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  1. ragu

    WTT: Sage 5wt 8'6" Fly Rod

    Might want to check out azflyandtie.com with this trade. Just a suggestion if you haven't already.
  2. ragu

    Need to get those legs ready for hunts?

    the golden eagle? im 31 but im down with old school bodybuilding. That was insane. I expected to see a huge 1 rep max, not that! Just got back from what I consider heavy squats at the gym and I'm ashamed now!!!
  3. ragu

    Need to get those legs ready for hunts?

    If I didn't foolishly have the "difference between want and need" talk with my kids, then bring home a mountain bike the very next day, I'd be on more solid ground to buy those plates and squat rack. Kids ragged me on that. I'm a Bill Starr 5x5 guy, so the squat rack, barbell, and weights is all that's needed- squat, power clean, overhead press, goodmornings, straight-legged deads, High pulls, etc.
  4. ragu

    Need to get those legs ready for hunts?

    How many 45 lb plates is that? I think I see 5.
  5. ragu

    Specialized stumpjumper marathon 29er-SOLD-

    Thanks for the info. There's a lot of value there for the $ you are asking.
  6. ragu

    Specialized stumpjumper marathon 29er-SOLD-

    I might be missing it, but what year is this frame?
  7. Nice job, Nate! Your success rates are pretty darn high!
  8. ragu

    Field points.

    I haven't used them in a while, but I used to have a Judo point on an arrow in my quiver. I like the Judo because they pop up into the air and/or avoid burrowing into grass, etc. Easier to find.
  9. ragu

    22lr ammo

    Yes, you are right. It's as simple as that. I don't envy the businesses trying to deal with the phenomena. And, you gave me a good chuckle with the term 'simple-minded buyers' being applied to your buddy. We all have those type of buddies! - and I may be one myself.
  10. ragu

    22lr ammo

    Hey, I've never bought a Mercedes on CW.com either......wait, maybe i did. But, here's the scenario that made me do it a few years ago. I bought a .22lr pistol. I have 2 boys, their 2 friends, and me. We wanted to shoot it. A half day of shooting with them is 500 to 1,000 rounds. Then, I wanted to get proficient. That's several sessions of 20 clips/200 rounds. Then bring the boys out again, that another 500 to 1,000 rounds. I'm not a fan of running back and forth to the store each time only to find out there isn't any ammo. So, 3,000 to 5,000 is hardly a lot for a family.
  11. ragu

    22lr ammo

    All companies have issues with the will of their employees being loaded into the day to day operation. It happens. Employees invent their own 'fringe benefits' or implement their own attitudes on things. On the surface, the behavior of Sportsmans sounds irritating at best. But, it's got to be pretty hard to sell a .22lr firearm and not be able to sell the person the number of rounds they want for their new purchase. I would think it's common for a person who bought a new Ruger MKIII .22/45 to ask for 3,000 to 5,000 rounds with the gun without plans to hoard it. Sportsmans behavior could be a rational business decision when balancing how much they have tied up on .22lr firearm inventory/sales expectations and what the .22 ammo suppliers are telling them. The blanket policy, to keep employees from making one off decisions, could have most intelligently been set at something like "don't sell more than 10,000 .22lr rounds a week without a firearm sold with it." That gives clear instructions, avoids a bunch of personal decisions by low level employees, and meets corporate goals based on information none of know. In this case, as a consumer, we just don't know what the criteria of the decision was, just that we are screwed without buying a firearm. Just trying to see it from a possible point of view they have and not trash a place that has treated me pretty well and usually had everything else I've wanted.
  12. ragu

    WTS Specialized Rock Hopper Mountain Bike

    Some do it by size. For example, I have a Salsa fatbike that is a Medium.
  13. ragu

    Good Guy Seller List

    I've bought a Mathews bow, a Charter Arms .44 Special, and even a Mercedes Benz on here and never had a problem. I've sold a rangefinder and few other things and never had a problem. I'd be concerned about listing 'bad' guys unless the criteria was exceptionally bad. The reason is, what if the 'bad' guy wasn't that bad, it's just the 2 didn't get along well. It takes 2 to tango unless there is something exceptionally bad- like fraud.
  14. ragu

    iSpy Spotting Arm

    Before any road hunter basher shows up, here's why I like it. I often glass from jeep trails from my jeep. I do it for at least these reasons: I have limited time and cannot hunt the entire day, I'm scouting, I'm alone and getting too far away is not smart, I'm glassing a spot near the trail where I often see deer, or I've suddenly seen something and I'd like to check it out. I'm a big believer that getting off the road uncovers a lot more game, but I've also spotted great bucks from the road.
  15. ragu

    iSpy Spotting Arm

    That's awesome. I might need to buy a Ranger so that I can buy one of those!