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  1. apache12

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    Ok at 2pm it was 133 internal. And it turned out good not my best. But moist and only a little crumbly. So far nobody has crapped their pants.
  2. apache12

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    Well I hope the butcher paper keeps it moist. We will soon see.
  3. apache12

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    Thanks for all the comments. Appreciate the help.
  4. apache12

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    I just temp probed it at 155. I think it will make it to 2. Pulled a coupe tri tips as a back up. yes I normally wrap at 165. But my bad I didn’t put a temp probe in when I went to bed. Figured smoked for 6 hrs I’d be ready to wrap at 5am. Nope im thinking chopped sammies too. Nope I don’t get the fam sick on Easter
  5. apache12

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    Yes it’s in a towel and in the cooler. But I’m concerned about it spoiling sitting at this temp 7-8hrs. dang briskets
  6. apache12

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    Ok I’m sure there’s some bbq/smoker pros on the sight. I’ve smoked plenty of briskets before and I know they can have a mind of their own as to how long they take to cook. Smoker set at 250. Trimmed and rubbed at 10pm On the smoker at 11pm for a 12-13 hr cook.2 hrs rest and burnt end cook 12lb brisket. Woke up at 5:30 fingered it be at the 165 stall. Nope done 203. PerfectLy done. Easter meal is set at 2:00. I have it wrapped in butcher paper and n the yeti. Well no chance for burnt ends. how can I reheat it? How long can I hold it? HELP
  7. apache12

    Minox ZA5 HD 3-15x42 rifle scope BDC. $400

    My post for this scope is really old. 2017. 5scope was sold. I’m still have one that I love. And yes I agree warranty service is good. They are owned by Blaser USA now. I sent an old pair of binos in that needed the eye pieces fixed they said they couldn’t do so they gave me 50% off their brand new model that just came out. Found an independent shop to fix my old ones.
  8. apache12

    Help me buy a tripod with panhead

    Thank you all for the suggestions. Nice ideas and prices
  9. Ok so I’ve owned a collection of average tripods over my years and this year the company I slave for allowed me to sell my vacation time of which I don’t take enough of. Anyway I got a little cheese in the pocket to spend. So I would like recommendations on a tripod set up. I’m a hunter who glasses and hikes so I’d like light but stable setup for my 15x56 binos. No spotter yet but may grab that vortex viper 11x33 one day Anyway I don’t normally stand and glass but if there was a set up that extended that tall and made sense I’d consider. Then Id like a panhead that has an arm on it that I can rotate up and use as a shooting rest if I’m seated so I’d like as light as I can get with a buttery smooth panhead and tripod legs that are easy to adjust and stay locked in and don’t slip I know it’s a “I want what may not exist” post but this is a site full of wise western hunters so I’m open to your opinions. Budget under $1000. Preferable $700 range but will spend more
  10. apache12

    Daily Double with my oldest boy

    Thanks for the fix
  11. apache12

    Daily Double with my oldest boy

    What a great day with my son. He is just getting into archery and this was a great start he smacked his I needed a second follow up but got it done
  12. apache12

    Wtb spot hogg wiseguy release

    This is the buckle strap. Not the Boa.
  13. apache12

    Wtb spot hogg wiseguy release

    Wow funny. I was just going to post mine. It’s basically brand new. Never in the field and used a month or so. Just not for me Was going to ask $90
  14. $85 for tumbler and media $80 powder dispenser obo
  15. Dusty I’ll message you they are yours