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  1. apache12

    Chevrolet running boards 2020 OEM. Trades??

    Bump for the weekend
  2. apache12

    New Minox 10x44 X Active Bino

    One last bump
  3. apache12

    New Minox 10x44 X Active Bino

  4. apache12

    Chevrolet running boards 2020 OEM. Trades??

    Yes OEM. I updated the post. Thanks
  5. I have an old set of Minox 10x50 Br Bd that had eye cup issues. I sent them back to Minox. Now Blaser and they didn’t have replacement parts so they sent them back and gave me the option to buy these 10x44 at a fair deal. So I did. Anyway I’m more of a fan of 8’s for my hand helds and I got the 10x50 fixed elsewhere so I thought I’d post these. They have never been in the field. Everything is included that they came with. They are nice glass. I’ve messed with them at low light at home and they are nice quality. Also light and compact for 10’s. The 44 gives you a bit more field of view. These sell new online from $475 to $490. Selling these for $375. I’m in Phoenix. I’d ship in your dime.
  6. These are on my 2020 Chevrolet 1500. Not sure what other years they fit. Not dents. There is a small crack in a plastic piece underneath near a mounting bolt. Doesn’t effect mount. Doesn’t rattle and isn’t lose. Not sure who thought putting plastic in this spot made sense but ooh well. asking $250 obo Im in Phoenix
  7. apache12

    2014 Toyota Corolla

  8. apache12

    2014 Toyota Corolla

    Thanks. Update. 94k miles. Best avatar by the way
  9. apache12

    2014 Toyota Corolla

    so it’s posted on Craigslist for $11,900. Looking to get $11.500. This was my sons car and he was in school in NV so most miles are highway. As the post say it was serviced every 5000 I did all recommend maintenance. there are some stains on the seats. And some very small hand prints on the hood when his friend fell on the hood. Not good Detroit steel. Runs perfect. Tires have a year or so left it’s a Toyota and will run another 200k. Currently has 94k miles https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/d/scottsdale-2014-toyota-corolla/7349214714.html 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport model. Second owner we have owned it since 2015. Serviced every 5000 miles at Toyo Motors. We have all service records. Minor seat stains and normal paint chips and scratches. All switches and buttons work. Never smoked in. No accidents Clean title in hand
  10. apache12

    Free used men’s camo

    Thanks Desert Dog. I have someone who wants them for their young but large nephew but if that falls through you have a good idea
  11. apache12

    Free used men’s camo

    Sorry boys. Nothing like selling my pants at a free “men’s camp”.
  12. apache12

    Free used men’s camo

    I have a bunch of various used camo. One poncho and an ABU top from my sons Old Air Force Academy uniform.38L Two sets of of Large wool long underwear from my Army issue in 1993. No holes or tears stuff keeps ya warm. A Large BDU top. Then just various lightweight camo in XL some L. I’m 6’1”. 36 inch waist. Some of this was my sons when he was 5’11 32 waist. it’s all in a garbage sack. I’ll hang onto it for a week and then it’s off to good will.