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  1. apache12

    Brake and Accuracy. I know age old question

    So any brake recommendations? This barrel is fairly light any recommendations on brakes that won’t tip the balance of the rifle
  2. So after years of watching me our our boys hunt my wife finally agreed to get behind the trigger. She’s not afraid to shoot, she’s actually a great shot, she just wasn’t ready to put the crosshairs on an animal. anyway she has a cow elk tag this fall and we will likely do some hiking so I’m kinda set on the Savage Ultra light with the proof research barrel 5.8lb. Gets nice review. And while kinda ugly the Savage I have owned shoot well. Ok she’s also a lefty and we tried her shooting my right handed rifles and it was just a bit awkward. I was leaning toward 6.5 prc because of the recoil and the slightly better energy over the 6.5 creed. . Then I tried to find ammo. Uh not paying $5.00 a round. I’m not reloading anymore either sold my gear. the Ultralight is threaded for a brake. I don’t have any rifles with a brake. So I thought maybe I’d choose an ammo easier to find in a bigger caliber to give her some room for shot placement. The rifles comes in 308 270 28 Nos 280 AI 30-06 300 wsm 6.5 creed 6.5 prc Hope to keep the shot under 400 yards. So couple questions will threading a brake on effect accuracy? if we zero and practice with the brake and remove it for hunting will POI change? I suppose I can find that out myself after zero with brake but curious what long range hunters think any recommended screw on brakes? as always thanks for any tips or advice she might be able handle a 270 without a brake but if she gets flinchy I want to be able to put a brake on
  3. apache12

    Best Dealer for Honda Pioneer 1000

    Good luck finding one. I’ve been in the market for a couple months. Be prepared for $2500 freight charge and $1500 build charges at places like ride now or Go Az. I agree Western is good people but the have the least inventory.
  4. apache12

    Swarovski 6-18x50 (Make offer)

    How old is the scope. It’s a one inch tube right?
  5. I’m in the market for a SxS and while I like Honda as a product. I keep going back and forth on the Pioneer’s design. Part of me likes that’s it’s smaller than a normal four seater but then I’ll get hung up with the lack of storage space when all seats are up. I'm mostly interested in a hunting rig but want good off road capabilities. I don’t normally deer hunt with four people but elk hunts can be four easily. I also want to use it with a dog box in back for quail and that would mean max three people how has this been as a hunting rig. If you have four people in it where do you put the game bags? oh it’s a great set up by the way super impressive
  6. apache12

    WTS 2 Garmin 64st gps.

  7. apache12

    WTS 2 Garmin 64st gps.

    I have 2 Garmin GPS for sale. They have no additional maps installed. See pic of details. I only have one box. Some light screen scratches not a big deal. I’m in N Phx. Could ship on your dime. Will sell separately. $400 for both. $220 for a single.
  8. apache12

    Hanwag Sirius II GTX

    In case anyone is concerned on the “newbie” status he’s my son. Sale is legit boots are clean.
  9. apache12

    PSE Stinger Bow

    Stinger was my first bow many years ago and I passed it to my son two years ago. He recently made it his back up bow. For anyone looking these are great shootings Very forgiving easy to adjust and plenty of speed. You won’t be disappointed
  10. apache12

    NV 5x5

    My son now lives in NV and they have a pretty unique tag turn back program. I won’t bore with the details but he was able to grab this late season bull tag. Filled his first bull tag while I was in route to help on the hunt. By the time I got there he had capped and quartered the bull by himself and humped the head and cape off the mountain. Happy to know I taught him a bit. Anyway even though all I go to help with was the meat haul it was a good hike and I couldn’t be happier for him
  11. apache12

    Salewa Hiking boots 12

  12. apache12

    Salewa Hiking boots 12

    I bought these online and use them for one scouting trip. Basically new and not broke in. They don’t fit my feet. They are 12’s but in my opinion a small 12. Might be better if you were an 11.5. Also the tow box is pretty narrow and that doesn’t work for my Fred Flinstone feet. they are a stiff boot and pretty nice on loose rocks. Also can be used as a mountaineering boot see description. Looking to get $150 for them. I’m in north Phoenix
  13. apache12

    Chevrolet running boards 2020 OEM. Trades??

    Bump for the weekend
  14. apache12

    New Minox 10x44 X Active Bino

    One last bump