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  1. Like new rifle scope. Never in the field. Mounted and taken to the range a few times. Zeros well. Very clear I compared with my Vortex Viper and Luepold VX 3 and found it better in low light than Vortex and equal to Luepold. Has adjustable objective 50 to infinity One inch tube Bullet drop reticle HD glass Designed in Germany. German glass but built in the USA. Not Asia Lifetime warranty and a US location for customer service I own two of these and only selling one because I want to get a higher magnification for long range rig I'm working on These are $619 new at online stores and where more when they first came out. Scope has been replaced with the ZXe model now I have every thing from when purchased in the box including scope sock
  2. Ok so I’ve owned a collection of average tripods over my years and this year the company I slave for allowed me to sell my vacation time of which I don’t take enough of. Anyway I got a little cheese in the pocket to spend. So I would like recommendations on a tripod set up. I’m a hunter who glasses and hikes so I’d like light but stable setup for my 15x56 binos. No spotter yet but may grab that vortex viper 11x33 one day Anyway I don’t normally stand and glass but if there was a set up that extended that tall and made sense I’d consider. Then Id like a panhead that has an arm on it that I can rotate up and use as a shooting rest if I’m seated so I’d like as light as I can get with a buttery smooth panhead and tripod legs that are easy to adjust and stay locked in and don’t slip I know it’s a “I want what may not exist” post but this is a site full of wise western hunters so I’m open to your opinions. Budget under $1000. Preferable $700 range but will spend more
  3. apache12

    Daily Double with my oldest boy

    What a great day with my son. He is just getting into archery and this was a great start he smacked his I needed a second follow up but got it done
  4. apache12

    Daily Double with my oldest boy

    Thanks for the fix
  5. Number of bullets and brass written on the boxes 7mm-08 Nosler is unopened would like $40 all 30-06 brass $40 all 25 cal bullet $70 all 7mm $25
  6. apache12

    Wtb spot hogg wiseguy release

    This is the buckle strap. Not the Boa.
  7. apache12

    Wtb spot hogg wiseguy release

    Wow funny. I was just going to post mine. It’s basically brand new. Never in the field and used a month or so. Just not for me Was going to ask $90
  8. $85 for tumbler and media $80 powder dispenser obo
  9. Dusty I’ll message you they are yours
  10. 1ugly. I’ll hold these through Sat for you, I’ve tried to message you, but no luck. Then I’ll sell to dusty.
  11. 1ugly. I’ll hold these through Sat for you, I’ve tried to message you, but no luck. Then I’ll sell to dusty.
  12. Sold most from my original post. Few remaining items to see if anyone needs tumbler with unopened walnut media $75 Hdy powder dispenser $70 Hdy two die set .257 wby & 7mm-08. And a neck sizer .257 wby. $20 each
  13. 1ugly. Tried to message you. Says you can’t receive. Do you still want the 7mm projectiles?
  14. Sorry only dies left are the 257. The .243 was in from and old pic and the 7mm-08 went early yesterday
  15. Second pic shows the size or the model anyway.
  16. 7mm-08 bras sold to Spot
  17. 7mm-08 brass and die sold too Spot.
  18. Sold to 1ugly. I’m PM you. Not rush on pick up. I’m working from home
  19. Sold to 1ugly. I’m PM you. Not rush on pick up. I’m working from home
  20. I need a new rangefinder would prefer on deer to 1000 yard 750 yard min. Thought I would get some suggestions from folks here on CW about which one and why. May be interested in used offers. Might not be the right spot on the forum. Happy to redirect if suggested
  21. Pulled the trigger on the 2200. Amazon price seemed good $349. dang Amazon taking over the world one day at a time. And I’m helping them. Ug
  22. Hmm. Kind of a 60/40 split of good to some battery issues. Wonder if the battery is cold weather. thanks for the feedback.
  23. Dang. I read about the battery issue. Any idea what year they got that fixed. Last thing you need in the field