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  1. Mocha1545

    Lost a good friend

    Sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and his family!
  2. Mocha1545

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    Glad to see it come back. I’m sure the action won’t as nice as the original but a beautiful pistol!
  3. Mocha1545

    Uno mas for my "Lucky Kids"!

    Cool buck. Way to get it done before the buzzer!
  4. Mocha1545

    My late rifle buck

    Way to stick with it. Nice Buck!
  5. Mocha1545

    Late rifle coues

    Nice Bucks. Even better taking them with your Dad! Congrats!
  6. Mocha1545

    First one!

    Congrats! Nice Buck!
  7. Mocha1545

    What Is the Meaning of Life?

    Thanks for sharing Tony. Most hit home. 22 and 24 jumped out at me.
  8. Mocha1545


    She did good! Sounds like a great woman!
  9. Mocha1545

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    You chose wisely Grasshopper. That is a nice buck! Congrats on a great family hunt!
  10. Mocha1545

    Left Hand 22LR?

    Try a lever action with a hammer. Ambidextrous. That’s what I used growing up.
  11. Mocha1545

    Son broke his femur

    OUCH! Prayer for quick healing and lots of trout! Good luck keeping him contained long enough to heal!
  12. Mocha1545

    Father and Son duo

    Great Bucks! Congrats to you all. Love the look of pride from you and your Dad! My Dad made it for only one hunt with my son. No Deer but a memory I will cherish forever!
  13. Mocha1545

    Who am I?

    i was going to say you're old Tim and then remembered I graduated in 78. Never Mind!
  14. Mocha1545

    Unit 23 late rifle.

    Nice Bull! Congrats.
  15. Mocha1545

    First Coues hunt

    Nice Bucks! Now you're hooked!