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    Wtt 6.5/.264 130 gr berger hunting vld's

    Sounds good. I'll see what you have and probably will do some trading tomorrow. Thanks for checking.
  2. wklman

    Wtt 6.5/.264 130 gr berger hunting vld's

    Nope, doesn't have to be unopened since my 130 grain vlds are coming out of a opened 500 pack.
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    Was it milk?
  4. wklman

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Nope. Gotta be official to be the 2016 thread.
  5. Selling a Smith and Wesson 686 .357 mag. This gun is a great shooter. I've shot javi's out to 40 yards with it and it knocks them right over. Comes with holster. Looking to get $600.00 for it. Call me at 5202478135 or p.m.
  6. I know! It's killing me to let these go. Especially this one. It shoots lights out. Gotta sacrifice some guns so I can get this piece of land.
  7. wklman

    Answer your posts.

    Guys work, are out hunting, on vacation, etc. Sometimes you can't always get back to people in a timely manner.
  8. wklman

    Answer your posts.

    No. Too many rules in society as it is.
  9. Here's a ruger old model single six .22. It has had the conversion done to the hammer to make it like the new models. It has hard rubber grips and normal wear with age. Asking $225.00 for this one. Give me a call/text at 5202478135 or p.m. me here.
  10. Here's a ruger Blackhawk in dual cylinder 45 long colt and 45 acp. It has normal wear from carry and hunting with a couple of notches on the grip for 2 javelinas.the box and paperwork come with it. Looking for $450.00 for this one. P.m. or call/text at 5202478135
  11. wklman

    vhitavouri N560 powder

  12. wklman

    vhitavouri N560 powder

    I've got 6 1 pounders of vhit n560 I'd like to sell. I'll let them go for $30.00 a piece. Call/text me at (520)247-8135 or p.m. me here. Thanks, Wade
  13. Sold pending meet-up.
  14. wklman

    ruger old model single six

    P.m. received. Sold pending meet up and inspection.
  15. wklman

    Anyone making a big purchase at Cabelas soon?

    This is what I thought as well when I read this post. Cabelas is the last place I'd shop for anything anymore. Prices are much higher then most anywhere else on the Internet.
  16. wklman

    WTB AR 15 Lower

    I think it's pretty much sold. We're meeting up next week and Cordova's gonna look at it. If he doesn't want it (which I doubt)you can buy it frost.
  17. Selling a ruger m77 Mark II in 6.5x55. It has the hogue stock and buttpad. Trigger has been smoothed and lightened up to break nicely and will hold 1" groups at 100 yards if you do your part. I also have 91 pieces of once fired lapua brass, 57 pieces of mixed (remington, winchester, unknown firings),and dies. I'll sell the rifle alone for $425.00 or all together for $500.00. I'll also sell the brass and dies separately for $100.00. You can call/text me at (520)247-8135 or p.m. here at Coueswhitetail. Thanks, Wade
  18. wklman

    WTB AR 15 Lower

    Where are you at? I may have one for you. Spikes tactical with a rock river 2 stage match trigger and ace skeleton stock. I'm near Tucson.