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  1. Mocha1545

    Son's 33 Youth Hunt

    Congrats! Thanks for the pics and story! He's probably saying I told you it wasn't buck fever!
  2. Mocha1545

    Are the snakes stil out?

    So glad they haven't caught me on film doing that!
  3. Mocha1545

    22 RIFLE

    That there is a dang good Season! Congrats to all!
  4. Nice Buck! Can't wait to see the pics of your monster buck next year! Way to stay with it.
  5. Mocha1545

    2020 Coues

    Nice Buck. Weird weather! Way to get it done.
  6. Mocha1545

    Wind .Snow & Coues

  7. Mocha1545

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    The anticipation is killing me! When is it going to happen?
  8. Mocha1545


    WOW! Congrats! Thanks for the pics and great story.
  9. Congrats on a NICE buck. Way to stick with it!
  10. Mocha1545

    Trailer Service

    Take it to Edge (Tim). I can vouch for his good quality work and reasonably priced!
  11. Mocha1545

    Early Nov buck

  12. Mocha1545

    Cold weather tent camping

    A good cot with foam pad in a Kodiak tent with a buddy heater.
  13. Where are you located? Interested in 32 auto
  14. Mocha1545

    1st Coues, finally....

    Congrats. Nice and heavy.
  15. Mocha1545

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    Barbara Streisand making the rounds before her farewell tour.