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  1. psebowhunter

    extending hitch on travel trailer

    the extender does add tongue weight. If you are pulling with a short bed truck it may cause a big difference in handling.
  2. psebowhunter

    Looking For A RattleSnake Guide

    You really don't need a guide. If the weather is clear, just set up and call them.
  3. psebowhunter

    440 bull

    What is a maroon ?
  4. psebowhunter

    440 bull

    That would be a macaroon,
  5. psebowhunter

    Finally got it done this morning

    well done, congrats.
  6. psebowhunter

    (2) Archery strip bucks down!

    Congrats on two awesome deer. You will both have a hard time topping this years bounty. Cracks me up when people refer to them as " Carp Deer" . Mature Mule deer are as challenging as any game animal in Arizona.
  7. Vortex Viper HD 20-60x80 angled with complete digital camera adapter kit, neoprene cover and cordura carry case. Have over 1300. invested, will sell for 1000.00 Text 520-954-3229
  8. I have a Vortex Viper HD 20-60 x 80 angled, with a Digital Camera Adaptor, neoprene cover and Heavy Duty cordura carry case. Bought and never used, no tags this year so I am selling it. everything all together was over 1300.00, will take the first 1000. I am in Tucson but can ship at your expense. you can reply here or text 520-954-3229
  9. psebowhunter

    Queen Creek/Chandler Farrier needed

    call Roy Kading, been shoeing for 40 years. does a great job. Great with young horses too. 520-568-2394 or 520-518-1710
  10. psebowhunter

    WTB Entry Level Tripod

    carbon tripods are not entry level either
  11. psebowhunter

    WTB Entry Level Tripod

    If you have big glass, the LAST thing you want is a cheap light tripod. Just my .02
  12. psebowhunter

    37a help for good places to start.

    I am all about helping a fellow hunter out, but this is starting to be a giant piece of Bull$%!&. If you want to hunt then go hunt stop asking for direction all the time..... you want somewhere to start, start your truck and go scout !!!!! Good Lord. Im done !
  13. psebowhunter

    Win over ASU

    and 2 dozen donuts !!!
  14. psebowhunter

    How common is it . . .

    A man with no ethics and low moral fortitude. You know what they say, " Birds of a feather..........." Turn him in !!!
  15. psebowhunter

    ATLs from last trip out

    you would probably find more if you would stand up, they are really hard to find when you are laying down !!