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  1. Bozeman

    6.5 creed 143eldx

    Thanks Couescrazy33 👍👍
  2. Bozeman

    Cci 450 primers at brownells

    Thanks for the heads up 👍
  3. Bozeman

    Sig P320 FCU

    Friendly bump for a nice full size build! What threaded barrel is that?
  4. Bozeman

    Savage/Stevens model 555

    Interested in any trades?
  5. Bozeman

    SOLD. Please Remove

    PM sent.
  6. Bozeman


    PM sent.
  7. Bozeman

    6.5 X 284 Lapua brass once fired Free

    Dang that went quick!
  8. Bozeman

    Bowfishing setup, Tikka scope mount

    Couser4 it was nice to meet you today and thanks for smooth transaction!
  9. Bozeman

    6.5 Grendel AR

    Speedygoss, I have built 2 ARs in 6.5 Grendel and really like them. One has an 18" Satern barrel and the other is a 16" Alexander Arms. Adjustable gas blocks on both to help preserve the brass. The factory Hornady 123 grn Amax and SST's have worked well for me. I have reloaded with the 120 grn Nosler ballistic tip and had good success as well. As far as mags I have used the AA ones and the AR Stoner ones from Midway USA without any problems. So far I have taken two Coues and one javelina with the the 18". Check out www.65grendel.com for lots of good info. Hope this helps you get started!