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  1. wklman

    2002 f250

    what kinda cab?
  2. wklman

    Gun safe

    always buy bigger then you need. You'll be kicking yourself if you don't.
  3. wklman

    Pre 64 Featherweight

    I'm afraid no refund will ever be needed. Gonna keep this one a long time! Pre-64's are my favorite guns and this one is a beaut. Thx again.
  4. wklman

    Pre 64 Featherweight

    great gun and even better person. Nice meeting you today Chris.
  5. wklman

    Pre 64 Featherweight

    P.m. sent. Interested.
  6. wklman


    What's the price on the 15's?
  7. wklman

    Leupold VX3

    dang! And I live out by corona de Tucson.
  8. Selling a ruger American predator in 6.5 creedmoor. Has about 200 rounds threw it and comes with the box and extra magazine. Asking $400.00 for it. Call me at 5202478135 or p.m. me here. Near Tucson Thx, wade
  9. I'll separate the extra mag and the rifle. $375.00 for just the rifle and 1 mag and $25.00 for the extra mag.
  10. wklman

    WTB Garmin Rino 110 120 130

    I've got a rino 130 I'd sell ya. You ever get down to Tucson?
  11. wklman

    Looking for a Mr.Heater...Buddy heater

    Get a filter for it as well.
  12. wklman

    WTS Rifle brass

    With the crimp or has it been swaged?
  13. wklman

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Wow. You get the patience award. That is a long time! Lol, if it weren't for my job at ups I would have got drawn for a late bull tag a long time ago. Since I can't take the week after thanksgiving off and I don't bow hunt I relegate myself to putting in for the early trophy rifle bull hunts.
  14. wklman

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Resolved to the fact I wasn't drawn again. 18 bp's and counting. Congratulations to those that were drawn.
  15. Thought I'd give a heads up in case anyone was looking for a stripped lower. They're on sale now at Brownells for 59.99.
  16. Supply is way up in the ar world and demand is way down. Should be a lot of fire sales in the next 6 months-year for those patient enough to wait for them.
  17. wklman

    Bulk RL-15, RL-19 and Ramshot TAC FS or Trade

    Deal with confidence guys. Greg is as honest as they come.
  18. wklman


    A lot of guys don't like safeties(or non-trigger safeties)on their concealed carry guns because it's something else you have to fumble with if your attacked. Without a safety all you have to do is draw and shoot.
  19. wklman

    Reload table/ Work Bench $40obo

    Dang,wish you were in Tucson.
  20. wklman


    I'm thinking 300 wsm http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/68839-tikka-t3-300-wsm-leupold-vx-3-35-10x10x40/?fromsearch=1
  21. Gun manufactures that quit on a caliber and stop making brass and parts for their guns.
  22. I've got 40 70 grain ballistic tips and 60 80 grain ballistic tips I'd trade for 6.5/264 bullets or sell out right.