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  1. apache12

    7mm Remington sendero $1400 -sold

    Are you shooting handload or factory
  2. apache12


    Thanks you guys. Awesome help. This is why this is such a great forum. I’ll make some calls and post results. Thanks again!
  3. apache12


    I have an older set of Minox 10x52 BD BR. Great glass. The eye pieces are tweaked. One won’t screw back on the threads. The other is stuck. I sent to Minox (blaser USA) and they said Minox doesn’t repair these older ones anymore. They did give me a nice discount on their new X active. Which I got and are decent not great. anyone know where I can get them repaired. There is a guy or shop called Suddath and he said these are two new for him. That was the only independent repair I could locate on the web. They are about 15 years old thanks for ay help
  4. apache12

    WTB Sierra game kings .257

    I have 100 Sierra Gamekings 25 cal 100gr SBT.
  5. apache12

    Bowtech RealmX for sale

    What year is your bow?
  6. apache12

    Bear size?

    My friend had an elk hunt. Hoping for success next weekend anyway we kept seeing this bear track. I’m not a bear hunter. Any thoughts on size? Thought it was a cool pic
  7. Think the elk are eating the deer out of this area. Keeps finding sheds and rag horn kills but has seen lots of does. Told him to get back deep as far from quad roads as possible. Hoping he gets eyes on. But In the end he’s learning. Can’t ask for much more
  8. NOT looking for somewhere hunting spot So I’m a rifle hunter. Have done some bow but not much. My 22 year old son was raised mostly coues rifle hunting by me. Glassing for days. Making a stalk and shot. We’ve done some pine country doe hunts when younger and some cow hunts. Anyway he has the itch bad for bow hunting. He’s going to school in NV and so he picked unit 8 for a spot close between NV and Phx where I live. So he’s scouted for a couple months. I gave him some old camera that are hit an miss. He’s found good springs and all the tanks have cameras and blinds by other hunters. Hes checked some open cameras on tanks and there have been some decent bucks but there are big gaps between when they hit. Mostly elk turkey and even some bear. He’s put eyes on a few bucks and thinks they are traveling from bed or food to water. He hunted all last week and he’s back now for four days. The rain has washed most tracks off trails. He thinks pressure is pushing the deer but doesn’t know where they’d push when pressure hits. As coues hunters we go deep and higher. But Muley seem to like open areas and not the rugged country. Maybe I’m wrong I don’t know. He’s at about 6500 ft pine and oak some juniper ive suggest finding burns and and transition areas with pine and juniper. my ask is. Do mule deer buck go up higher or into tight almost bear type country? With pressure should he find beds. Or routes between water and food? There isn’t much area to get a vantage point and glass. He’s young and super fit and can hike anywhere. Has good gear and good gps. again not liking for someone’s spot. But would enjoy sending him things to think about or try. I taught him to hunt rifle. But I know what I know and what I don’t know And archery ain’t it thanks for any suggestion
  9. apache12

    MEOPTA vs SWARO???

    There is a reason every glass is compared to Swarovski. That’s really the answer to your question.
  10. Are you the original owner? What year bow? thx
  11. apache12

    Cast iron cookware

    Are these older pans? Do you know the manufacture. Or can you post pics of the writing on the bottom. Thx
  12. apache12

    German Shorthair Pointer Puppies

    Will you be posting pics of Sire and Dam?
  13. apache12

    Eberlestock X2 Multicam

    My opinion. These X2 are awesome packs. Small enough for a day pack. Big enough to hump an elk quarter out. Not an overnight or deep backwoods pack. But that metal frame makes it a good strong pack. Throw a scabbard on and it good to go. Ive carried lots of game out with this pack. Usually helping a buddy. Haha wish it was my game. But it always impressed the people I was hunting with. I don’t know the seller. Just a vote for a great pack
  14. apache12

    Rifle for sale

    Stock trigger? Adjustable?