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  1. 112coues

    Muzzleloader Help

    +1 blackhorn 209 for sure
  2. 112coues

    16A New Mexico

    I haven't hunted it in a few years but it's one of the better units in NM good luck on the hunt
  3. Got a muzzy burros tag! No elk though
  4. Iv seen them before where the recoil lug is pinned to the action and is held secure in the stock by two Allen head screws. with all of it bedded it should remain secure. And you don't have to take it out of the stock to remove barrel.
  5. 112coues

    f/s leupold mark 4 3.5-10x40 scope

    Price drop
  6. like title says. it also has the illuminated mil dot reticle. its in good condition with a couple small scuffs on the turret from riding in my pack. located in Safford. $700
  7. 112coues

    SC Rez Lottery Drawing for 2017-18 seasons

    I know there was talk about having to hire a guide for coues. Is that true? Or can we still do it DIY?
  8. Congrats to the hunter super cool buck. I bet he stood out on the hill side like a sore thumb.
  9. 112coues

    Neck resizing question

    Is the brass already fire formed to your chamber? If its not you probably should full length it first
  10. 112coues

    Huge price drop on Leica Geovid???

    I've been able to spend sometime behind the new geovid and the optic quality is great. What I don't like is the ergonomics of them they have this weird bend in the barrel that I didn't like at all. They also seem very heavy for a 10x42. If it were me id save up and buy the el range and never look back
  11. 112coues

    My sons first Bull

    Congrats on a great bull. Beautiful looking country as well
  12. 112coues

    Help for a kid in 5BS

    Gosh I would love to help but I know nothing about 5BS. I hope the kid gets one!
  13. Brand new in box never installed air dog II fuel system for 2005-2011 dodge cummins. pm me your number for pictures. Located in safford. $650 Obo or trade?