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    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    My mind was made up a few years ago. Felt bad and came back hoping with fingers crossed. I really liked what this site/forum was meant/supposed to be and what it was. Just go look at the past of what it was. Look at the dates. Look at the pics. Look at the info. It really was a sweet place for coues fanatics. Most of you don’t understand that obviously. Anyways..................Becker out!
  2. Becker

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    Was hoping since I haven’t been here for a long while things may have gotten better. Won’t be here any more.
  3. Becker

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    No and this one isn’t good anymore either. There’s nothing left that is actually good anymore. Unless you just wanna see pics. No content. Guys just ripping guys. All BS. It is honestly really sad. Just pic wise there’s a bunch of really nice big bucks that have been killed archery wise this season. The two remaining auction/raffle Coues deer guys killed before their tags expired. Almost none of that shows up here???
  4. Becker

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    Could. By info I meant awesome photos, stories, sheds, etc.
  5. Becker

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    This used to be one of the best places to go for the up and up Coues info. Not anymore.
  6. Becker

    good bull

    Obviously more people knew about that bull then just the one guy. This video is proof about the BS that can happen in the woods over one animal. “HIS” friends saying you should go bump, push, or whatever scare the animal away to mess up another guys hunt is IMO absolutely ridiculous! Any of you have problems about that???
  7. Becker

    good bull

    I’ll wait for the video and audio on Bills high dollar hunts. Can’t wait for blown off legs and all the other BS that comes with actual hunting. Should be great!!!
  8. Becker

    30x80 Doctors?

    Yes, was talking about the highlanders. The Docters are 4lbs lighter than the Kowas.
  9. Becker

    30x80 Doctors?

    EuroOptics is the place to pick them up new. Lots were selling for awhile pretty cheap after the swaro big eye bracket became so available. They are big but weight wise compared to the Kowas they were, for me, the better option.
  10. Becker

    Ranger vs General vs Razr

    I ran the RZR for a long time. Loved it. My next machine will be a General though. Just a few more options with the bed etc vs the RZR. My neighbor has a ranger and it’s like riding a 2x4 compared to the RZR suspension wise. I have borrowed the ranger and taken it places I have taken my RZR and scared myself shitless in the ranger that the RZR I never gave second thought. Storage wise RZR sucks but with a full length roof rack I had plenty of space with four people. Most of the time though it was 2 to 3 people so always had room. Dust is a monster no matter what IMO. I sealed mine up pretty good. But back seat still gets eventually gets covered. Loved the power even if hunting. Little noisy at high speeds but I think they all are. If you have other questions shoot me a note!
  11. Becker

    Massive Coues Buck

    Whoa Adicted!!!!
  12. Becker

    Massive Coues Buck

    Awesome buck!!! Here is a buck I killed a few years ago that had similar mass!!!
  13. Becker

    Big Sweets

    Man I miss the old CWT!!!
  14. Becker

    Coues shedding yet?

    Picked up a 45 inch brown last weekend and have pics of bucks shed April 29th through last weekend when I pulled the camera. 👍🏻 Depends on location but I would bet most of the 100plus type bucks have shed.
  15. Becker

    G&F live comission meeting on NOW!!!

    IMO if it didnt pass burn it. Why do they get to try again later/in a very short time 🤔
  16. Becker

    Back to back records

    Oh MY!!!!! Huge congrats on one heck of a Coues!!!!
  17. Becker

    WTB Muzzle Loader

    I have an older knight muzzleloader Ive never shot sitting in my safe. My father shot it a few times when he had a NM tag. You can have it for $50 bucks. PM me if interested.
  18. Becker

    Good guy list

    Bought from SASKMUDDER. Was an easy transaction. Received product as listed. Prompt shipping with tracking numbers. Two thumbs up!!!
  19. Becker

    Good guy list

    I didn't mean to post a new list. Was in a hurry and didn't wanna go find post. just wanted to let people know. Sorry
  20. Becker


    I'll take it 😁
  21. Becker

    Can a bobber be put on upside down?

    LMAO!!!!! Awesome post. Functionality wise does not matter obviously. Hahahaha. There are bobbers that are only one color with the same attachment device on both sides. There are bobbers that have weight built in on one side and I would say those you should obviously put the weight on the hook side. Sooooo many options besides the old red and whites 🤔 I'd like to hear his philosophy on the clear slip bobber that you can fill with water 👀 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  22. Becker

    New Swarovski BTX

    Just giving my 2 cents guys. Don't think those brackets are that great. Just my opinion which I stated. No plug for anyone.
  23. Becker

    New Swarovski BTX

    My 2 cents........I haven't looked through them yet but from all the videos/reviews I have seen everything seems to be this. They tend to have a darker image and they have a slight orangish brownish Color. Compared to the strictly kowas....not as bright. Splitting the image from one objective this would obviously happen(already mentioned). Weight savings compared to the kowas, ridiculous. Weight saving alone compared to the kowas is going to make a bunch of people switch. And I can see why. I would buy the new BTX over the kowas all day. When you compare them to a "GOOD" set of big eyes (65mm scopes) with the 25-50 eye pieces I think you are gunna be ahead of the game with the big eyes. Light gathering with the variable power IMO outweighs the weight saving. To get even close to light gathering capabilities you are gunna need the big objective and you are gunna maybe be saving 1lb. But you won't have the variable power. If you add the doubler you're right at the same weight basically. Plus if you are not a fan of angled eye pieces you are SOL. Not very many people have or can get a really good bracket for the big eyes. So for the vast majority of consumers the new BTX are the way to go especially considering the availability of consumer based big binoculars. You are basically limited to Kowas, doctors, and the new BTX. Between those 3 IMO BTX all the way. If you have the contacts for the best of the best 65mm swaro big eye bracket with the 25-50 eye pieces that's my preference.
  24. Becker

    G7 Rangefinder

    Good luck have had mine for sale on here for a long time @$1100. Free bump 😜
  25. Becker

    G7 Range Finder