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  1. Mocha1545

    That Day Some People Did Some Things

    Don’t much like the beer but Love the commercials! Well done Budweiser
  2. Mocha1545

    Outdoor Writer - Best Wishes with Medical

    Best wished Tony. Prayers going out for you!
  3. Mocha1545

    The Portland Hotstepper

    Hahahaha! I like the dude stomping his leg. Wish I could have seen the cops reacting .
  4. Mocha1545

    Coconino fungus

    I thought you were gonna say something about forest service.
  5. Mocha1545

    My bear hunt got cancelled

    I could sub for you in NM so you can bear hunt!
  6. Mocha1545

    Another Amazing Creature

    Those things are amazing. Sure would make for an easy shot standing on tha dam.
  7. Mocha1545

    Trailer repair

    Take it ti Tim. He’ll do a great job. Not worth not doing it right!
  8. Mocha1545

    Canvas Repair

    They did a great job on my Kodiak.
  9. Mocha1545

    Big thanks to Edge!!

    Yeah. Tim is a great guy! Just don't tell him I said so!
  10. Mocha1545

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Godspeed Mike. Prayers for his family!
  11. Mocha1545

    Lost AZ Gold

    Great stuff Tim. Keep it coming.
  12. Mocha1545

    Lets see pics of cool finds

    WOW! Cool stuff Tim! I’m sure you’ve got more coming.
  13. Mocha1545

    Classic knives.

    Have to dig a little to get more but here is the Western knife and hatchet plus a Buck skinner.
  14. Mocha1545

    Classic knives.

    I have the same one. My first hunting knife. Came with a hatchet as well. 50 something years ago.
  15. Mocha1545

    This day in history...

    Amen Brother