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  1. cardawg

    Dual mount

    watched a guy on youtube that had a duel mount set up on his tripod,Binos on one side and scope on the other, is that a mount that can be bought or was is a homemade job
  2. cardawg

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    He's tried them both on at Sportmans thinking they were for me.I asked him with one he liked better and he said your Remington ,he got his first Javelina last year with my old 700
  3. Looking to buy for my grandson for Christmas,he's a lefty so the options are limited.It's down to the T3X Lite 270 Stainless or the Savage 110 storm 270 ,any input or experience with these would be helpful.Thanks in advance
  4. cardawg

    New Toy

    I have been kicking around the idea for quite awhile about building a new hunting Rifle and have got a lot of help here on the forums from members,I have always for the most part been a Remington Bolt action guy,but have been wanting to try something new,Well a couple weeks ago out at the range I met a guy who had about 6 different setups with him and he was nice enough to let me try them out,I thought I knew what I was looking for,but after trying one of them I was hooked,not sure how much success I will have with it hunting Coues at longer ranges,as I only fired it on the 100 yard range but time will tell I guess.So I am the new owner of a Smith& Wesson MP10 .308,if it don't work out I can always fall back to the Trusty Remington .270
  5. cardawg

    Vortex Kaibab ?

    Cabelas has the Vortex Kaibabs on sell for 899.00, is this a good buy for these ? Thanks
  6. cardawg

    Help with a new setup

    Thanks for all the input everybody,one more question,are there any draw backs or safety issues shooting a right hand rifle,left handed ? Cabelas has the Remington 700 long range rifles on sale for 700.00,26 inch barrel with a bell and Carlson stock,seems like a lot of bang for the buck
  7. cardawg

    Help with a new setup

    2000.00 without the glass
  8. cardawg

    Help with a new setup

    Looking for help with a new long range set up for a lefty,dont seem to be to many options that I can find,
  9. cardawg

    Another Gun Question

    You can buy a adapter that is original equiptment for mounting a scope,so there is no need to tap and drill the Rifle,I agree and I would not alter the Rifle,its a match grade that was handed down thru the family
  10. Just got done applying for my elk tag,if I am lucky enough to get one,I was wanting to try somethig differant this time,I have a M1 Garand and have only used it for target shooting,was thinking about putting a scope on it and trying it out for Elk,my main concern is that its real heavy,other than that,anyone ever use one for Elk hunting ?
  11. I have a Remington 700 BDL .270 LH,I have been looking for a new stock but the LH models are hard to find. Are all .270 considered long action ? Will a CDL fit a BDL ? I found a long action CDLstock,just wanted to make sure it would fit Thanks in advance for any help
  12. cardawg

    Elk Application question ?

    I'm am intrested in applying for one specfic unit, not interested in 2,3.4, or 5th choices,can you apply for just 1 unit,or do you have to pick the other choices as well.Thanks
  13. cardawg

    A Worthless Waste of Hunting Gear

    Fake Deer turds,that crazy,reminds me of a hunt I was on when I was a kid,my uncle would stop and look at Deer turds and tell us how old they were,on about the 3 stop he jumped up and said hurry up boys were right behind them,how can you tell uncle we asked,he turned around with a mouthful and said there soft and warm,found out later he set us up with a pocket full of chocolate covered rasins
  14. cardawg

    Fixed blade Knife

    Thanks for all the input on a new knife,couldn't afford to go with a custom knife,just not in the budget right now,wound up getting the Knifes of Alaska Bush Camp knife,sharp as a razor,time will tell how it holds up in the long run.I tried it out on a few differant things and so far I'm impressed with it.Thanks again
  15. cardawg

    Fixed blade Knife

    Lost my old Buck 119 in the field,worked well for over twenty years,in the market for a new knife,thought before I bought another Buck I would throw this out there and see if there was something better with all the new tech advances,looking for a fixed blade with a 4-6 blade,thanks for any input