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  1. I'm trying to sell my wife's 1991 Toyota X-Cab 4x4 Pickup. (She did let me hunt in it twice, but wouldn't let me get it scratched.) It has 187K miles, the 3.0 V6, 5 spd Manual Transmission, AC, Rancho Shocks, 31.5 BFGs (only about ~4-5K on them), and has great maroon paint. Let me know. We plan on putting it in the paper in the next few weeks. We will be asking about 5K, but will talk if you are serious. Bronc
  2. Noticed a little bit of discussion on the fall javelina hunting. If a fall javelina hunt is instituted it will be after the peak breeding season of May, June, July and August. This is from Gerry Day's Book page 35. Data is from looking at the monthly birth rates of piglets from 1968 to 1979 on the 3 BAR by Roosevelt. Yes, javelina do breed year round, but this is the peak breeding season. What is the opinion of lowering deer hunt success from 20-25% to 15-25%. This would mean getting a deer once out of every 7 years instead of five!
  3. Bronco

    "Tail Color" Does anyone know?

    Tail color can vary depending on the time of year. During November hunts the bucks are losing their tan and reddish brown summer coats and getting the gray winter coats. From what I have observed is the tail is one of the last places to get the winter gray. So many deer harvested in the early hunts still have the summer coat of brown on the tail. So you can harvest a buck that hasn't completed lost a summer coat and have a brown tail while being gray on the rest of the body.
  4. Bronco

    Ultinate Steel broadheads?

    I tried the ultimate steels and had them plane several inches (35 yds+) with a paper tuned bow and the shooter functioning properly. I went back to the 100 gr steelheads and I'm having good luck with those. Bronco
  5. Bronco

    winchester silver tips

    I've had excellent success with the hornady rounds. The stuff is expensive, but the ballistics have been the best I've been able to find off the shelf. Go to the Hornady website and look at bullet drop up to 500 yards. A person would need to handload to find anything better in my opinion.