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  1. apache12


    Is the trigger gold? New have a wider gold trigger.
  2. apache12


    Is the Mark V brake an accurate? Is it the new model? Or older Accumark?
  3. apache12

    Chevy 1500

    4x4 ?
  4. apache12

    IFly Indoor Skydiving

    We’ve done this with our kids twice. It’s lots of fun. Great birthday party
  5. So when my son was 11 he shot his first deer. A kiabab doe on the run at 180. Dropped in its tracks. I thought I can’t believe he did that resting on a burned out log. That was lucky. When he was 13 he shot a cow elk at 470 with a very serious cross wind and it went nose down neck shot . I thought I can’t believe I let him take that shot. That was lucky. At 14 This past weekend he shot a coues buck at 378 while light was fading off a bad rest of rocks. The buck was bedded and not much more than the top of body and neck showing. This time I had a good friend to witness the boy can shoot some. He squeezed the trigger and the buck rolled over dead never stood up. Right in the neck shattered the vertebrae. I thought. Maybe he’s not lucky. Haha. Good time. These kids are getting to be shooters. Saw an article on a junior shot a 130 at 750Yrds my son has had great success with browning x bolt vortex viper and Hornady led-x in his 6.5 credmore
  6. apache12

    Weaver Grand Slam 3-12x42

    Hoghntr and I agree these are sneaky good scopes . Bit heavy is only knock. But good glass
  7. Any recommends for shock collar with remote for training. Maybe vibrate and shock mode
  8. Measures 80 inch tall 40.5 wide 22.5 deep When doors open the tv stand fits 42 inch across Missing one knob Very heavy Free Pick up around 56th st and cactus in phx
  9. apache12

    Any good Memorial Day sales? Post if you know.

    Red hawk rifles. Nice Zeiss HDS sales 3-15x50 lock turret $629.
  10. Have trip to the reservation for a rent a lake weekend. Ive been trying to find a place that rent small 12-14 Jon boat and trailer with only a trolling motor. Anyone know of such a place?
  11. Have you considered the savage long range in 280ai? Tack driving rifle out of the box. And that 280ai is impressive
  12. apache12

    Beer Fridge

    Is packed full of beer?
  13. my 14yr old shoots a Browning X bolt (not hells canyon) but 26 in barrel and bedded free floated. As I understand most X bolts from entry to excellent are very similar, just some stock muzzle brake and other additions for the higher end. I may be incorrect. Anyway, shoots sub moa and has shot factory well and handload excellent. nice adj trigger. well balanced. he took a cow elk at 460 yards in a heavy cross wind 6.5 creed. 143 Eld-x dropped it like a stone
  14. N2horns. I have both. So I best just buy another pistol. Haha