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  1. elk77hunter

    Kuiu Tall carbon fiber pack frame FS $75

    Still available?
  2. elk77hunter

    ISO Spot Hogg 7DP

    PM if you have one for sale.
  3. elk77hunter

    selling Kuiu Kenai hooded jacket

    Sent PM
  4. PM if you have a set you want to get rid of.
  5. elk77hunter


    Is this still available?
  6. elk77hunter


    Tried to PM but your inbox won't receive msg
  7. elk77hunter

    Results are Posted on AZGF

    Early archery bull 7w!
  8. elk77hunter

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Archery bull tag finally! Cabelas card hit this morning.
  9. elk77hunter

    Tikka T3 300 WSM / Leupold VX 3 3.5-10x10x40

    Price on just the rifle?
  10. elk77hunter

    Returned tags?

    I know a guy that got a call from GnF 2 weeks before the hunt that a tag was surrendered and he was next in line. He received an early archery 7E bull tag.
  11. elk77hunter

    Homemade Spring

    Don't post much but wanted to share this one. Last fall I was tracking my buddies deer up into a thick cut full of mud. Something seemed odd as it hasn't rained so I scraped the mud and water started to flow out of the rocks. After hunting season i went back in and dug a channel and built a rock retention. Immediately I started getting all kinds of activity. Fast forward a year and I have 4-5 bucks visiting so looks like I may be sitting over a homemade spring. Would be really neat to tag a buck in a few weeks. Always fun to take my 3 year old to check the spring and camera. Enjoy the pics.
  12. elk77hunter

    Homemade Spring

    Thanks everyone im hoping it pays off. Have only seen the dog once. Ill check cams this weekend and post updates.
  13. elk77hunter


    I'll take the tree stand spikes. Pm'd you
  14. elk77hunter

    They are starting to hit CC

    Just got a hit for early archery bull 7w or 6a!
  15. elk77hunter

    2014 Elk and Antelope Draw Odds

    7w early archery 5B south early archery 8 points
  16. elk77hunter

    2014 Elk and Antelope Draw Odds

    6a and 6b archery 6 bonus points please
  17. elk77hunter

    Vortex 15x56 HD Kaibab

    Would you sell tripod separate?
  18. elk77hunter

    is this a good buck?

    Sorry for blurry pics
  19. elk77hunter

    is this a good buck?

    I agree with all of you. I'm going to get some better pics of him in the next few weekends. I'll post once I do.
  20. elk77hunter

    big lake 2013

    I'll be there in June.....can't wait!! The holdover trout last summer were incredible.
  21. elk77hunter

    Drew a Unit 7 Antelope Tag

    I'm in for trading info. PM'd you.
  22. elk77hunter

    Draw Results Out

    Unit 7 antelope
  23. elk77hunter

    Drew a Unit 7 Antelope Tag

    Fellas I have this tag too....ill be up there all summer. im in for some team work if you guys decide to do that