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    6.5 eldx at midway

    Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered.
  2. moabbound

    AKC standard poodle puppies

    Seller is a stand up guy. Deal with confidence.
  3. moabbound

    SOLD - CED M2 Cronograph w/ carrying case

    SPF to Indyanna 2nd in line bow hunter-tw
  4. Like new CED M2 Cronograph w/ carrying case. Only used a handful of times. Always stored indoors. $125 OBO. Located NW Valley traveling to Maricopa first thing in the morning for my daughter’s Volleyball tournament if that helps anyone.
  5. moabbound

    WTB Magnetospeed V3

    Hey Everyone, Lke the title says I’m looking for a Magnetospeed. They have them at Cabelas but I thought I would see if anyone has a lightly used one that they are ready to sell. DM me if you have one you’re wanting to sell.
  6. moabbound

    WTB Magnetospeed V3

  7. moabbound


    Looking to sell brand new Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor dies. I had some Redding dies on back order for months and of course they arrived a week later after I bought the Hornady dies. I am not looking to make a profit I just want to pass them a long if someone is in need. I have opened the box but haven’t even cleaned the dies yet. First “I’ll take it” $55.00 NW Peoria
  8. moabbound


    SPF to FB67
  9. moabbound


    Sale never happened BTT
  10. moabbound


    SPF Sounds good I’ll send you my contact info
  11. moabbound

    6mm creedmoor Ruger RPR

    This rifle rocks. I shot this rifle with David out to 1006 yards.
  12. moabbound

    Bagara 6.5 creedmoor B14HMR

    Buy with confidence. Both of the rifles he is selling are shooters.
  13. moabbound

    300 Win Mag Brass for sale

    I have the following 300 Win Mag Brass for sale 35 - Federal - $26.25 89 - Remington - sold 38 - PPU - $28.50 35 - Barnes - $26.25 9 - HRTRS - $6.75 or package for deal for $60 or Reasonable offers I’m located in NW valley Lake Pleasant and Happy Valley. DM me
  14. moabbound

    300 Win Mag Brass for sale

    TTT updated
  15. moabbound

    300 Win Mag Brass for sale

    Remington Brass SPF
  16. moabbound

    300 Win Mag Brass for sale

  17. I know it’s a long shot. I drew an elk tag and I need to finish developing my load on my 300WM. I have some on back order but if someone has some that didn’t work in their rifle and wants to get rid of them. Let me know. I also have the following to trade: Sierra 30 cal 150 gr Spitzers or Nosler Ballistic tip hunting 30 cal 165 gr or Sierra 6mm .243 85 gr HPBT game kings or Berger FB Varmint 22 cal 52 gr All unopened to trade
  18. moabbound

    6.5 creedmoor brass- SOLD

    I sent a PM
  19. moabbound

    Tripods FS Outdoorsmans and Manfrotto

    2nds on the Manfrotto if it doesn’t work out
  20. Brand new unopened Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor brass. Small Rifle Pocket. I ordered these a while ago and they just arrived recently. I no longer need them. I have 2 boxes of 100 available. I am asking $110 per box. I’m located NW Peoria.
  21. moabbound

    SOLD - Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor (SR Primer Pocket) Brass

    I’m am located NW Peoria and work near Glendale
  22. moabbound

    SOLD - Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor (SR Primer Pocket) Brass

    Just to clarify there is 100 pieces in each box. I have a total of 200 pieces for sale. It is $110 per box. I’m sorry if I was unclear. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks again
  23. moabbound

    WTB Glock 23

    I know I might be dreaming but I thought I would ask if anyone has a Gen 3 or 4 Glock 23 that they want to sell? Send me a message if you have one you are willing to sell. I’m hoping up in the Valley. I’m in the NW valley