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  1. mruda1


    I’ll take it. Pm coming.
  2. mruda1

    Vortex Kaibab Hd 18x56

    I’ll take them for a buddy. PM on the way.
  3. mruda1

    Savage 110 ultralight 6.5cm-SOLD

    Where were you a couple weeks ago?! I just picked up this exact rifle… bump for a great deal.
  4. mruda1

    FS: Montana Canvas wall tent and stove

    Transfer is happening this weekend. If something happens, you’re next up.
  5. Morimoto XB’s. Love em so far.
  6. Updated to reflect part numbers from Ford
  7. Just replaced the headlights and grille on my F-150 and lookin to get rid of the stock ones. Absolutely nothing wrong with them as they were only swapped out. Nearly brand new as the truck has 8,000 miles. 400 for the pair of headlights. Part number 13008. 200 for the STX grille. Part number 8200. Located in Queen Creek Call or text... 623-341-8703. Thanks. -Clay
  8. mruda1

    FS: Montana Canvas wall tent and stove

    SPF to Trophymountman
  9. Lookin to part ways with this Montana Canvas wall tent and hopefully find someone that’ll get more use out of it. It was bought new probably 15 years ago from Cabelas and been garage kept ever since. - 16’ x 20’ (I believe) - Comes with the wood stove, stove pipes, and water tank that attaches to the stove - No floor - Window at the back of tent - Still has original stakes and ropes - Comes with bag for canvas and separate bag for frame poles ** There is a 1 foot piece of aluminum framing that broke on the last hunt that will need replacing and another 6 inch tear in the canvas near the front door that tore during same hunt** It was last set up a couple weeks ago with no issues. Asking 600. Priced for the above described damage. Call or text 623-341-8703 Clay
  10. mruda1

    WTS: Like New LH Bowtech Assassin

    Still for sale. Price drop to 400.
  11. mruda1

    Garmin Rino 530hcx

    Still available?
  12. mruda1

    WTS: Like New LH Bowtech Assassin

    But you can still buy it!!
  13. mruda1

    WTS: Like New LH Bowtech Assassin

    Yes Sir