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  1. Thegrayghost

    Unit 23 Bear "who is going?"

    Anyone hunt the canyons in Parker creek unit 23s for bears? Was thinking of going there tomorrow?? Do you guys think that's a good spot to glass?
  2. Thegrayghost

    VORTEX VIPER 10x50 HD FOR SALE $450.

    Are these still avaliable?
  3. Thegrayghost

    Hat Trick…...

    that was simply amazing!!! mom with cubs do you think?
  4. Thegrayghost

    My Dads first buck

    my dad after hunting hard and not seeing anything for 3 days straight, took a break for 2 days. i told him about a spot I've been to and we went to check it out. after hiking in and setting up we found a nice buck well over 100 inches, but he was moving over a ridge. so we moved and by the time we got to the other side we couldn't find him. but we spotted this smaller buck. my dad was able to put the hammer on him and dropped him where he stood. as he did out jumped the bigger deer from behind a bush 10 yards away but he didn't stop for a ethical shot. needless to say my dad got a great buck for his first deer. my brother then did a Euro mount and added a nice plaque to go with it. if you like it and want one done too with out waiting over a month for it, he does good quality work and can do yours in a weeks time. just give him a call at 520-248-6293 his name is Eli.
  5. Thegrayghost

    European Mount

    My brother has become quite good at doing euro mounts for all types of animals his most recent is his bear he took ln september, and my dads buck that hat he took last month. did an outstanding job on both mounts. if anyone is interested in getting a euro mount and doesn't want to pay a high price and wait over a month to get it back, give him a call. his turn around right now is 1 week. his name is Eli 520-248-6293
  6. Thegrayghost

    Unit 36A

    Why does it seem that every gate I come to in unit 36a is closed with a pad lock on it. Even the area I use to hunt off canoa rd now has a lock gate. With my hunt coming up next week I'm not sure where to go now. Anyone have any suggestions? Pm me if you can help out.
  7. Thegrayghost

    2014 bear

    Nice bear
  8. Thegrayghost

    Black Bear down

    Yes he shut it down. Thanks Keith. He has tried for 4 years now to get one and couldn't bee more happy with his trophy.
  9. Thegrayghost

    Black Bear down

    Yes she was with him to experience it all
  10. Thegrayghost

    Black Bear down

    more pics
  11. Thegrayghost

    Black Bear down

    Just want to say a big congratulations to my brother for one heck of a hunt. he put in a total of 84hrs in a blind trying to tag his first bear. on the second day he was able to shoot a nice bear. unfortunately wasn't able to find it after looking for it till the sun went down and then again the next day. until no more blood was found and concluded the bear was long gone. A week and 3 days later he finally got a second chance. while hiking up to the blind a Sow crossed his path and he put an arrow thru it at 25 yards and a second one at 45 yards. she was dead 80 yards up the canyon. And now he finally has his trophy bear
  12. Thegrayghost

    Arrowed my first black bear!!!!!!

    you sure deserve that bear after some BS like that!!! Great job and good luck on the deer.
  13. Thegrayghost

    2014 coues deer - my best so far!

    very nice buck!
  14. Thegrayghost

    do bears push bucks out?

    Yes sir!! He was very nice, and smart too!!
  15. Thegrayghost

    do bears push bucks out?

    While bear hunting this last weekend I spotted 4 bucks in 1 day 2 spikes a 80" buck and one that was over 100". Now this is an are where I get up to 10 different bears on camera. That same day I saw 3 bears that came in. So do bears effect the big bucks... No not in my opinion. The next day we seen those bucks on an opposite hill where we lost by brothers bear. So they did stick around the general area where the bears are.