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  1. Coues Kid

    Nitro boats and Tracker outboards

    Mercury took force over in late 90s I have a 96 procraft with a 120 force zero issues since I've owned it. All depends on how bad the last person abused it or took care of it.
  2. Coues Kid

    Vortex Razor HD 12x50 vs Vortex Kiabab 15x56

    Anybody try the vultures 15s?
  3. Coues Kid

    Wife's First Coues

  4. Coues Kid

    Late Dove Season

    Marana was horrible last night
  5. Coues Kid

    Late Dove Season

    Heading to Marana in a bit for a windy dove hunt if anyone wants to go.
  6. Coues Kid

    Late Dove Season

    Hunted this afternoon shot 2 collards that was it.
  7. Coues Kid

    Late Dove Season

    Gonna head out tomorrow afternoon and Saturday morning for dove.
  8. Coues Kid

    2 for 2 for 2

    Awesome job congrats.
  9. Coues Kid

    4x5 Non-Typical

    Awesome buck congrats.
  10. Coues Kid

    My FIRST mule deer!

    Nice buck congrats.
  11. Coues Kid

    2 Girls 2 Deer

    Awesome congrats to girls and dad.
  12. Coues Kid

    daughters opening morning buck

    Right on congrats
  13. Coues Kid

    First Coyote for our Family

    Congrats on the deer killer.
  14. Coues Kid

    Tessa's first hunt

    That's awesome congrats, a life time of memories right there and hopefully more to come.