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    B&C medalist stock for Tikka T3 in tan/black web

    Full aluminum block?
  2. apache12

    Please delete!!

    NRA has a real good gun insurance program.
  3. Have you only shot the core lock extended in it? Wondering if it shot all ammo sub moa or just the remington ammo. Is it a 20 inch barrel? Thx
  4. apache12


    It's the Extreme Elite with SRT trigger. Excellent reset. I own the same one. I love mine. Wouldn't pay over $325. Haha just kidding. Great pistol
  5. apache12

    need optic advise

    I went Swarovski because I know I can always sell them for top dollar if I want to change. Excellent customer service too. Send them back for repair and they usually do more than needed. Just seemed a better investment to me
  6. apache12

    28 nosler

    30% all nosler brass at sportsmans warehouse. Check online
  7. apache12

    Tips for boning out meat

    Shoulders i use for grind so don't pay to much to a good debone. Hinds if you want roast or steaks find the knee cap and then work along the bone up and down. Stay on the bone the entire time just cut around the bone and pack out. When back at camp or home you can easily separate by muscle group
  8. As stated above. My gun shoots them to average to keep. Have other options Make an offer I will mail if you pay shipping Not looking for retail money just something close to fair
  9. apache12

    Minox ZX5 3-15x50 bdc 30 mm $425

    Phx Scottsdale line
  10. Brand new in box never mounted. I had an 8 year old scope I sent in for minor repair. They upgraded me and sent this one. But it took like three months and my kid had a hunt so I bought another scope. Don't need this now New retail it was $800. They don't make this scope now but make the same in illuminated and it sells for $1100. Glass is German and very clear. I hear it is Schott glass. I know it's better than my vx 3 and Viper HS But those have turrets dialed in for the rifles they sit on some I'm not Messing with them This is a real quality glass for $425 happy to meet near sundown for low light inspection
  11. apache12

    Nosler accubond LR any reviews?

    I didn't use the LR accubond but did take a coues at 350 with a 257 wby. It was the regular 110 grain accubond. Didn't recover bullet it left a pin hole entry wound silver dollar exit. Buck stood and went 10 yards and fell back and rolled the windows down dead. Yea I shot it in its bed. Just felt good and comfortable so I took the shot. Not real long either Took the top of its heart off and vaporized the lungs. Zero meat damage. I was very happy with the bullet. I get sub moa at 200 yards I've shot. Barnes ttsx in similar situations and the Barnes they never took a step. Dead where they stood All I got for ya
  12. So my 13 year old has hunted deer and pig but this was his first elk hunt (cow). As I did for his older brothers I bought him his own rifle as an 8th grader. Browning X bolt 6.5 creed Vortex viper 4-16x50 LR Using hornady ELD X 143 grain Had him at the range a few times and he banged steel at 200 and 300 no issue off a rest using scope reticle drops. I'd hunted this unit on my tag or helping others four years so I thought I could get him to 350 or under if not really at 200. Opening morning. I made a poor decision on a stalk and we got busted but he learned from my mistake Opening evening we glassed them again. Out of my 1000 yard range finder. We talked about our options and he had learned from earlier it was better to back away and take the long hard way to have a good stalk. Use the wind. And have them work to use. The cooperated we got to 550 yard. And lost cover so we belly crawled for 100 yards to a point and had them at 430 yrd. I had him prone on our packs. And said just take a look and tell me what you think. He took a while and got comfy and said. I got this Dad Wind was howling at least 15 or 20 mph. And we talked about the drift. Using his 400 drop reticle he adjusted up to spine hoping to drop in. Fired and flew it just over the top. dang creedmore flew flatter than the scope. My bad. They moved up and stoped. Ranged them at 460. He found the one he wanted. Put it 12 inches or so out in front of her neck for the wind and fired. She dropped like a stone never took a step. We did the happy dance hugged and laughed. You all know the deal. Fun. Hiked over and he said. Wow dad how we getting this out of here So I went gutless and took straps rib neck meat an put in one bag. And the two shoulders in a bad and a hind in each of their own bags. Hung the shoulders hung a hind high in trees tied the straps and free meat in his pack put a hind on the x2 eberlestock for me. Stood up to go and the moonless night was as black as a curtain. I told him as we glassed that if we got separated or I got hurt to go west and you will hit a fence line. You can't not hit it. Follow it up past the tank I knapped at and to a gate with a road closed sign and then. Take the two track back and you find the truck. So the boy had great internal navigation. We found a planet in the direction we wanted to go and followed. He never panicked. We both fell a few tims. Climbed. Crawled got all scratched up. Took breaks and made the 3.5 miles back to the truck. Huge father son bonding time. I'm pleased with the shot but I'm more proud of the hike out. Boy became a young man Came back in the morning with the wife and dogs and hauled the rest out. One of my best hunts ever. We will enjoy this memory for a lifetime
  13. So I'm blessed with three boys. Currently 21, 20 and 13. In the summer of their 13th birthday I bought them their one rifle from "dad". I've tried to get something they can use for game from deer to elk (cow) Oldest one has a 30-06. Great all around but thank God he was a tough kid and handled the recoil on the 06. Next kid I went other direction and did a 7mm-08. Both boys love their rifles and have had good success All summer i have struggle to find a differnt caliber for my last and youngest son. He has shot deer and pigs with a .243 and is a nicer shooter He has an Oct cow elk tag. In a perfect world I'd find a lower recoil flat shooting caliber with a good range of bullet weight that he can hunt long shots for coues and good bullet choice for mule. And then Step it up for a cow elk. I hand load but want this to be a rifle that when he leaves home he can find factory ammo where ever his travels take him So what do you guys think? .308 (con bullet drop) 270 ( Con little light for big cow. I've taken. One but saw a buddy put three rounds in at distance to harvest) 7mm (con higher recoil and not a huge brake fan)
  14. Full box. Open but unused. Went with Accubond instead Paid $36 or so Figure $25 is fair. Or trade for same value In phx Rather not mail
  15. apache12

    Advice on rifle for son 13yr

    Found a browning x bolt brand new online at Creed Sports in MN. great deal. Just need to find 30mm rings. And I'm shooting this weekend hope it's as good as other 6.5
  16. apache12

    Leupold Optics Customer Service

    Minox was just bought by Blaser. I have Minox za 5 scope. Mag adjustment froze up. Mailed in and they sent to Germany I should a new scope next week. Took 6 weeks but was fairly painless. I was a bit nervous with new ownership.
  17. Smart build. And savage are so accurate. Someone's boy must have a cow tag that needs this rifle. Great price all around. buckmaster scope surprisingly clear
  18. So I had a rifle that only has about 200 rounds through it go from shooting really well to the last few groups spreading out unusually and then even worse the firing pin wouldn't strike hard enough to ignite the primer. I though maybe it was my hand loads and I did something off. So I went and got factory box of federal premium ammo and same thing wouldn't fire. Just a very slight dimple in the primer Prior to the factory load confirming of it still not sticking arc enough, I broke down the bolt and cleaned and light oil the spring. Any thoughts on what I can try? Or smith to take it too? Rifle is out of warranty
  19. Any d greaser better than other? Just carb cleaner?
  20. I loaded 10 pieces of brass primer only. And half fired and half didn't Could it be a trigger issue? Where the trigger has a sear or spring issue that is causing it to be intermittent? Or should it polish the firing pin some so it slides smoother
  21. Fire pin extrudes from bolt face measured at .07
  22. Tikka t3. 7mm-08. Light recoil. I have degreased and light oil. I don't understand what you mean about dropping the firinging pin with the bolt out Do you mean I should break the bolt and remove the spring. And then drop the pin into the bolt without spring pressure? Measure the nipple of the pin protruding from bolt face?
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    It also averages about 2740
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    If I don't find a 6.5 creed for my 13 year old he will be using his older brothers tikka 7mm-08. It loves Big Game. Shoots almost any bullet well with Big Game. But this is the load we will use for cow elk if this is the rifle