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    It also averages about 2740
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    If I don't find a 6.5 creed for my 13 year old he will be using his older brothers tikka 7mm-08. It loves Big Game. Shoots almost any bullet well with Big Game. But this is the load we will use for cow elk if this is the rifle
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    Best out of the box long range gun?

    Europtics.com. Is blowing out tikkas right now. And some good deals on Sako. I own two tikka and the clover every time
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    Advice on rifle for son 13yr

    I never read much on the 280 until now. That's a pretty impressive caliber. Lots of range in bullet weight. I'm leaning toward the 6.5 creedmoor because of the inherent accuracy and light recoil. It is pretty similar to his brothers 7mm-08. Found an X bolt new on gunbroker for a really good price. Starring at every hour trying to decide
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    Advice on rifle for son 13yr

    Sorry lance meant ammunition not rifle. Are there that many options in factory ammo?
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    Advice on rifle for son 13yr

    280 interesting but I think limited on factory options yes?
  7. I have a good buddy. Owns Mobile Sound Specialist and is in Phx. Hunter too. Quality guy Pm me and I'll give you his number and let him know you may reach out
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    .257 Roy Loads

    My Mark V likes Barnes 100 grain. With H1000. Didn't have great results with RL25. But each rifle is unique. I've found the 257 to be more finicky than other calibers but when you find the right load it's legit. Be ready for some experimentation
  9. Not a fan of Nikon either. Fan of guys who left Nikon.
  10. Worth looking at. Website and review read well. Anyone buy? I emailed a question on a Sunday and co owner emailed me back in ten minutes. We had a good conversation. Schott glass Nice stuff
  11. So I was messing around at the range today and trying differnt rifle holds. Thought I'd throw it out here to see what most folks have found provids the most consistency and accuracy. I guess this would be in a perfect world because we all know that when we finally get on that Coues we are laying down hill and sideways with a prickly pear in our butt cholla in our knees and draped over a boulder But the question is for non Bipod shooting using a bag as a rest. Do you use the sniper hold with left hand back under the stock and forestock not held. Or old school military with your sling wrapped around elbow and holding forestock. Or hand rest down on top of rifle scope? Those are the three I tried. All different point of impact. Any method proven to work best. I'd have thought left hand under the butt stock but that didn't work best for me even with a 26 in #3 barrel. I didn't really explain it well. Was kinda wondering more about rifle hold than shooting technique. Like these pics. I know the one is on a bipod. But it's the sling wrap tech. Wondering about holding the rifle forestock vs not as in pics. Anyway. May just be prefer me. Didn't know if anyone ever compared both
  12. I'm thinking of trying these in a 257. I've heard they perform well on game but I've also heard people have had trouble with accuracy and getting them dialed in
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    It's gone
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    I have about a half pallet of ezturf sod. Fresh cut today from West Coast turf. Cover about 250 Sqr ft I'm near 56th St and cactus Free
  15. I watched a video showing a guy lapping his rings prior to mounting his scope. Got me to thinking if there are some tricks to the trade out there on scope mounting. I've always mounted my own and I use a level and the rifle is in a vise. I usually have paid most attention to the reticle being level and then the torque to specs with some locktite. Never lapped the rings though. anyone have a good do yourself step by step? Lance? you got some super high end glass, whats your process?
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    Optic set ups!?

    Only change I'd suggest is 8's over 10's. For hand held. Better exit pupil. Better stability. Wider view and very little loss in magnification for and hand held or a stalk
  17. apache12

    Youth 7mm-08 vs .243

    I own both. I have here boys. They use the 243 for pig and deer. Up to mules deer doe. For mule deer buck and cow elk. 7mm-08 Eurooptics website selling the tikka older model for very cheap. Great light rifle for a kid. If I had to pick one 7mm-08 has more range. 120 gr to 160 grain Chuckhawks website has a cool recoil table. So you can see what each caliber recoils. 7mm-08 is just a little more recoil than he 243 Have fun
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    Weatherby Brass 257wby

  19. apache12

    Weatherby Brass 257wby

    I have 91 pieces of once and some twice fired brass I neck sized them de primed and polished. Brass is fully prepped. The shoulder would need to be bumped back a bit if you want it to be to SAMMI specs they are fire formed for a vanguard rifle Only selling because I have a new 257wby and want to start with new brass. Might be silly but oh well $60.00
  20. Considering my first muzzle brake for a 7mm mag on a rifle my 13 year old will shoot on a cow hunt Is point of impact them same with them on and off? Top thre choices. Or don't do it at all. And just have him shoot my 7mm-08. Thought on the 7mm. Was i would give it to him as his one rifle from the old man. And enough to get him through most situations
  21. I can see glassing up game from distance. Moving to position and putting on ear protection for a shot. But I'm not sure I want to wear ear protection as I walk to and from a location or work a spook and shoot.
  22. Hmm bipod? That's a thought. Ok swivel type worth the money. Harris I assume
  23. Yea i know the 7mm-08 pretty well. My older son took a nice mule a few years back over 200. I've hunted the unit my 13 year old has for elk on my tag and friends tags 3 differnt times and know an area that holds cows when the hunt starts and they get kicked around that will almost certainly be a close shot. I'll need him to practice shooting of sticks mostly. Not likely to be a prone shot. That will be his biggest challenge is shooting well in a sittting or standing on sticks scenario I've only loaded 139 grain in the 7mm-08. I'll have to look into the larger bullets