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  1. Lunarphase


    most excellent answer Watson
  2. Lunarphase


    FYI "Pure Gold" is 24 kt. not 14 kt.
  3. Lunarphase

    4Runner for Sale

    Sorry didn't mean to hurt your feelings, justa' bit of man humor all good. (2) thumbs up for an awesome 4Runner, best of luck on the sale
  4. Lunarphase

    4Runner for Sale

    Wow! I'd miss the wife after 20 years, but get over it. For a Jeep, are you kidding me! I've got a 3rd Gen that random people keep stopping me to ask to buy it and won't let that thing go.
  5. Lunarphase


    You can get those "O" ring kits off ebay cheap enough search "Remington 1100 o ring kit". I keep a backup but never needed it, every once in a while I'll change them out. Nice shotgun,worth every penny. I love mine, used to be Dad's.
  6. Lunarphase

    Small Safe and Tines Up Camera

    Looks like it is in his garage.Well then where in the heck is the garage at? Hint............ look under his Avatar
  7. Lunarphase

    Rare Russian Hunting Pups for Sale

    How do they do in the heat and how big do they get? Good looking pups.
  8. Lunarphase

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    If it doesn't sell here. The guys on the 4Runner forum might like that 3rd Gen. Hard to find trucks made as reliable as those. They are a bit small for towing bigger toy haulers, but sure can tare up the back country when setup right.
  9. Lunarphase

    Sako lll 308win with scope

    is it a 75?
  10. Lunarphase

    Badlands bino harness

    Bro, he's trying to sell an item, how come you have to be like that? I totally agree, poor edicate. Many items you see in the classifieds can be found cheaper somewhere else if you look hard enough, but it ain't nobody's business but the sellers and buyers.
  11. Lunarphase


  12. Lunarphase

    wanted honda eu generator

    I've had a Honda 3000 EU and 2000 EU since the hurricanes of 2005 (10 years) and they both still run perfectly. The Hondas are the best out there, you get what you pay for. Always drain out all the fuel before storage, the ethanol is not good for any engine or fuel lines when left for extended period of time. I don't know what's up with dse's generators, but I've never heard of such multiple failures of Honda generators.
  13. Lunarphase

    Two Trojans--slightly used

    If there was only a market for them
  14. Lunarphase

    Marlin 30-30 for sale

    Give me the first 2 #'s of the serial number or the letter if it starts with a letter and I'll tell you what year it is.
  15. As I've gotten more into front stuffers, I've tended to move more towards the traditional style, to the point of flintlocks. My Hawkens and Great Plans rifles are good to 100 yds (for me, others have told me they do better than I) and love them, but the CVA Pro reaches out to 200 and is scoped. I tend to hunt in more wooded areas so I usually go with the Hawkens and GP. Lunar