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  1. So the Apache Nation rents a number of small lakes. You need to go to their website and create a login and then midnight on new year get on and book your time as quick as you can. The lake is locked and it is 100% yours. They provide water for cook and wash all the wood. Fire pits. Potty’s and covered tables. It’s so great. The fishing we have is native Apache and they a launch. It’s a great trip. $1000 a weekend. And we do multi family
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    Is the trigger gold? New have a wider gold trigger.
  3. apache12


    Is the Mark V brake an accurate? Is it the new model? Or older Accumark?
  4. apache12

    Chevy 1500

    4x4 ?
  5. apache12

    IFly Indoor Skydiving

    We’ve done this with our kids twice. It’s lots of fun. Great birthday party
  6. So when my son was 11 he shot his first deer. A kiabab doe on the run at 180. Dropped in its tracks. I thought I can’t believe he did that resting on a burned out log. That was lucky. When he was 13 he shot a cow elk at 470 with a very serious cross wind and it went nose down neck shot . I thought I can’t believe I let him take that shot. That was lucky. At 14 This past weekend he shot a coues buck at 378 while light was fading off a bad rest of rocks. The buck was bedded and not much more than the top of body and neck showing. This time I had a good friend to witness the boy can shoot some. He squeezed the trigger and the buck rolled over dead never stood up. Right in the neck shattered the vertebrae. I thought. Maybe he’s not lucky. Haha. Good time. These kids are getting to be shooters. Saw an article on a junior shot a 130 at 750Yrds my son has had great success with browning x bolt vortex viper and Hornady led-x in his 6.5 credmore
  7. apache12

    Weaver Grand Slam 3-12x42

    Hoghntr and I agree these are sneaky good scopes . Bit heavy is only knock. But good glass
  8. Any recommends for shock collar with remote for training. Maybe vibrate and shock mode
  9. Measures 80 inch tall 40.5 wide 22.5 deep When doors open the tv stand fits 42 inch across Missing one knob Very heavy Free Pick up around 56th st and cactus in phx
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    Any good Memorial Day sales? Post if you know.

    Red hawk rifles. Nice Zeiss HDS sales 3-15x50 lock turret $629.
  11. Have trip to the reservation for a rent a lake weekend. Ive been trying to find a place that rent small 12-14 Jon boat and trailer with only a trolling motor. Anyone know of such a place?
  12. Have you considered the savage long range in 280ai? Tack driving rifle out of the box. And that 280ai is impressive
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    Beer Fridge

    Is packed full of beer?
  14. my 14yr old shoots a Browning X bolt (not hells canyon) but 26 in barrel and bedded free floated. As I understand most X bolts from entry to excellent are very similar, just some stock muzzle brake and other additions for the higher end. I may be incorrect. Anyway, shoots sub moa and has shot factory well and handload excellent. nice adj trigger. well balanced. he took a cow elk at 460 yards in a heavy cross wind 6.5 creed. 143 Eld-x dropped it like a stone
  15. Have a m&p shield that I.D like to smooth out the pull. Any good pistol Smiths you guys would recommend
  16. N2horns. I have both. So I best just buy another pistol. Haha
  17. Didnt know where else to post this question I have a sig p220 extreme elite in .45. Factory night sights It groups well. Im sure better if I was better. Great trigger Anyway my point of impact is consistently low. My sight pic is placing front sight dot in line with rear sight dots. Place front sight on the target. With that line up Im considerably low. I read that Sig uses combat sights and I should completely cover the target which is unusual for me. Im sure I could change my sight line up to change point of impact by raising the front dot above the two rear but I feel like that gives an inconsistent sight picture Anyone have any tips for me Or can a smith make an adjustment Or do I just suck? Wait dont answer that The group below was shot at 15 yards. I cant seem to adjust the pic to be up and down. Group is low. Not right
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    Son tags first pig

    My 14 year old has had a good hunt season. Tagged a cow in October and with only being able to one day for pig he tagged out in the first couple hours. Fortunately I know of a spot that generally holds pigs and we got lucky they cooperated. One big pig in the group but we couldnt get a god shot on it. So he settled for a smaller one. Pretty young pig but it a tag. Had fun watching in the glass and then planning out stalk. Was teaching him some about working the wind in our stalk. I used my wind puffer. Her preferred his bag of powdered doughnuts. Which actually worked quite well. We got to 80 yards. Could have shot further out. Of my three boys hes the best shot. Took his elk at 460 in the wind. But I Wanted him to have fun stalking. Anyway. One strange note. Used a 7mm-08 with Barnes tttsx. pig quartering away a bit. He placed it perfect maybe an inch behind the shoulder low on the body. Bullet blew through and completely shattered the opposite elbow or leg below shoulder just a bit. I Guess they dont have elbows really. Anyway we thought he missed because they all scattered. Pig didnt flinch and I didnt here a smack. We initially stalked another but didnt get a good shot. Thank God. We hiked over to original area and looked around but no blood. My boy was like. Dad I had a good shot. It felt good. Nice and steady. So Im doing the normal. Hey everyone misses now and again no big deal. And then said maybe they were a little further over to the right. We walked over and there was a massive blood trail. Strangely it went straight up a steep hill for 20yards and was heavy squirts of blood. Then made a right turn and ran along the mountain for 20more yards. Very little blood. Probably out of blood. And we found it. Im a fan of solid copper And I used this same rifle and bullet on feral hogs in OK this year and OKl whitetail and most animals dropped or made it maybe 15 yards but where obviously hit and going down. This little oinker was a tough SOB. Thinking the bullet just passed so fast that it was like an arrow. But that opposite shoulder was hammered . Anyway thought Id share. Attached a pic of the boy because the moon and airplane in the back are cool. Attached pic of exit wound shoulder
  19. apache12

    Son tags first pig

    Oops mis Read Pradatr. In Ryan Okl. For hogs. Lease land some buddys from TX have. Tons of fun. Not really hunting. More like shooting off a ranger with a cooler. But great time
  20. apache12

    Son tags first pig

    prdatr Hunted 21.
  21. apache12

    WTB Heavy 6mm Bullets

    I have these. dang near full box of 100
  22. I have not. I will do that next time at the range
  23. I could be slamming trigger. I’m far from an experienced pistol shooter. But I don’t have the same point of impact with other pistols I shoot in similar size and caliber. I feel really comfortable shooting this pistol. Might look into shorter front post
  24. Was wonder what people would choose for a bullet if they wanted to have just one bullet to use for your medium game long range hunting. It seems the there are higher BC in some of the new lead core bullets like ELD-x and Berger VLD I was wonder if the lower BC on solid copper bullet kept people away from them as bullet of choice Of course assuming bullet placement was good Why would you choose one type over the next? My thinking was a solid copper may perform better at long range for certain shots like quarter too and smashing through shoulder bone I am having a BT made soon and want to choose my go to bullet. Again assuming my rifle finds a combination it shoots well