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    Live to Hunt! Hunting is a family affair in our household . My 3 children and I are all active hunters. Chasing both AZ deer species through the pines and over the desert floors has been my passion for the last 25+ years!
  1. Ummm...wheres the 100" buck?
  2. Hello Fellow AZ Deer hunters! I would like to start a discussion regarding Deer Cane and other deer attractants. Has anyone out there used a product known as "Deer Cane" or any other over the counter "Deer attractants" to attract AZ Coues Deer or maybe even Muley's? I’m doing the research for a friend of mine who is in the military and stationed here in Tucson. He is from Kentucky and has allot of experience hunting those mid-western states but since he has been stationed here he has developed a serious case of coues fever! He has a couple trail cams and was lucky enough to place one of his cameras in a honey hole on his first try. He's got pics of a mature coues and is now hoping to use the summer to scout the buck and we were wondering if anyone out there has successfully used any type of deer attractant such as "Deer Cane" to bring deer in or at least keep them patterned up? I passed on to him the information that i have regarding the subject but were in need of more info on the subject. As a born and raised central AZ Coues and Mule Deer hunter, I grew up chasing both species of these AZ ghosts. While hunting up in the pines I used Deer Cane one pre-season to attempt to attract and keep a good herd of Coues in a specific area in an attempt to set up a blind for the upcoming archery season. My hope was to keep those Coues deer on the particular pattern that they were following during the summer months. Of course I know that there are many natural "pattern breakers" out there and i also know that there isn’t any "miracle attractants" out there to keep deer coming back every single day continuously, but if you have any info on the subject please let us know. Although I was able to keep that heard of Coues on their pattern for a few more weeks, it wasn’t long before the Elk found the spot and literally destroyed it. They churned up the low grass where the Cane was then began digging ion the ground looking for more. So in my situation the elk actually moved into a part of the Coues Deer pattern and actually seemed to chase the Coues away. Down here in southern AZ we don’t have elk to contend with but does anyone out there even think it’s worth his time/money? Thanks for your time BK
  3. 181 3/8" My first choice was taken (good guess ForkHorn)! Great buck Bobby! This is an awesome trophy and im sure the hunt is full of endless memories!
  4. azbowhntrs

    Guess the score contest - April 2011

    134 3/8 Thats an awesome buck. How do we know this was taken in NM? I must have missed that info. Monster buck. There was a toad 7x9 taken in 36c this last December (14o" class). "Illegal country" im trying to get ahold of the hunter to post pics now.
  5. azbowhntrs

    Guess the Lion Weight Contest

    95 3/4 lbs. Field dressed weight. It kind of hard to tell if he is really that short or if some of his length is resteing on the ground.
  6. azbowhntrs

    Giant Coues still alive

    Wow!!! Thats a true gian coues! Any idea where this pic was taken? Unit 22/23. Born and raised in 22 and seen some giants. I bet he dissapeared after he shed that velvet. Definately central or northern AZ. Then again, could be a reservation buck which accounts for why he is so big. PLease advise me if you know where it was taken. Trust me im not gonna try and find him. Just imterested form intel purposes. Its good t know there is still giants walking around like this.