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  1. buckmaster21

    our muledeer

    Very nicw looking deer
  2. buckmaster21

    27 Mule Deer Success

    very nice buck
  3. buckmaster21

    Vortex 6-20x50 vs. Barska 8-26x 50???

    Vortex is awesome.
  4. buckmaster21

    Opening Morning 1st deer

    Nice first buck
  5. buckmaster21

    21 bear humtimg

    Hello I would like to start bear hunting and am interested in unit 21. Was wondering if any could point me in the right direction
  6. buckmaster21

    6A october

    my buddy took a 100+ buck out of there last sat
  7. buckmaster21

    24b Second 2011 hunt

    very nice
  8. buckmaster21

    Nice Buck

    Very nice
  9. buckmaster21

    21 coues down

    thanks for all the nice replies
  10. buckmaster21

    21 coues down

    shot my unit 21 coues yesterday after work. ill post picks later today sorry for the delay hear is the pic. first whitale woo hoo
  11. buckmaster21

    Another buck down!

    nice buck
  12. buckmaster21

    21 coues down

    i will have pics up as soon as i get off work
  13. buckmaster21

    114 Archery Buck

    wow what a nice buck
  14. hello im new to this form! i was just wondering if any had some good info on were to start couse hunting in unit 21 any advice would be much appreciated. thank you.
  15. buckmaster21

    Draw Results post here

    I got 21 wt october
  16. buckmaster21

    couse hunting in unit 21

    got my wt tag in 21 october hunt
  17. buckmaster21

    couse hunting in unit 21

    no I have a white jeep. Wasn't me
  18. buckmaster21

    couse hunting in unit 21

    thanks for all the info I went up a cupple of weeks ago and found a really good sopt I'm going to keep my eye on
  19. buckmaster21

    couse hunting in unit 21

    thats cool im going up tomorow to set a few cams up also for the archery hunt. ill keep you posted on what i see
  20. buckmaster21

    couse hunting in unit 21

    see any thing good on the cams?
  21. buckmaster21

    11m cow

    hello i have a 11m cow tag. this unit is new to me i was wondering if any has a good area to start scouting and any tips for me thanks
  22. buckmaster21

    11m cow

    thanks for the info
  23. buckmaster21

    9 Scouting Memorial day

    I like the pics hope you get a big one
  24. buckmaster21

    couse hunting in unit 21

    thanks I hunted 21 last year I'm going to try again with rifel and or archery
  25. buckmaster21

    couse hunting in unit 21

    This post talk about every area in the unit where coues deer live and the type of terrain the live. It also talks about preseason scouting. I think you will find the forum very friendly and informitive. Very rarly on any forum would a few time poster asking for help be replyed with directions or gps corrordnates. No one know if you have any experiance hunting or deer hunting or coues deer hunting. As with any unit with coues hunts there are coues in 21 in "typical" coues terrain. Most succsesfull hunters in 21 scout a lot and kike far while scouting aswell as during the hunt. thank you i hunt alot but dont couse hunt very much i am now just geting in to it had alot of fun hunting them last year even know i had no luck.i think im geting hooked on hunting them thanks