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  1. Mocha1545

    1st custom rifle w/ backstory

    Congrats on the hunt. Great tenacity to stick with it when you’re that sick!
  2. Mocha1545

    Weather report

    Decent rain in south Chandler.
  3. Mocha1545

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    10x14 Kodiak worked out pretty good. Buddy heater and bbq tank. One night got down to 3 degrees. A little chilly but comfortable. Got tired of the cot after 8 nights. We filled 5 of 6 tags. it was a great time even in the snow and cold.
  4. Mocha1545


  5. Mocha1545

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    Looks like it is gonna be cold and stormy for the late hunt. Good luck all and stay warm and dry!
  6. Great job! Congrats on a very nice first deer!
  7. Mocha1545

    I met Biglakejake

    Amen Brother! He brought so much to this site!
  8. Mocha1545

    10 years in the making

    Congrats to the boys and their Dads! Thanks for sharing. Great write up,
  9. Mocha1545


    Pour the gas back into the can and run it until it stalls.
  10. Mocha1545


    I get my gas from the airport. Expensive but works great for all garden tools and 2 stroke stuff. No additive crap and a little lead added so don't use it in something with a catalytic converter. Works great and has a long shelf life!
  11. Mocha1545

    My 2018 October Coues

    Nice buck! Congrats on the deer and the exam!
  12. Mocha1545

    Elton Bingham's Rifle

    Fantastic story and memories! Looking forward to the next chapter when your grandkid writes about their deer with that rifle! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Mocha1545

    Consolation Buck

    That is one heck of a consolation buck! Congrats!
  14. Mocha1545

    36B tag filled

    Nice buck. Way to get it done!
  15. Mocha1545

    Sages First Elk

    Way to go Sage! Great job Clay and Travis!