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  1. apache12

    FREE Good words from Hoghunter's Wife Heather.

    Always enjoyed chatting with him. We sold each gear a couple times. He will be missed
  2. apache12

    Razor 11-33x50

    Non hd?
  3. apache12

    Free goat

    What are your boys going to ride if you get rid of him? Haha great video
  4. apache12

    Savage 111 lrh

    Are you original owner. If so round count?
  5. apache12

    SOLD Ford F-150 FX4 - 4WD

    How long have you owned it? Any accidents?
  6. apache12

    Mathews Drenalin

    Did some research. It looks like you need to replace the cams? Is that right.
  7. apache12

    Mathews Drenalin

    Can the draw length be adjusted without a press? Is 60# max?
  8. apache12

    Remington ultimate Muzzle Loader

    I stare at this everyday. Couldn’t AZG&F just give me and elk muzzy tag before the draw so I can buy this? Errrr
  9. apache12

    Browning Left handed A-Bolt 7mm rem mag

    Any idea on if it’s is A Bolt or A Bolt II. It’s not AB3 right? Also and idea on barrel length. Thanks.
  10. apache12

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    At SW Taxidermy today (great shop) and we were guessing the score most said 80 or so maybe high 70. They taped it and we went, no tape again. And again. 96 7/8 wow would not have guessed that. Thanks for the laughs today and the name of Forkasaures.
  11. apache12

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    deer activity was pre rut. these were the only two bucks that we saw together but the one we shot did run off the other deer one day when some does came in. we saw one other big buck that with does but other than that all other bucks where by themselves and it didn't seem like they were getting ready. the does were all very active and up all day. spikes were not with does rather out on their own. we had a serious full moon so that may have changed patterns some. necks didn't seem swelled up, and no classic nose down movements. not sparing. I'm not an expert and have only hunted Mule rut, but it seemed like it was still a bit of time from the rut
  12. So i had the pleasure of hunting with my two older boys for the first time in 7 years. Both were competitive swimmers and missed most hunting seasons due to trips and then college. So after a long absence we hit the southern hills for a coues hunt. Glasses up two shooter bucks first morning and they slipped us on three different stalks the first two days. Great hunting though we were having a blast but starting to think these bucks had us beat. Third morning the wind was howling and everything seemed bedded out of the wind. We flipped to a side of the canyon that we thought would block the wind and just before 10am we caught them moving to beds. After some leap frogging to keep them in the glass and move to a shooting spot. The best we could do was 420yrds and we couldn’t get low enough to get out of the wind that was swirling around the top of the ridge line. My oldest got set up and we waited for a couple hours hoping it would stand up. During the time we went back and forth on the two bucks. One a classic 3x3. Most likely 85-90 so good solid buck. But we could get away from the old 2x2 with him. He was unique with great mass and tall. Big body and we just couldn’t pass on him. Yea the 3x3 would score better and look good but this old deer had to be taken. Finally we said let’s take him in his bed if you fell good. I know my son felt confident with his old 30-06. Not the perfect Coues rifle but he trust it and it shoots great. He didn’t have a BT so we were working out the drop at 420 and one of his reticle hash marks lined up good. So he went hot and let it fly. Deer came busting out. Shot was high. He found it again on the run up the to the top and fired an ill advised shot missing Unlike most coues I’ve hunted this buck granted him one last perfect broadside at the top. Reset he fired and the buck went ten feet into a prickly pear and folded up. Ranged 465. Double lung. Side note. Using new Sierra Gamechanger bullets. Went through and blew half a lung out a hole about the size of a quarter. Minimal internal damage. Nice bullet in the wind for sure. Couldn’t have had a better hunt with my two oldest boys after a long gap in the field. Enjoy the pics
  13. apache12

    Thompson venture 270

    For what it’s worth. These rifles flat out shoot. Lil heavy but I own two and both shoot clovers with factory ammo
  14. apache12

    Please delete

    7mm mag?
  15. apache12

    280 Ackley Improved

    Do you hand Load? How’s she group with factory or hand load? Any targets?