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  1. BASS

    45-70 brass SOLD

    I’ll snag the brass if it’s still available!
  2. BASS

    "Train-to-Hunt" Challenge AZ

    There is the entire course laid out for you. While some have been "training" no one has known what to expect until earlier this week when this video was released. Less than 100 have signed up, so your odds are still good!
  3. http://traintohunt.com/challenges/challenge-arizona/#.UakgAnO9LCR Anyone planning on attending tomorrow? I'm going to be working the event both days until noon. Great prizes and $$$$ to be won! Check it out.
  4. Got mine in today, Thanks Oneshot! If you have enough laying around, here's an idea too! http://www.nativeflakesflintknapping.com/ARROWHEADS-FOR-CARBON-ARROWS.html
  5. BASS


    I have one. Shot my elk with it, and a pig. It's a great little bow. I think the only downfall is the standard sights and rest. They served their purpose for my hunts, but were wearing out from daily use.
  6. BASS

    AZG&F in the news-2

    Just curious, why was the Dept. of Corrections involved as the investigating party? Is that in state constitution or???
  7. I'd like to still give these a try with trad gear to see how'd they fly! Willing to pay for them.
  8. I've been calling since I saw them post that on their FB, I can't get through. I held off posting it to the CWT FB page yet until it could be verified.
  9. Good job guys, thanks for rep'ing the site well with calm and inteligent aruguments! I got my AM/PM mixed up and thought the meeting was later tonight, not this morning.
  10. BASS

    Pigs in 37B - numbers low?

    I know three were pulled out of our little spot in 37B, hopefully another three or four will come out also! The wind was messing with them last weekend, they didn't follow the normal routine, and were found all over the place bedded, in the hills, in the flats, and in the thick stuff!
  11. BASS

    found release this morning in 36a

    I think I lost mine in 37B. It was camo, and had a trigger and a camo wrist band.....
  12. BASS

    B of A shenanigans

    BoA tried this with McMillan last April I believe.
  13. BASS

    I'm new to the forum

  14. BASS

    2013 started out good

    Good job guys!
  15. BASS

    Forum upgrade coming soon

    Thanks Amanda!