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  1. wklman

    New business

    Camo. I don't see camo.
  2. wklman

    Colt anaconda

  3. wklman

    Colt anaconda

    Bring her up.
  4. wklman

    Colt anaconda

    That was a deal! They've ballooned in price for sure.
  5. wklman

    Colt anaconda

    Gonna hold at $1800 for now. They're going around 2 grand on gunbroker.
  6. wklman

    Colt anaconda

    Seeing if there's any interest in a colt anaconda. It was made in 1992 and is in good condition. It's been shot some but still locks up tight. Got the box that goes with it. Looking to get $1800.00 for it. I'm in Vail but can meet in tucson. Phone number is 520-247-8135. Thx, Wade
  7. wklman


    Yep, It's been around for a long time and I'm sure they'll find it more and more as time goes on. I've got property in mn and right now the dnr there is in a all out blitz to kill every deer in areas where they find cwd. Stupid thing is that this actually disperses the disease even more as the deer that they don't kill will travel to where there is deer and infect those healthy deer. They're using cwd as a means to eradicate deer in places where they deem to have to high of a population. Wisconsin tried to control cwd by the same methods and it failed.
  8. wklman

    Badlands 2200 pack

    Good deal. If you were down in tucson I'd grab it.
  9. If it was a Winchester we'd be buying it 😁
  10. wklman

    Oak pedestal base for shoulder mnt

    Wish you were closer to Tucson. I'd be interested.
  11. wklman


    I think you're gonna have to at least categorize most of what you have. Just to give us an idea what it's worth. Big difference between Berger and Sierra, hodgdon and imr, electric and manual powder measures, etc.
  12. That talon is a sweet release! Love mine.
  13. wklman

    Firstlite Wick boxer briefs

    I think there's a broken man-law here.
  14. wklman


    If Dan says it's nice. It's nice. Great guy to deal with as well.
  15. wklman

    Leftover results

    Got me a muzzleloader tag for 36a!