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  1. 1982 Mossberg 500 ATP 12ga with all three barrels, shorty, slug and upland. Wood stock, box, papers. $375 Mossberg 835 12ga turkey gun, camo, shoots great. Comes with soft case, no optics. $350 I'm in North Phoenix all day, message me if you have questions. Thanks
  2. Perkele!

    H4350 Powder SOLD

    PM responded.
  3. Perkele!


    Open to offers within reason. I put the exact model numbers of everything on this rifle so that everyone can check and see what it would cost, just in parts, to build one. Feel free to shoot me an offer either here or message.
  4. Perkele!


    Complete hunt or competition package Built from BRAND NEW Round count approximately 325. LRI Match Grade Stain
  5. Perkele!

    FoxPro Firestorm

    Open to offers.
  6. Perkele!

    FoxPro Firestorm

    Loaded FoxPro Firestorm. Fox Jack 4, rechargeable batteries, FoxPro charger, Battery Cover to use when you're not using the Jack 4, programming cable and of course TX9 Remote included. Comes with complete FoxPro Library already downloaded. Great shape, no cracks, works great. $275 Here is the link from Midway for just the Firestorm. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/552397/foxpro-firestorm-electronic-predator-call-with-50-digital-sounds-mossy-oak-brush-camo
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    Any atlas bipods for sale?

    About two months ago I threw away a non swivel Atlas in trash at Ben Avery. Why would you want that junk?
  8. Perkele!

    Argentine Mauser FS

    Sporterized straight bolt Argentine Mauser. 7.65 Argentine. Receiver not drilled for scope. Great bore, fantastic shooter, very accurate. 34 rounds of Hornady 150 gr SP Graf&Sons ammo included. $250
  9. Perkele!

    Two shotguns guns for sale. Price Reduced

    Feel free to make me an offer.
  10. Perkele!

    Two shotguns guns for sale. Price Reduced

    Thanks for looking. Finally managed to upload the pictures.
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  12. Perkele!

    Yeti Tundra 45

    Yeti Tundra 45. White. Used for drinks only one day. Never left the bed of the truck. Never any food in it. Looks brad new, comes with dry food basket and Yeti Bottle Opener. $300
  13. Perkele!

    SIG P320 .45 Auto **Price Drop**

    BTT for price drop.
  14. NEW in box unfired $600.00 Sig P320 .45 Auto. Two 10 round magazines, box, papers, lock. No trades.
  15. Perkele!

    Brand New Browning BAR 300 WinMag **Price Drop**

    Still available, price drop!
  16. Brand New Browning BAR 300 WinMag in the box. Made in Belgium, assembled in Portugal. Unfired, Safe Queen. $950, no trades.
  17. Perkele!

    Brand New Browning BAR 300 WinMag **Price Drop**

    Still available, any offers?
  18. Perkele!

    SIG P320 .45 Auto **Price Drop**

    Glock is sold. SIG is still available.
  19. Perkele!

    Long Range Get Together

    Sounds like it's gonna be fun. I'm in, are we gonna have a maximum velocity cap ? Like all ammo to be under 3000 fps, anything over is DQ ? I can bring a chrono if needed. I'll bring my 6.5 Creedmoor so nothing big here.
  20. Perkele!

    Long Range Get Together

    Is the date set for Feb 18 for sure ?
  21. Gents, Put your Badlands jackets in the dryer for 15 minutes with either some tennis balls or a couple pairs of jeans, spin on low-mid heat. You will be pleasantly surprised. I was. Apparently the smart people who designed the jacket picked the right filling material. If you gonna stuff the jacket in your backpack, it will compress down to a wafer thin size and won't take up a ton of precious space like some other jackets would. Merry Christmas All.