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    2011 Coues hunt, which unit?

    The lose of hair is from draging him 2 1/2 miles down a mt . I was stupid and didnt bag out . But it makes for a great story
  2. az4life83

    Hand gun Buck With Ward's Outfitters

    good job great buck
  3. az4life83


    I always luv coming on to this site . It one of my high points of the day ........... I look foward to next year and i wont count the eye gards
  4. az4life83


    All of your guys Replys are very funny .But i was stupid and went up to far on the moutain and when i got my buck i had to drag him about 2 1/2 miles down . It took me 5 hr to do it . And next year i will pack him out
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    I got a 4x4 white tail out of happy canyon he scored 96 and he was my friest white tail
  6. az4life83

    140 Inches of Coues Bone!!!

    you guys look like you know what you doing . You guys put in the work to get that great buck and all i can say is wow good job
  7. az4life83

    2011 Coues hunt, which unit?

    Hello. well if you want to go to a good area then you need to go to 30A unit . not alot of people go in this unit cus limited acess but if you want to now a good area . Is the dos cabezas MT it 25 min out of wilcox. the one area that i know is happy cayon . Me my self got my friest white tail buck he scored 96 and where i got him was at about 5,000 ft every one els i seen in this area did not want to go high but i did and got him on the sconed day . But i will tell you that its very rough but theres alot of open grass lands and some thick areas to . The one thing that this unit has over all the other unites is no one likes going there and the buckes keep on getting bigger every year . some of the biggest buckes are in this unite cus the ranchers close all the gates . but if you dont mind walking and bone out your buck you will get a monster buck
  8. az4life83

    Sadie Anderson got a nice one!

    good job i sure hope your putting that monister buck on the wall.
  9. az4life83

    Brothers dec. buck

    97 good job great buck
  10. az4life83

    Huntin Coues with a .250 Savage

    great deer that should go on the wall . I to got a trophy in unit 30A i got my buck in the Dos cabazes mtn. where did you get him
  11. az4life83

    My Tag is filled...

    WOW thats a great buck i wounder how old he is
  12. az4life83

    Oct Hunt

    good job thats a keeper
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    hello every one i just wanted to tell you all how much fun white tail hunting is . I got my friest white tail on the 22ed and i think hes a trophy . I got him in unite 30A in the DOS CABEZAS moutains . The trick to this unit is walking in and going high . I hade so much fun and i seen so much wild life , I love it but i did so much walking that i need knew boots . I hope every one had fun on there hunts and where safe
  15. az4life83

    dos cabezas

    does any one now anything about unite 30a Dos cabezas mountains
  16. az4life83

    dos cabezas

    well i hunted unite 30A and i got a good buck . but it was not easy lots of walking and you really got to go high
  17. az4life83

    2010 buck down

    you did great job . do you now what he scored at and what unite
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    yes this is jonny spross from marana high who is this ?
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    Im the kind of hunter that goes why far in there to try to get all those old bucks . this year was a lession . Cus when you have to come back with that buck its no fun and i think im still learning but next year im going to BONE him out . I proubly walk about 7 miles in and by the time i got back tp my car that deer wayed about 500 lbs . But lesson learned and im counting the days until next year
  20. az4life83

    Opening day

    I was in unit 30A and theres nuthing but locked gates so i couldnt drive in and my buck was over a 100 lbs . And i was at the top of the moutain and it took me over 4 hr to get him out of the Dos cabezas moutains . and my body still recoverying for that . BUT I LOVE IT AND IM RADEY FOR NEXT YEAR
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    My 2009 Mount is hangin'

    what unite was that big buck in
  22. az4life83

    Opening day

    as long as you had fun and you tryed your best thats all you can do . I think you did a great job and you will get one next year
  23. az4life83

    2010 Coues Hunt

    you guys did a great job . And you dad must be so proud Im happy for you guy good job
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    The marks on this buck is from draging him 2 miles down the moutain cus in unite 30A there is no access roads so i had to drag him down the moutain . And trust me he whyed about 1oo lbs and i played heck . it took me 4 hr to get him to the bottom