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  1. I know this has been covered, ive called Berger myself to talk to them about it but would you guys be comfortable using match bullets for hunting elk? Specifically 7Mag 168 gr. I bought a couple boxes a while back, didn't pay close attention and bought the match bullets instead of the hunting bullets. Any opinion would be appreciated. Thanks Daryl
  2. rnhunter

    Berger Match bullets for Hunting

    Thanks for the thoughts guys! Appreciate it
  3. Does anyone know who the tag holders were for the December hunt in 27 south/28 North last year? If I was able to get in touch with one or both it would be fantastic. Hoping to gather some information as I look forward to scouting for an unbelievable tag. I know G&F used to give out names but no more.
  4. rnhunter

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Still putting in the time scouting and trying to find some big rams for my Rocky tag. Wondering if anyone has any idea who might have one of the tags for the first hunt that starts this Friday in 27 south, 28 North. Would love to get in contact with them once they are tagged out. Thanks
  5. My dad was recently able to buy back his moms WInchester .25-20 lever action rifle that she used to shoot and hunt a little with, I had never even heard of the cartridge. Wondering if anyone has any information on where to find some ammo or brass to reload for this cartridge. Thanks!
  6. rnhunter

    Winchester 25-20 Ammo

    Thanks for the replies folks! I'll start looking with your suggestions
  7. rnhunter

    Winchester 25-20 Ammo

    I didn't pay to much attention to it. Ill double check the model and get back with you.My uncle re-blued the barrel and worked the stock, it looks fantastic!
  8. Hardly Used, brand new condition, no scratches or blemishes of any kind. $200
  9. Vortex HD Razor 20-60X80. All accessories and original packaging included. Neoprene case. ALSO Have a 30x wide angle lens. $1000 for both $900 for the spotter
  10. Brand new in box, never used. Right handed
  11. Selling my tack-driving Remington Sendero with match grade blueprinted Shilen barrel 26". Jewell trigger. Action & Barrel bedded, 125 rounds through the barrel. HS precision stock, has a few sanding marks on the butt when new limbsaver recol pad was put on.
  12. Vortex Razer Spottng scope. Less than 2yrs old, very little wear, great condition. Original packaging and neoprene case included. I also have the 30x wide angle lens available for $200 if anyone is interested in that also.
  13. Yes, it does fit a factory Sendero barrel. II believe it is a bit lighter but I dont have specific weights of each stock in front of me.
  14. Selling my Remington Sendero 7mm Rem Mag with match grade 26" Shilen barrel and Jewell trigger. Action and Barrel are bedded with barrel floated. Action is blueprinted and bolt face trued to the action. All work done by Lance at Dane Armory. Shoot 1/2 moa with reloads. I can share my best load . approx 3015fps. About 120 rounds through this barrel, hardly broken in. Stock does have some sanding marks from putting on a new imbsaver recoil pad. Weight of rifle-9.6lbs- $1300 Also selling: Bell &Carlson Rem 700 Sendero stock- BNIB-$250 Timney trigger-BNIB- $125 Sendero take off barrel-7mmRem Mag- 125 rounds-$150 Vortex Razor spotting scope: 20-60x85 angled. Used handful of times , great condition, glass is flawless. Original packaging and neoprene case included.- $1000 Vortex Razor 30x wide angle lens.- $200
  15. Vortex spotter, very little use. Body and glass scratch free and in great condition. I also have a 23/30x wide angle lens that is very handy for getting a wider look. Looking for $950 for the scope and $150 for the wide angle. Would sell both for $1000. Also have the phone scope for the Vortex, IPhone 6 if interested.
  16. rnhunter

    Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope 20-60x Angled

    I believe it is the first generation lens but cant say for sure. Spotting scope is 2 yrs old.
  17. My gunsmith recommended that I do neck resizing only to help with accuracy. I did buy a neck resizing die and followed the instructions on the RCBS sizing die. For some reason I can't get the resized shells to chamber in my rifle. My gunsmith has said that he runs his chambers pretty close to specs. Any idea what is going on? Im just not experienced enough with neck sizing only as I have done FLS. Also, I have heard that neck sizing can increase pressures, is this true and why would that be. Thanks gentleman.
  18. rnhunter

    Neck resizing question

    7 Mag. I really can't complain about the accuracy it has been fantastic but always looking for that little extra. I'll look more into the neck sizing but if it doesn't necessarily produce noticeable improvements in accuracy I probably don't really need it. Thanks for all the input!
  19. rnhunter

    Neck resizing question

    Yes, the brass has been fire formed in my rifle. How do you "bump" the shoulder? I have reloaded doing the basics for most of my life but have to admit I'm not sure how to bump the shoulder.
  20. rnhunter

    Neck resizing question

    Yes, I was under SAMMI specs.
  21. I haven't really done much in the way of building guns or gunsmithing but I am trying to gather the components to have a gunsmith put together another 7Mag for me. I have a question about trying to get ahold of all the parts for a Rem 700 long action. Is it really this hard to get ahold of an action without buying a Rem 700 rifle and just taking the action? It looks like in order to buy an action from Brownells you need to have a firearms license, not too mention the price for a new action. If I do buy a 700 action what could I get by with for a 7Mag? Would a .270 action be compatible to go on a 7Mag? Just FYI I have a B&C stock with the floorplate, BDL style, TImmney trigger and a Sendero barrel that I took off my other 7MAg. Thanks
  22. rnhunter

    Rem 700 long action search

    How hard is it to get ahold of one of those barrels?
  23. rnhunter

    Rem 700 long action search

    I've always kinda been partial to the 700 action, what are thoughts on a savage action as it was mentioned in previous reply.