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  1. azhoundcrazy

    Phone skope case

    I have an IPhone 6 Plus phone skope case for sell. Asking 30$ 928-245-5747 thanks kyle
  2. azhoundcrazy

    Elite spirit bow for sale

    Priced at 500
  3. azhoundcrazy

    Elite spirit bow for sale

  4. azhoundcrazy

    Elite spirit bow for sale

    I have an elite spirit 32 ATA, 26 inch draw (can be adjusted) for sale comes fully set up with Scotts hero release, throphy taker 5 pin sights, tru glow 4 arrow quiver and a QAD hdx rest. Message or text for pics. Asking 650$ OBO Kyle 928-245-5747
  5. azhoundcrazy

    Unit 32 Questions

    All three of these deer came from unit 32. I hunt 32 every year and we have done well over the years just get away from the ppl.
  6. azhoundcrazy

    nice tom

    Thanks everyone
  7. azhoundcrazy

    nice tom

  8. azhoundcrazy

    nice tom

    Thank you!
  9. azhoundcrazy

    nice tom

    Caught this nice tom last weekend!
  10. azhoundcrazy

    nm elk tags

    Thanks for all the info.! Not looking for guided hunts but just the tags themselves.
  11. azhoundcrazy

    nm elk tags

    I am looking for some land owner or unit wide bull elk tags in nm. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  12. azhoundcrazy

    2014 bear

    Yes I run lions but more successful with snow
  13. azhoundcrazy

    2014 bear

    It's a blast can be very addicting. Just depends really like this year the farthest they have gone was a half a mile. The farthest we have walked into a tree had only been 550 yards but that all can change
  14. azhoundcrazy

    2014 bear

    Your welcome