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  1. Mocha1545

    My Wife

    We will keep praying Bob!
  2. Mocha1545

    Veteran POW

    I have the honor of getting to see one of these hero’s every weekend. My Dad is 94 and landed in Normandy in August of 44. Got wounded twice and almost froze to death in the Battle of the Bulge. I’ve heard the funny stories but he almost never tells the other stories. I am truly blessed to still have him around.
  3. Mocha1545

    My Wife

    Prayers for you and your wife. Please let us all know how it goes.
  4. Mocha1545

    Fathers Day, the untold story..

    Amen Brother. Best thing in the world!
  5. Mocha1545

    Mt Rushmore

    Don’t have a clue about what to do up there but, want to say welcome back! We missed your posts and comments.
  6. Mocha1545

    Browning Glacer Extreme 6 Person Tent

    Kodiak vote here. It is heavy but can be set up with 1 person. Handled the elk hunt last year with plenty of snow, wind and sleet. Love it.
  7. Mocha1545

    Looking for vet

    Kennel Care on Chandler and Kyrene. Doctor Hudman. Great vet and a hunter. he will offer you bird wings to help train!
  8. Mocha1545

    Sybil Part 2

    I'm not sure if that Email address still works but you can find him on Facebook. He will know for sure.
  9. Mocha1545

    Scratch those ears for me

    Sorry for your loss! A little piece of your heart goes with them!
  10. Mocha1545

    A few pics this morning from the Bradshaws

    Nice pics Tim!
  11. Mocha1545

    Pray for Daisy

    Prayers going out.
  12. Mocha1545

    Garth Brooks show

    Great show! Had a great day and night over there.
  13. Mocha1545

    Dad Passes

    Sorry for your loss! America's greatest generation! Glad you got to spend time with him before he was gone. Prayers for you and yours!
  14. Mocha1545

    Latest project!

    Beautiful work as always. Great job. I'll bet he was pleased.
  15. Mocha1545

    ISO Cobbler

    Alma School north of Warner. Did a great job on my Ropers and other boots.