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  1. duarte64

    Legacy HCRL72502 6.5CR

    6.5CR 24" HB I/C Rifle BLK/BLK, Only 15 rounds through it. $900 OBO or Trades. Bought for my son, but not using it. Paul
  2. 6.5 Creedmoor with Vortex DBK-01-BDC scope $1200, has 15 rounds through it. Selling for my son.
  3. duarte64

    WTB Tent Trailer

    WTB and good tent trailer, nothing fancy. Have $3000 to invest. Please no junk. I don't mind doing a little on it. Thanks
  4. duarte64

    November Hunts

    North of the 60 East of Queen Valley until I see what roads are open up by Apache Lake.
  5. duarte64

    November Hunts

    I have a hunt and son's girlfriend in 24B, wondering if anyone has this hunt in November. I have early and she has weekend after Turkey Day. Just checking to see if anyone need help or partner up. PM me.
  6. I have a spike in head in the freezer, about 4" spike and a nub on other side.
  7. duarte64

    2020 Antelope Hunt

    Had a good Antelope Muzzle Hunt. Happy to have this one under my belt.
  8. duarte64

    Treeing Walker Coonhounds

    We have two coonhound that my daughter can no longer keep. Both females and sisters, three years old. Haven't been out hunting with them, looking for a good home for them. Can call Mikel for details in Mesa area. 623-236-5196
  9. duarte64

    Late Archery Bull... Whose been successful?

    My son and I have a late archery tag, 5B North. Nov. it might or might be cold. Tree stand or blind, will hike and glass, also use a climber stand so I can hike in a ways. 2yrs ago I pasted on alot of young bulls looking for a hanger for Mama, but sitting water works if your just hunting for the meat.
  10. Super excited, one of my sons got into archery not long ago. Took him on his first deer hunt in Sept. but, he couldn't get a shot off. Took on a pig hunt and he missed. It has been a blast hunting with him. I have a moose hunt in Alaska in Sept. so I told him we'll give it a shot for late archery. Holy crap only 29 tags and we got two...... Funny thing is that my son is 35 and it's just as fun as when he was 14....Memories...
  11. duarte64

    No rut behavior

    Busy month for me, moving in new home, family in town, been out to scout and have seen nice Bucks. Hoping for good luck the last four days of this hunt in 24B.
  12. duarte64

    24B suggestions for Oct rifle hunt

    I have 24B Dec. hunt. I like southwest of Apache Lake, and west of the 188. You have to hike in aways.
  13. Like Hunting west of Kearny, they had some fires in there, there will be new growth for the deers to feed. Good area to start scouting.
  14. duarte64

    Hunting 24B in Dec. 1097 Hunt

    Thanks for the feed back. I've hunted 24B twice and have been successful, just the luck of the draw my buddies have other units. I'll reach out to you guys. I'll be free Oct. Nov. to help and scout. Early Dec. helping on Elk hunts. Thanks for info.
  15. Anybody else have this tag, looks like I might be heading out on my own for this one. Wife doesn't like that to much. Just checking.