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  1. buckmaster21

    Got the call from game and fish

  2. buckmaster21

    Kansas Success

    That's awesome my daughter is my best hunting buddy right now I hope it keeps up she o lying 12
  3. buckmaster21

    Son's First Big Game Deer

    That's awesome nothing like hunting with the kids
  4. buckmaster21

    My daughter's first deer

    Was an awesome hunt and awesome memories with my dad and my daughter
  5. buckmaster21

    Setting kids up for the shot

    My daughter uses the death grip it works great only problem is its on the heavy side
  6. buckmaster21

    new member

    He posted as story on his hunt in the elk section
  7. buckmaster21

    6A early archery bull timing

    I ha e been scouting the last 3 weekends it's pretty muddy up there I have been seeing some good bull and lots of cows I hope they stick around I'll be up there the week before the hunt starts until the last day if it takes that long
  8. buckmaster21

    Swarovski EL 12x50 Dealers

    I'm a fan of euro optics also
  9. buckmaster21

    6A early archery bull timing

    I will be up there the hole hunt unless I tag out pm and I'll give you my number and let you know how things are going
  10. buckmaster21

    Man stuff yard sale Fri/Sat May 27/28

    I'll have to stop by I'm on 59th and green way also
  11. buckmaster21

    FS: 6+ boxes of 6.5 PRC ammo Hornady 147gr eld

    Just saying I really don't care buy if every one keeps doing this shoot than no one can bitche when everything keeps going up just my 2 cents
  12. buckmaster21

    FS: 6+ boxes of 6.5 PRC ammo Hornady 147gr eld

    But at the same time price gauging need to stop or ammo prices will never go down
  13. buckmaster21

    Begara vs. Christensen

    I would pic the CA arms over the Bergara but also I wound also lookin into the seekins ph2 I bought one in a 308 for my daughter and it is an absolute tack driver
  14. buckmaster21

    Suggestion for 6A Archery

    I have that tag also I will be spending most of the summer up there good luck
  15. buckmaster21

    6A archery bull tag

    And it starts I got the 6a September archery bull tag this year I have turkey hunted that unit a few time I'm looking forward for the scouting ahead good luck on the hunt
  16. buckmaster21


    Dam just picked some up at sportsmans 49 bucks plus tax like a week ago
  17. I decided to go a different route the gun is brand new and has never been fired looking to get 1200 or trad for other rifles let me know what you got I will post up pics latter tonight
  18. buckmaster21

    Wts wtt browning hc lr max in 6.8 western

    Cleared my in box but it's still spf meeting up today
  19. buckmaster21

    WTB Kimber Rifle

    They had a hunter pro in 6.5 cm at sportsman's the other day off the i17
  20. buckmaster21

    Found in 20B

    Was it a deer my buddy hit one but could not recover it
  21. buckmaster21


    If this is still available next week it will be mine
  22. buckmaster21


    Sorry miss read your post
  23. buckmaster21


    They 499 without scope right