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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forum but have checked out the historical posts over the past few days and really like what I've seen. I bought a leftover 36B tag last week for the 11/5 - 11/11 hunt but have never hunted the unit before. I've hunted 36C in the past and scored a couple of nice bucks, so I'm no stranger to the grey ghost but would ask for any input for a unit newby on possible hunt regions or more importantly input for a safe camp site location. I've seen the border crosser issues over in C, hoping just to get a safer camp location and possibly meet up with some others who might want to meet a new hunting buddy to camp with or near, safety in numbers if you will. I'm hunting solo for the first few days, with a buddy possibly joining at the end of the hunt. I'll be down on Thursday to scout and make camp. Private message me if you have any unit thoughts (not looking to steal anyone's honey hole) or are open to getting together for an expanded campsite. Good luck to all tag holders...