a little more often too. If not, I guess I'll keep putting in for 22, 23 and 24A and get my quality rifle tag every 5 to 7 years that guarantees no more big bucks than any other hunt opportunity does. Maybe it's time to get a new hobby. No matter what happens, I refuse to be sucked into the vortex of negativity and me-isms.....I bet you won't either. c-1
  15. Couesi1

    Unit 23 Javelina Country pics

    I heard that all of the whitetails and pigs in unit 23 were north of Young. I wouldn't waste any time anywhere near Roosevelt. They all live in the brushy areas where you can't glass 'em very easy. Nice scenery though, glad that folks on the site now know where not to hunt for pigs and deer. c-1