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  1. apache12

    Chevy 6 lug wheels and tires

    Selling a used set of Chevrolet 6 lug wheels and tires taken off my 2020 Silverado 1500 Trail Boss addition. These are 18 inch wheels. Wheel specs and tire size in the posted pictures. These are stock wheels and tires. Both wheels and tires have 42k miles on them. The Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs have some life left. See tire gauge. Asking $700
  2. apache12

    Minox ZX5 3-15x50 BDC Riflescope SOLD

    Don’t let the “newbie” give you concern. This is my son and the sale is legit. Scope is sneaky good too
  3. apache12

    Once Fired Brass 300 Win Mag

    I have 140 ct. once fired brass in north Phoenix $60.00
  4. apache12

    Wife’s first hunt

    used 139 grain LRX BT Vortex
  5. apache12

    Wife’s first hunt

    After twenty years of watching me leave to hunt and fifteen of me taking my three boys hunting, she was finally ready to go. Our last headed to college this fall and I guess she felt this was her time. She’s a lefty which meant new rifle. She got her Christensen Arms 7mm mag dialed in and I had her shooting to 500 fairly quickly. She drew a tough unit with only 15 tags but I’d seen elk in one canyon pretty often in Jan OTC deer so I was hoping they’d be their when is was warmer. Pre scouting showed they were there but bear hunters and early hunts had them holding in deeper canyons. After four days of hiking and glassing our work paid off we picked them up mid day but they pegged us and pushed a mile back. I sent my boy after them to keeps eyes on from a distance and we circled around behind them but they didn’t flop over to where I thought they would. My son watched them bed in thick juniper at three so we backed out again and circled back to where we thought they’d pop out at sun down and move across a ridge. At 4:30 two hunters we didn’t know were right below decided they’d had enough and packed out to their truck and left. Good luck for us. At 5:00 they popped out like we thought and moved across an open ridge. We cut the distance to 600 yards by 5:45 and got her setup. So funny because game time was much more stressful then practice shooting but she held it together First shot was back a little and the elk just stood there as the Barnes passed right through (I’m on the fence on this bullet performance). She was at a steep angle so my bad for not adjusting her point of aim. I adjusted her turret down a bit and next shot punched through the shoulder and back into the boiler room. Elk fell back and was done. Nice steep climb to the elk but easy pack down. She did great. So proud of her. Never complained and carried her own gear and rifle. Thanks to my son who works at GoHunt for some new gear for us and for his work on the spotter. She’s hooked and still has a grin on her face.
  6. This is a used HD Helmet. Never been crashed but has some light scratches. It was my brother in laws. He used it very little. Didn’t fit him well. He gave it to me. It wasn’t my style so in the hunt closet it sat. Was cleaning it out his weekend and thought I’d see if it’s of value to anyone it’s size large. Interior is clean no rips. No stink It has a packtalk radio speaker and you can communicate with others that have packtalk. I think the packtalk is about six years old. I did find the manual online pretty easy. I think it’s missing the mic. I see the connecting cable but nothing looks like a mic. The ear speakers are in. I have the charge cord. Charging it now to confirm it works. It’s Bluetooth connect. I have the old helmet ear pieces if you want to replace the packtalk. I’ll try to confirm it works but I don’t want to promise it. (just paired it with my phone and it played my music playlist just fine) Not asking for big dollars on this. Really more of a trade item or $100 for helmet and packtalk. I think that seems fair. I’m in Phoenix but leaving this Wednesday, my wife has her first hunt. Cow tag. After all these year she finally wants hunt after our boys have grown and left the house. I guess no more excitement without her kids bouncing around the house. Haha. Not sure what that says about me. I don’t want to ship this thing. I should be back next Tuesday and will repost.
  7. apache12

    Sig Sauer Kilo5k Rangerfinder NIB

    SPF. thx for the chat Big Brown! Good luck on the hunt.
  8. I had a three year old Sig 2400bdx rangefinder. It stopped working last year and about two weeks ago I got around to sending it in for service. I didn’t think I’d have it back in time for the upcoming season so I bought a different rangefinder. To my surprise this brand new Kilo5k showed up a couple days ago. I’ve read reviews and watched some videos. Eastman Outdoors has a good one It has some incredible features and ballistic tech. Quite frankly it’s more tech than I would use so I didn’t open it and figured I’d post for sale. I’m in Phoenix. I could ship but It’d be on buyers dime. seems to sell online at most places for $699 (Amazon Cabelas Opticsplanet) I’ll sell for $550 to make me whole for what I bought to replace this one
  9. Good seller. Firearms well taken care. And these scopes are very nice in my opinion. Buy with confidence. I was with him when it took a long shot on a cow elk with this rig. Well placed shot
  10. apache12

    Brake and Accuracy. I know age old question

    So any brake recommendations? This barrel is fairly light any recommendations on brakes that won’t tip the balance of the rifle
  11. So after years of watching me our our boys hunt my wife finally agreed to get behind the trigger. She’s not afraid to shoot, she’s actually a great shot, she just wasn’t ready to put the crosshairs on an animal. anyway she has a cow elk tag this fall and we will likely do some hiking so I’m kinda set on the Savage Ultra light with the proof research barrel 5.8lb. Gets nice review. And while kinda ugly the Savage I have owned shoot well. Ok she’s also a lefty and we tried her shooting my right handed rifles and it was just a bit awkward. I was leaning toward 6.5 prc because of the recoil and the slightly better energy over the 6.5 creed. . Then I tried to find ammo. Uh not paying $5.00 a round. I’m not reloading anymore either sold my gear. the Ultralight is threaded for a brake. I don’t have any rifles with a brake. So I thought maybe I’d choose an ammo easier to find in a bigger caliber to give her some room for shot placement. The rifles comes in 308 270 28 Nos 280 AI 30-06 300 wsm 6.5 creed 6.5 prc Hope to keep the shot under 400 yards. So couple questions will threading a brake on effect accuracy? if we zero and practice with the brake and remove it for hunting will POI change? I suppose I can find that out myself after zero with brake but curious what long range hunters think any recommended screw on brakes? as always thanks for any tips or advice she might be able handle a 270 without a brake but if she gets flinchy I want to be able to put a brake on
  12. apache12

    Best Dealer for Honda Pioneer 1000

    Good luck finding one. I’ve been in the market for a couple months. Be prepared for $2500 freight charge and $1500 build charges at places like ride now or Go Az. I agree Western is good people but the have the least inventory.
  13. apache12


    How old is the scope. It’s a one inch tube right?